No matter what day of the year it is, balayage on black hair will make you feel the sun’s soft rays and kisses and usher in summer. or make it perpetual!

Black hair balayage may easily change a flat, extremely dark-based mane into one that is highly dynamic and full-bodied using the balayage technique. Using a blend of light colours that provides a variety of dimensions and tones, this modern colouring technique gives a smooth, natural-looking result! Balayage is indeed intended to evoke the cheery, breezy feelings of the long, flavorful summer evenings. A flat, dark hairstyle is transformed into one that is voluminous, texturized, and deep with a variety of dimensions and colours thanks to this advanced colouring process.

For ladies who want to add life to their tresses without having to deal with constant care and maintenance, it has become a well-known hairdo. Because it is a given that your hair will appear as lovely and chic as it does, grow-outs will not ever be an issue!

You may take full advantage of this sweeping style without compromising the health of your hair. When you have finished looking through these chic pictures of balayage on black hair, be ready to be in wonder!

Another benefit of balayage hairstyles for black hair is that they add colour and energy to dull locks without requiring a lot of upkeep. The only drawback you can experience is that it might take many sessions to achieve the highlight colour which you desired (but only in certain situations, like achieving very light colours such as the platinum blonde or ice-blonde highlights on deep black strands).

So why do we like balayage so much given that it needs extra care to maintain the colour and may be somewhat more time-consuming to get done?

It is the wide range of styles and colour possibilities that the balayage technique allows you to create. With balayage, your hair is like a blank canvas for the colourist; the outcome depends entirely on their creativity, skill, talent and imagination. Naturally, the balayage for black hair should also complement the shape of the face, the colour of the skin, the eye colour, the texture, and the length of the hair. Thus, you finally get a special balayage hairstyle for yourself that is always customized as a consequence of a unique blending of your wishes, demands, the colourist’s vision, and talents.

The colour scheme is also varied, including shades of golden and caramel, honey and cinnamon, milk chocolate and coffee, frosty blonde and silver-grey, pastel pink, burgundy, flaming red, green, and teal. The balayage method allows any colour to seamlessly blend into your dark roots.

Use one of this balayage on black hair inspiration images to spill sunshine on your natural hair and make it sparkle with elegance and beauty.

Black Hair with Honey Balayage

partial golden honey balayage

One of the safest blonde selections for dark hair is honey blonde highlights since you will not be required to maintain the cool tone of blonde with unending colour maintenance chemicals. Additionally, if your hair is not dark, you may not need to bleach them first.

Black Hair with Chocolate-Brown Balayage

Such a natural, almost unnoticeable, yet game-changing, element. This balayage from black to mild chocolate mocha brown is legendary. A brunette woman with dark eyes and a warm skin tone would look stunning in this classy but sophisticated hair colour.

Black Hair with Caramel Balayage

caramel balayage

A little more lived-in sun-kissed, but still warm and inviting. This long, dark hair is painstakingly hand painted with those delectable caramel streaks, and the loose waves create a delightful multi-tonal summer vision.

Black Hair with Ash Balayage

blonde balayage on straight hair

Ash hair colour is one of the newest trends, thus this balayage tale would be incomplete without this stylish and chic shade. However, in this dark hair balayage, the cool ash hue doesn’t compete with the brown streaks, instead add an extra undertone.

Black Hair with Auburn Balayage

auburn balayage hair

This auburn-hued dark hair is certainly killing! The winning combination of auburn waves with a dark root and caramel blonde waves is the key to this extraordinary balayage highlights. However, the finest feature is the overall good condition of the hair, which always has a very fascinating impact.

Black Hair with Burgundy Balayage

This funky purple and burgundy balayage on dark hair is designed for a lady who wants to play hard. The highlighted strands smoothly disappear into the black foundation thanks to their intense concentration and luscious texture. Colour-supportive conditioner and shampoo are essential to maintain the health and shine of this gorgeously vibrant style.

Black Hair with Pink Balayage

pink balayage

The same is true of this pastel pink shade, which looks best streaked across dark hair to provide enticing movement and brightness. With overtones of rose gold and ash brown, this pastel pink makes even this vibrant combination seem more natural.

Black Hair with Silver Balayage

silver ombre hair

Boom! You probably did not anticipate finding a genuine hardcore shag in this collection. However, it is present in this instance along with a stunning black to silver blonde tint. Undoubtedly, the layers, bangs, or waves increase the chance of achieving the ideal colour blending.

Platinum Balayage

It is quite uncommon to see a flawless platinum blonde hair colour over a dark base tone. However, this edgy bob has nailed it! This wavy black lob is spiced up by masterfully lightening and toning the framing strands.

Black Hair with Red Balayage

This hairdo is a fire in the open! Want a lot of positive comments on the colour of your hair? Stop looking now. Such black-red waves would look particularly attractive on ladies with green eyes.

Icy Blonde Balayage Highlights

pearl ash blonde balayage singapore

To prevent even a little touch of yellow and to appear like a natural blonde with a twist, this frosty blonde hue requires purple shampoo daily.

Golden Brown Balayage

copper balayage 111

To maintain the health of your lustrous long hair, this hairstyle just needs a conditioner and a mask, unlike the prior alternative. You will not need to go to a salon for a while since the colour is completely safe for dark hair.

Black Hair with Dirty Blonde Balayage

balayage singapore

What about balayage Asian black hair with the dirty blonde vibe? It looks airy and fashionable as a result of being skillfully blended together by a master colourist.

Black Hair with Hints Of Blue Balayage

ash blue hair

These waves, oh my! They do not simply have a tinge of blue; they have a hint of the ocean. Dreams are formed of hairstyles like this gorgeous mid-length one; it seems like it was created with a brush since it is so silky and vibrant.

Black Hair with Subtle Purple Balayage

ash purple hair

The balayage highlight is distinctive because of the way the black roots effortlessly transition and blend into the hardly perceptible deep purple ribbons. We advise you to start your hair colour adventure with this understated approach from the picture by selecting a colour that you like.

Balayage black hair with blonde highlights

balayage singapore

The winning hair formula uses a subtle colour graduation from a dark root to a light tone. Just the tried-and-true formula that never fails and has no risk at all.

Black Hair with Grey Balayage

Compare this colour to the one in the previous image by scrolling up. You are going to be paying for an arm and a leg for this hip silver-grey fashionable take on grandma’s hair! There are no warm colours, only a strong chilling touch on calm waters.

Black Hair with Emerald Hued Balayage

emerald green balayage

We picked the edgiest shade of green, the emerald colour, as it is the sole green balayage concept in this collection. This is precisely how you can give your old, dull, chin-length lob a new lease of life.

Black Hair with Rose Gold Balayage

balayage singapore

Rose gold remains the go-to choice despite all the commotion around those cool tones. Only a competent salon colourist can produce this seamless transition from the dark tone to the pink and golden peach undertones that appear so natural.

Subtle Light Brown Balayage on Black Hair

balayage singapore

While we are discussing about black hair balayage colours, it will be a mistake not to talk about Afro curls and how your colourist will handle this colouring method. Most of the time, Afro locks of any shape and length will look amazing with various highlights. So, here we have an attractive sun-kissed look with light brown balayage on top of Afro curls.

Black Hair with Teal Balayage

teal balayage

It is amazing to see these long, silky waves covered with stunning teal and turquoise hues. The colour combination will undoubtedly appear just as stunning fading out as it does in this image.

Radiant Light Brown Balayage

beige brown hair

This fashion emphasizes beauty in simplicity rather than brightness or originality. Simple dazzling long hair with honey-coloured streaks.

Black Hair with Hazelnut Mocha Balayage

dark brown hair

Freshly made hazelnut mocha sounds delectable, and the photo’s voluminous hairstyle evokes that flavor. This hairstyle is aimed to draw attention with a side part and added volume at the root.

Mahogany Hints

Mahogany hair

This warm-toned hairstyle has noticeable streaks of rich burgundy, rose gold, and mahogany brown. Just one more fantastic way to wear a wavy long haircut.

Black Hair with Dark Ash Brown Balayage


Your elegant, minimalist long style will benefit from the addition of more dust and ash to your appearance. Creating this look is unquestionably the best option for ladies who like the natural dimension and believe that little is more.

Black Hair with Partial Balayage 

balayage singapore

And yet another hairstyle with a touch of chocolate. Is it a hair dye, or maybe the sun’s rays?

How to Care for Black Hair Balayage

Probably the first thing we would advise you is to choose variants of brown or light-brown tones if you want a maximum low-maintenance appearance.

When using any other colour, you must adhere to the fundamental balayage guidelines to prolong the life of your colour.

Rule 1: Limit your hair washing to two to three times a week. The less, the better. Use a dry shampoo in between washes to stay fresh. Additionally, you may sometimes use only conditioners rather than shampoo.

Rule 2: Ensure that all of your hair products are formulated for coloured hair. A must-have is the colour-safe shampoo.

Rule 3: Select a toning shampoo that matches your balayage colour. For all blonde shades, use purple shampoo; for caramel and chocolate brown, use blue.

Keep in mind the balayage law: the more contrasting the balayage colour you choose, the more difficult and expensive the upkeep will be. Therefore, the safe range for a low-maintenance natural balayage appearance is to go no lighter than 2 shades.


Can black hair be balayage?

Yes, it does both, as you have already seen by browsing through this gallery. Dark hair with highlights adds great depth and gradation to the brunette look. The main difference is that bleaching is more often the initial stage in a procedure to get the appropriate tone with dark hair.

Does balayage require bleaching black hair?

Given that balayage calls for lightening and that you have dark hair, it is quite probable that bleaching will be required. To lessen the damaging effects of the bleach, the majority of colourists now properly care for the customers’ hair both before and after the balayage operation.

However, it is often feasible to get light brown, red, blue, purple, and certain other highlights without bleach. You may even create light blonde tones on black hair without bleaching if you are persistent and able to endure multiple sessions.

How long does balayage on black hair take?

A complete balayage typically takes between three and six hours. The length and thickness of your hair, the colour and style of balayage you choose, and the knowledge and expertise of your hairdresser will all affect how long it takes.

Is black short hair suitable for balayage?

Yes, these gorgeous balayage short hair ideas are here.


Would you want to experiment with balayage? Have you grown out your balayage? Set up a consultation with your colourist right now. Due to everyone’s desire for a carefree, beachy style, balayage is sure to remain popular for a while.

Here is another life tip for you as you may spend up to 6 hours in the salon with your colourist: think about scheduling manicure, pedicure, or brow artists as well to maximize your time there.