Definitely not! If you are the boho type and prefer the tousled hair look, hair extensions can always be left to air dry in the most perfect wave or curl. The only contingency is that you MUST make sure the bonds and the roots are never left damp for long periods of time, and never allow the roots and bonds to become tangled. This will cause damage and shorten the wear of the extensions. (Don’t worry, you can still swim with extensions – see below for that question!)

If you prefer perfectly styled hair, we can always teach you how to style with your new hair extensions. Simply schedule an appointment for a long blow dry, bring the brushes and tools you have (or we can provide them for you!), and we will go through styling step-by-step with you until you feel like a total hair pro. You can also of course always schedule regular blowouts with us, which means you’ll never have to style your hair at all!