Balayage is the hair fab which has never seem to lose its popularity. Since it appear different on everybody, it forever feels new and fresh — regardless of overwhelming number of women asking for this service. And nowadays, there is yet another way you can enhance those highlights using freehand that is employing partial balayage to add on delicate, subtle ribbons of light-reflective hues. Here is the lowdown about the partial balayage appearance…


A full balayage sees you focusing ribbons of lightener through the majority of the hair including top and bottom layers. For partial balayage, we just lighten part of the hair, focusing on specific sections or layers of the hair that will best enhance your unique features. Partial balayage results in a more subtle balayage results as it is much simpler and less time consuming than the classic balayage which requires to highlight all layers of hair via freehand.

With the advantage of less time consuming and more cost effective, the finishing results of partial balayage may appear less natural and flattering to some customer as compared to full balayage. Nevertheless, partial balayage permits the colourist, to find out the bits which will best improve the customer’s unique capabilities. All of balayage is bespoke, however opting to get a partial balayage means you may actually home in on the regions which is likely to make their hair and complexion shine. What can be better?


Demonstration of Full Balayage

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Demonstration of Partial Balayage

A partial balayage technically refers to your colourist focusing the freehand lightener on just one area, either the front or top layers. For full balayage, the colourist will concentrate the stroke lightening process throughout all parts of your hair which includes the upper and bottom layers. Both the finishing appearance and techniques varies, with full balayage will definitely entail a more noticeable enhanced colour lift and natural appearance, whereas partial balayage adding only streaks of brightness, simply just like a beam of light shining on the mid-lengths and endings.


What is the difference between partial highlights and partial balayage?

Partial classic highlights, also referred to as subtle placement highlights, are very much like partial balayage because they are merely applied to certain layers or sections of their hair — not distributed evenly around. But while classic highlights usually adhere to a root-to-tip standard application, balayage is using freehand by sweeping at a painterly manner. Both entail a delightfully delicate bit of brightness. Classic highlights often targets the full uniform shaft of hair which includes the roots for a more harmonious elegant look and balayage is the go-to for subtle regrowth and also a sun-swept effect.


What is the duration of Partial Balayage?

The duration of time that it requires to perform a partial balayage is dependent upon the volume and length of your hair. In the end, a balayage bob needs less strenuous lightening compared to mermaid hair. But one point you can be assured is that it requires much lesser time than the usual full balayage, since you do not need to thoroughly sweep and section through the bottom layers. This implies that it is a better option for customers who are short on time, even first time dyeing their hair or they need a hair highlights with minimal upkeep.


Full Balayage and Partial Balayage Inspiration

On the lookout for more full or partial balayage inspirations?

Our colourist has taken the client to this dramatic road and layer honey over dark roots, mixing it with streaks of honey caramel for a dazzling gleaming golden mane. Though a little more outgoing than most, this partial balayage look is mesmerizing with its dynamic colour placement and vivid shade selection.


Bright gleaming ends, soft roots and a light multi dimension – this flattering full balayage natural sandy blonde look relies on properly blending the root and the seamless transition into the blonde locks. As balayage technique is extremely low maintenance with your natural root blended allowing regrowth without the harsh lines as you can see for yourself.


Be that Aphrodite, Athena or Hera, this full balayage harmonious blend of gleaming sandy blonde will take you back to greek mythology times and make you feel like a true goddess.



Embrace these partial balayage splashes of strawberry hues with red undertones without overpowering the golden locks. It’s particularly flattering because of the depth, which doesn’t read too brassy or too orangey. 



Equally flattering on blondes and brunettes, caramel is the season’s sexiest shade. This client has her dark brassy hair lines lightened up with full balayage touches of golden creamy caramel tones long coupled with perfect bombshell waves proving that these sexy macchiato-esque strands are a must-try shade for this summer! 



This is the over the moon look of a very satisfied angel-looking client! And who wouldn’t be thrilled to get these long, rippling beach waves shot through with partial balayage of honey-, amber- and beige-blonde? Lighter blonde tresses “money pieces” face framing has focused attention on your eyes and lips, and the sharply textured tips in the cool blonde add even more style! This is also a great way to make your hair look thicker. This fabulous softly gleaming partial blonde balayage makeover entails natural shades of beige-blonde are incredibly chic, and with lighter roots the overall effect is softly flattering. 


If you are considering investing in balayage hair and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and stunning coloured hair, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Hera Hair Beauty salons, we have highly experienced and skilled international stylists expertly trained in all advanced balayage techniques ready to guide you through every step of your hair transformation journey. To ensure you are delighted with the results, book a free consultation to discuss your hair type, style, and desired outcome with one of our specialists.

All our products are ammonia and PPD-free ensuring healthier, shinier hair. Whether you’re thinking of a dazzling, neon change or a simple, sun-kissed look, please do not hesitate to book a consultation with our balayage specialist at Hera Hair Beauty salons in Singapore!

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