A big question that we commonly get at our Western hair salon has to do with the idea of managing Curly hair. As many of our clients after regularly deal with curly hair due to humidity and more, we offer a number of tips on how to manage and style curly hair for your day to day needs. Here are some of the best style tips with curly hair:

Combing from the bottom up: detangling knots in your hair can be very difficult but when you start at the bottom of hair follicles you can prevent the chances that you’ll be yanking away a variety of knots at the end of your hair.

Get a regular trim: going to the best hair salon in receiving regular trims can be a great way that you can manage curly hair. The look of split ends can be a very difficult one to manage but getting a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks can really help you to improve your styling efforts.

Try serum: At our Western hair salon we can recommend a variety of serums that you could try out for actually straightening your hair. Using some of the serums can be an excellent leave in solution for improving your hair and keeping it straight every day.

Mixing products: you can sometimes produce some surprising results just by mixing together products with natural additives. Mixing coconut oil for example with a smoothing mousse can produce some amazing results for strengthening and improving the health of your hair.

Try curly hairstyles: At the best hair salon, we can show you some of the top styles that you can use for keeping your hair under control. With styles that range from top knots to elegant braids, we can help you look your best with curly hairstyles.

Keep some of these top tips in mind for controlling your curly hair.

– Curly hair has several advantages and disadvantages in tropics ​

The good part…you will have more curl.  The bad part, you will have more curl.​

– To control your curl

you will need to follow some very basic conditioning practices addressed in the the Reconstruction and Frizzies Page.

We also suggest reconditioning more often for curly hair.​


Because curly hair has a more abraded cuticle, that is a raised or ruff cuticle, than normal hair. As the hair bends the cuticle stands out more thus causing the cuticle to rise more as it is on a bend. Curly hair is often overlooked by stylists as they rarely see these type of clients on a frequent basis.

This said, there are some marvelous products out there for curly hair. You first have to decide if you want the curl or not. If you do than a mild Mousse will be in order. But beware; most mousse is very drying to your hair.