How do you achieve the perfect Balayage style?

We’ve been there. You’d like to lighten your roots and enjoy the blonde hair, but don’t know how to create the perfect Balayage appearance. This is why we’re here in Hera Hair Beauty to provide a comprehensive overview of all you should learn about this well sought-after hair trend!

The first step is to decide which degree of blonde you’d like. If you’re looking for an edgier, natural style, then go at an ash or a light blonde Balayage. For those who want to stand out and achieve the perfect summer shade with plenty of dimensions, depth, try the honey blonde Balayage!

It is the next stage to determine the best placement for your Balayage. Your colourist will draw the pattern and determine a starting place, which may or may not be your natural root shade.

The next step is deciding on the amount of hair you would like to lighten! Balayage typically needs all or a large portion of your hair to be bleached before the hair can accept any kind of hair colours.

The colourist will employ the Balayage freehand painting technique to apply the lightener onto sections of hair, typically in the direction the shades will fall naturally.

Here is where you need to be patient! The expectation of you is that It could take up to an hour or longer before you will see results , as it is likely that the colourist will need to process and dry your hair as well.

Eventually, the most crucial thing to do is to maintain your Balayage. It will need regular touch-ups and highlights every few months because your roots will grow out naturally.

The Balayage Application Process

As mentioned above, Balayage is a very well-known method to lighten your hair. The application process will take up from one hour to four hours depending on the amount of coverage you’d like to have and how efficient the colourist’s bleaching skill is. If you’re not certain which blonde level or tone is the best for your needs and hair goal, talk with your colourist to arrange for a Balayage consultation first. 

The colourist will begin the process by mapping out the design of your desired balayage hair goal idea. It may not, or may be, the natural root colour of your hair if you’re looking to lighten everything up (most people choose to do this). The next step is to decide the amount of hair you’d like to get streaks of golden blonde in contrast to your natural hair shade.

The colourist will then paint with a lightener on sections of your hair. Usually, they will do this in a direction most like how it falls naturally so they can create a realistic-looking balayage finishing. It is recommended to wait for up to an hour before you notice any changes because you will need someone else to process and dry your hair using the heat. It could be a good idea to get another service completed while you are waiting.

Tips for Balayage On Black Hair

Step One: The first step is to choose the Balayage colour you would like to have. You can choose to go lighter or darker, but it’s essential to be aware of the amount of contrast that will exist between the natural hair colour and highlights. For instance, if you select dark brown Balayage on black hair, what are you going to do when your hair starts growing out?

Step Two: The second step is to pick the preferred Balayage base colour. It could be any hair colour however, you must consider what is going to transpire when the hair grows out. For instance, if you have blonde hair and you desire for red Balayage highlights, how are you going to colour them back to the original when they have grown out?

Step Three: the 3rd step is to choose a highlight and Balayage colour. You can also go lighter or darker if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, it’s important to consider what it’s going to look like in contrast with your natural hair colour (for instance blonde Balayage on dark hair).

Step Four: Next, you may wish to grab just a little section of your hair, and then Balayage it. This will provide you with an overview and understanding of the hair colour that will appear on all other areas of your hair. You can also pick which part or side of your head you would like to highlight to assist in finding out the best balayage placement.

Step Five: The fifth step is Balayage application. The finishing result will be the highlights on your hair that will gradually make your hair appear lighter and reveal the beautiful natural designs and patterns in your hair.

Step Six: Now is about highlighting the hair. This can be performed on any hair colour. This must always be done after the Balayaging process as we don’t want the hair colour to fade when the highlight is occurring.

Step Seven: Last step is for toning your hair if necessary. Toning can make it appear as if the Balayage has been in place for a long period as well as will help to deepen any blonde highlights. It is best applied to redheads or any natural colours so that they can retain their natural colour.

Step Eight: This is the final step to make your hair look more attractive by styling it. It’s possible to use any hair products you like, but it’s very important to take note not to brush through the balayaged hair too much with the products or else there will not be as much highlights, and your hair may appear darker than what you desired. It’s also beneficial to do this prior to bed to ensure that you don’t need to be concerned about causing messiness and also to allow your hair to dry naturally.

Step Nine: Lastly make sure you take good care of your Balayaged hair to ensure that they will look as fresh as they can! There are certain pointers you should avoid to ensure that you don’t end in dull or brassy highlights, such as washing your hair daily and not doing enough deep conditioning on your hair than you ought to and applying too many different products to your hair

Step Ten: Before beginning the Balayage process all over again. It is important to rest for at least a month in order for it to be clear that they aren’t fading. You could also try a toner or any other products if required!

Tips for Brown Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Nowadays, there are numerous variants of brown Balayage hair with brunette hair. The aim of hair goals is to create natural-looking gradients in which the roots and ends have different shades and tones. This style lets you go lighter as the hair grows out without creating an obvious demarcation harsh line that will be obvious once the growth has reached an appropriate hair length. If our ultimate hair goal was to apply Balayage to lighten the ends of the hair, you’d begin with black or dark brown base and gradually add lighter tones.

To achieve this look, on darker shades like chocolate, mahogany or espresso brunette. It is essential to first bleach out certain colours from these shades. The roots will remain dark, as well as the hair ends are lighter.

This is achieved by using the Balayage technique that involves applying bleach to just 50% of your hair in different sections, ensuring you’ll have lighter roots on one side, and natural-looking or darker colours on the opposite side. The finishing result will be more subtle and less obvious if you’ve got long layers as there is an increased contrast between the different colours.

Brown Balayage technique is also great for those with darker hair base with a desire to change their hair colour to blonde. In this situation it is possible to first lighten the hair around the root using an ash toner , or bleach it out completely with no colouring underneath, thus the remaining will be the lighter hair ends. In this way, the natural roots will blend seamlessly and harmoniously with the blonde hair.

For the brunettes, Brown Balayage is a fantastic way to soften your hair and add dimension and depth to the hair. It’s also a great alternative for those who don’t need any drastic changes but desire something distinct from their usual natural shade. Indeed, the contrast of dark brown roots against your blonde highlights can look incredibly stylish and chic when performed properly and skilfully!

Blonde Balayage Hair Colour Tips

Blonde is an ideal natural hair colour for Balayage. Do not go too light as blonde is known to further illuminate any flaws in your hair’s roots. Alternatively, it is possible to think about having darker shades or ombre above the blonde layer.

Avoid too much contrast which entails the lighter blonde over darker roots, or brunette. This could make the overall hair look fake and unnatural.

The yellow tones on your skin can create a sun-kissed appearance that is perfect for summertime Balayage colours!

A beautiful face-framing blonde Balayage is simple for maintenance as well also it can be enjoyable to consider spicing up the the colour of your hair. As the warm summer months roll in, it’s never too early to start getting an idea of which blonde hues work best with the tones of your skin!

When choosing blonde Balayage shades, bear in mind the fact that dark hues can make your skin appear paler, while lighter shades may wash out the colour. You may also opt for Beiges or a variation of light browns to achieve a more interesting look!

A face-framing sun-kissed blonde Balayage is a great choice for the summer months! This look will enhance the skin tone and the lightness of the hair.

If you’ve got black or medium-to dark brown hair, some highlights could just be sufficed prior to going all blonde on top.

Melted Highlights Colour Tips

Melted highlights can be a great method to create lots of dimensions and volume to your hair. They tend to appear more natural compared to other highlight techniques because they’re well blended together rather than just one obvious strip or one line.

If you prefer softer shades or tones for your melted highlight, select shades that match your skin tone and not to contrast it.

You could also opt for tones or shades that are on the warmer side, which will make your locks appear more of a sun-kissed look!

Melted highlights are best when there are plenty of layers in your hair. The finishing results will give it an even greater softness and volume. 

The most effective method to create melted highlights is actually by employing this Balayage technique so that it can blend with the rest of your hair colour.

For a more formal appearance it is possible to choose to highlight the top of your head instead. This can draw the attention of other features, such as your cheekbones and eyes!

Keep these important tips in mind when you are deciding on which blonde Balayage shades are the best for you!

Lived-In Highlights Colour Tips

Lived-in highlights are an excellent method to achieve an extremely natural yet subtle Balayage. This is another great method that will make your hair appear with more dimensions and will work with all lengths of hair!

A lived-in highlight appearance works best with your existing lighter brown tones or sandy blonde on the top layer of your hair. The lightness of your hair can help reflect light and create a more natural appearance.

As for the darker hair, you may consider using the warmer tones. This includes oranges and browns! This will allow the highlights to be easily blended with the rest of your hair shade.

Make sure you don’t be too dark when selecting your colours and tones. You need to keep the looks of Balayage to appear soft, lighter and natural.

Highlights that are live-in are a great option for people with dark hair as they make lighter hair stand out even more!

You could also go for dark browns or blacks in order to get a more edgy appearance that’s soft and gentle to the eyes.

Lived-in highlights are ideal for those who prefer to have a more natural appearance of bright blonde hair! This method can be achieved with any hair length and also works perfectly with lighter brown shades that you may already have on the top layers of your hair.

If you’re considering using these kinds of Balayage, make sure you keep the tones of your hair to be on the warmer side! This will allow the Balayage to blend seamlessly with other parts of your hair.

If you’re sporting dark hair and desired to have a lived-in blonde appearance. You can consider black or dark browns hues to create a more edgy take on of Balayage which is still soft and subtle to the eyes.

Lived-in highlights can be an excellent option for those who wish to keep their natural appearance at the same time adding some blonde colours to their hair! These Balayage hues can be achieved with any hair length and even the shorter ones that will make them appear less obvious and less noticeable.

Pink Pastel Balayage Colour Tips

If you’re considering rocking your hair with an extra pop of colour, think about going with pastel pink Balayage! These fun and vibrant colours are ideal for hair that is also lighter in tone.

One of the best ways to incorporate these shades in your locks is to use an ombre method which is on the darker side. This will ensure that each and every strand of your hair is coloured.

Pink pastel Balayage is best when you have lighter blonde base and you wish to add some fun vibrant hues! This also works well for the darker hair, so long you have to make sure the change of hues isn’t too extreme. The lighter bright tones won’t be too obvious unless you’re watching your hair under bright intense lightings.

With these pastel colours, it is recommended to go with a lengthier hair as this will enhance your curls as well as make your waves look more visible! If you are having shorter hair and you’re looking to keep the Balayage shades, you can try out with thicker hair streaks to add the illusion of depth and dimension. If not, you can also try keeping the darker tones and shades throughout your hair’s length.

If you’re looking for just a little hint of colour to add some spice to your appearance, a Balayage in pink pastels could also be the perfect choice! These fun and vibrant colours are ideal for those with lighter hair. Try an ombre technique that is towards the darker side to ensure that every hair strand is covered.

The most frequent mistakes that people make when they get the Balayage service is:

1. There is no consultation performed to help you determine your perfect hair colour for the balayage.

2. Making the wrong choice in terms of the tone of blonde Balayage. This can lead to the disparity in how natural or dramatic you would desire the balayage finishing to appear!

3. Applying too little colour or an uneven balayage application all over your strands. This can leave certain areas darker or lighter than others.

4. Insufficient care for your hair after balayage service. For example, not cleaning or shampooing your hair correctly or not doing the right hair conditioning to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

Don’t forget that Balayage is a delicate technique and process which requires special care and attention. If you have taken proper care of your balayaged hair, it will appear fresh, vibrant and full of life! Make sure you maintain the moisture of your hair and keep it well-hydrated with serums or oils that are formulated for coloured and dry hair.

You now know what to expect , do not be scared of Balayage! These guidelines will ensure the best outcome of the Balayage service in a salon or even at home.

The Drawback Of Balayage

1. This Balayage technique is also suitable for those who have thicker hair because this technique doesn’t take much time between colour appointments.

There are a few drawbacks with Balayage that you must be aware of prior to making the decision to go for this technique. Firstly, since this technique is made by employing long freehand strokes and not the usual foils such as the traditional highlights, the Balayage may occasionally appear and turn out much lighter. In addition, hair that is around the roots can also appear much darker than expected (and possibly look unnatural).

Another drawback is because it’s an all-over shade, there aren’t any natural transitions between shades and therefore some people might get bored of this tendency of a gradual and blended appearance.

The last drawback is that it’s very difficult to correct any mistakes made by Balayage since the colour is already applied throughout and it’s only possible to cover up any mistakes by applying additional colour over the previous colour. If there are bald patches in your hair due to previous bad haircut, then Balayage will not be able to correct that issue.

Is Balayage bad for your hair?

Of course, Balayage will only provide a gorgeous effect and finish to your hair. It’s actually all about benefits since it will highlight and tone down specific areas of your hair, without needing to cover your entire hair using a straightening iron or dye job. If you’ve coloured hair, you must be cautious to apply Balayage to ensure that you don’t cause further damage to the hair.

How to prepare for your very first Balayage appointment

Find a reputable salon with lots of experience performing Balayage. You can request to see photos of the works they’ve done with the balayage technique or go to visit the hair salon in person and ask for reviews or testimonials from clients who have received their balayage by the salon. It is important to be confident of your choice before making a commitment, as not all people are an ideal candidate for Balayage.

Then, determine what hair shade you’d like to achieve (blonde or brunette). Once you’ve settled on your final hair goal, make sure you consult a professional before making a decision that doesn’t require traditional highlights with bleaching .

Discuss your preferred tone and shades as well as the level of brunette or blonde with your colourist so that they can assist you in determining the perfect shade.

The final point is that Balayage is an ideal technique for those who want to keep their natural hair’s texture and keep away from the harsh demarcation lines that can be seen when you use traditional highlights.

How long will a Balayage service usually take?

Balayage can be a time commitment but you’ll get in and out of the salon in less than two to three hours.

What should be your expectations?

Do not worry about it, Balayage may not need to involve any harsh chemicals or bleaching, therefore it won’t harm your hair or scalp! You may choose to get your colourist to use a high-lift colour if you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation.

Who is eligible to have Balayage?

As mentioned, Balayage is ideal for anyone looking to preserve your natural hair texture and avoid the harsh lines that can be found when applying traditional highlights. Such highlights using bleach can be harmful for people who have fragile, thin or damaged hair, but Balayage is gentle enough to be used on all types of hair.

What should I expect to spend on Balayage?

In Singapore, the typical cost of a Balayage can range between $200 and $500 based on the experience and skill of the colourist and salon.

What is the reason Balayage is so expensive?

The best Balayage is performed by trained and well adept professionals who are skilled in such advanced hair colouring techniques. A skilled and proficient colourist will have a good understanding of what you’re looking for and will be able to provide tips on how to get your desired appearance with no mistakes which can result in you going through a costly colour correction process.

Eventually, the expense for this Balayage service is balanced due to the fact that you aren’t required to touch up your roots as frequently and you’ll be investing in an appearance that can last for many months.

How long will Balayage last?

Balayage lasts for months for the majority of people, and maintenance is generally only required every 6-to-8 weeks.

How often should I go for Balayage?

Many women choose to go for regular balayage touch ups – every four or five sessions with their colourists will ensure an appearance that is fresh from the salon. Others might be too busy to go to the salon that often, and only visit to get a refreshed look every two or three months.

What is the best way to maintain Balayage hair?

It is truly very easy to maintain. It is possible to opt for touching up during your in-between visits to the salon, or go for a more dramatic transformation by having your colourist go for an additional process by applying high-lift colours every time you go to them.

How can I take care of my Balayage hair?

Be careful not to get too much chlorine or sun in the case of hair that has a lighter blonde. Try dry shampoos for dark hair and choose shampoos that are sulfate-free. This will prevent the essential oils in your scalp from being stripped off the scalp’s surface.

Does Balayage work with hair with afro-textured, kinky, and textured hair?

 Yes! Balayage can also be an ideal solution for those looking to preserve their natural curly hair texture. The Balayage highlights can enhance and give your curly hair strands a feeling of depth and dimension but still maintain sufficient length on top that can be styled using heat tools such as curling wands and flat irons.


If you’re seeking a way to add some flair to your style without going for too extreme or drastic looks, Balayage is the best option. Balayage highlights provide depth and dimension while still keeping enough hair length on top that it can be styled with heat tools such as flat irons and curling wands. The maintenance for Balayage hair is easy; it only requires touch ups every four-five weeks by your colourist, if you want.