Hair perming has been used as a styling method since 1872. Tongs were utilized to change the structure of the hair back then. Perming methods have evolved for the better over time. Having said that, the perming procedure may potentially harm your hair. In this essay, we will go through the whole perming process to offer you a better knowledge of how it works, the disadvantages, and how to care for your permed hair.

Your hair is carefully washed to eliminate any dirt and to enable the perming solution to readily enter your hair shaft.

Now, the disulphide bonds (which define the texture of your hair) must be disrupted in order to make the hair more “flexible.” A perming lotion is applied to your hair for this purpose. The perming lotion will vary according on whether you have an acid, alkaline, or exothermic perm.

While the perming lotion loosens the disulfide bonds in your hair, it is firmly wrapped around curling rods to redefine its structure and curl it up.

The length of time your hair is kept on the curling rods is determined by its thickness and texture.

The curling rods are then removed from your hair, and a neutralizer is used to reconnect your hair’s disulfide bonds into its new curled structure. The neutralizing time, once again, is determined by the thickness of your hair.

The neutralizer has been rinsed out of your hair, and you should avoid using heat, shampoo, or other hair treatments on your hair for the following several days.

Perming changes the structure of your hair chemically to create various kinds of curls or waves. Hair relaxing is a method for straightening hair. It dissolves the disulfide bonds in your hair, giving it a new structure. Perming your hair may be done in a variety of ways, including:

Spiral Perm: This style is distinguished by tight, well-defined curls with volume. The size of the rod used determines the coiled coil. To create a corkscrew curl, insert the rod vertically into the hair.

Pin-Curl Perm: This procedure includes applying a chemical solution to the lengths of your hair. Pin curls are then styled and put in place.

Root Perm: If you have fine or thin hair, a root perm will add volume and thickness.

Curls and layers are applied to medium to long hair to create volume.

Spot Perm: Perm rods are put in a specific spot to create curls in that area. It is particular to hairstyles.

Body Wave Perm: This technique utilizes lengthy curling rods to create disheveled, beachy waves in your hair.

Multi-Textured Perm: This technique combines various kinds of curls to create a one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

How Perming Works

Through the use of reducing chemicals such as thioglycolates and bisulfites, the disulfide bonds in the hair are weakened (1). To dissolve the disulfide bonds, these reducing chemicals penetrate the cuticle and outer layers of the cortex. To allow reducing agents to penetrate the cortex, alkaline agents are utilized to raise the cuticle scales (1). Hair strands are placed in curlers or rods to achieve the desired curl or wave pattern. Once the pattern is established, an oxidizing chemical such as hydrogen peroxide is used to neutralize the perming process in the hair fibers.

The old method of perming was wrapping hair in rods. Following that, a perming solution is applied to the hair to set it in curls or waves. After the hair has been set, the solution is washed out and a neutralizer is used to halt the perming process. Over time, new formulae and methods utilizing various items to give you a specific kind of curl or wave. Let’s learn about the different perming methods.

Different Perming Techniques

1. Digital (Hot) Perm

The hair is initially relaxed with a relaxing treatment before being treated with digital or hot perms, which helps dissolve the bonds in your hair. Your hair is then styled with hot curling rods. The thickness of the rods is determined by how loose or tight you want your curls. Lastly, your hair is placed in hot rollers that are connected to a gadget that helps control your temperature. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, this procedure may take up to four hours or more.

You may create curls of various lengths with the digital perming technique, which gives you a really natural appearance. When your hair is damp, it is typically straight and curls up as it dries. This technique was created especially for East Asian hair and is only suitable for individuals with thick hair. The procedure is costly. It is, nevertheless, less harmful to the hair than other techniques.

2. Cold Perming

Cold perms are the most common method of perming your hair. Your hair is initially immersed with an alkaline solution during this procedure. It is then firmly wrapped with rollers into tiny curls. The tight curls help form your hair into tight ringlets, something the digital perming technique cannot accomplish.

These tight ringlets do not seem natural at first, but they will soften and look more natural with time. The procedure may take between 2 and 2.5 hours. Curls created with this technique stay curly even though wet or while using a product. The technique is less expensive than the digital method and effective on nearly all hair types.

A perm may last up to six months if properly cared for. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

How to Take Care of Permed Hair:

After perming your hair, wait 48 hours before washing it.

For the next 48 hours, do not touch your hair. Allow your hair to set without interfering.

Maintain a relaxed hairstyle. It should not be styled with ponytails or tight hairstyles.

Sun protection for your hair. To protect your hair from UV radiation, wear a light scarf or cap or use a zinc-based leave-in conditioner.

It is preferable to utilize products designed specifically for chemically treated hair. After you’ve permed your hair, consult with your hairdresser regarding shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure to condition your hair. Perming involves the use of chemicals that may deplete your hair’s nutrients and natural moisture. To strengthen your hair, condition it at least twice a week. Conditioners include concentrated quantities of substances that aid in the growth of your hair. If you don’t want to use chemicals, use an organic leave-in conditioner made with natural components.

Touch-ups should be done on a regular basis. Although perms are referred to as permanent hairstyles, they only endure for a few months. To keep your perm looking good, you’ll need to have it touched up at least once every 12 weeks.

Avoid colouring treatments for a few weeks after getting your perm. Colouring treatments contain chemicals that can harm your perm and hair condition.

Is your hair dry or oily, brittle or lacklustre in volume? Maintain a hair care routine that includes products suited to your hair type.

It is preferable to refrain from brushing your hair for a week or so in order to maintain the hair set without disruption. Afterwards, brush your hair carefully with a wide-toothed comb.

Other styling equipment, including irons, curlers, and blow dryers, should be used sparingly.

Do Perms Damage Hair?

Perms may damage, dehydrate, and over process your hair. Chemical treatments are particularly dangerous to the cell membrane complex and endocuticle (2). This occurs when the perm is not performed correctly. As a result, it is advised that perms be done properly.

Perming causes hair loss, which causes hair to swell and damage. The failure to rinse the perming solution may result in dandruff (3). Hair damage is known to be caused by chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.

Coloured hair perming solutions may be stronger than virgin hair perming solutions. While attempting perming at home, take caution when selecting perming solutions. Most hairdressers will only allow you to obtain a perm if your hair colouring needs just one colouring procedure rather than several.

If you have dry or brittle hair, you should avoid getting a perm. Perms include chemicals that may cause harm to dry hair. They may also deplete the natural moisture in your hair. It damages your dry hair by breaking down the structure of your hair.

Perming short hair may be difficult. Choosing the perfect wave or curl for short hair may make it seem dazzling or too short.

Oily hair perming treatments may strip your hair of all natural oils.

How Long Does a Perm Last?

A perm may take at least three hours to complete. Perms last at least three months for short hair. They may last longer than long hair, up to five to six months.

Perming, like any other hair chemical treatment, has advantages and disadvantages. Remember that if you do decide to perm your hair, proper care may go a long way toward keeping it healthy. To care for permed hair, follow the steps outlined above.

OK, now that we’ve gotten the dull stuff out of the way, let’s get into our top choices for perm hair ideas and naturally curly-haired ladies to look up to while having your hair permed!

Spiral Blonde Perm

Go big or go home, as the saying goes. And you’ll be going big with this perm job. These tight and bouncy curls produced by a spiral job are as beautiful as they are. However, bleaching your hair blonde (before perming it, of course) can give you a beach-ready appearance that will last for years.


Looks-Quite-Natural Perm

As the name implies, this kind of perm seems to be very natural. The curls in this style are the product of perming with very tiny curling rods. Given how often ladies complain about frizz, it’s surprising how lovely the frizz produced by brushing out this perm appears.

Perm Mohawk

What could be better than a single hair transformation? Of course, a twofold hair change! A Mohawk is a stylish and bold look on its own. However, adding a root perm to it will boost your badass factor to new heights. Furthermore, the shaved, straight sides contrast well with the tight, abundant curls at the top.

Big Mane Spiral Perm

Do you want to give your dull, lifeless hair a new lease of life? A spiral perm is exactly what you need to create beautiful curls and dramatic structure to your long hair from the roots to the ends. The greatest thing is that you will finish up with hair that resembles a lion’s mane!

Extremely Defined Root Perm

There’s nothing hotter than perfectly formed ringlet curls that fly out in all directions on their own. This root perm style will raise your hair from the roots, as the name suggests. The final effect is a lot of volume around your head and tight, bouncy curls that will make anybody weak in the knees.

Diffused Mid-Length Perm

I know, I know. What’s the purpose of having a perm if you have to use a diffuser to dry it? But bear with me. Diffuse drying your perm will help to open up your curls and give them some lovely definition. However, there’s something special about jet black curls that no other style can match.

Bushy Perm

Well, I realize that in a society controlled by Eurocentric aesthetic standards, bushy hair is deemed “bad.” But take a look at that girl’s beautiful hair! You don’t necessarily have to use a slew of hair products on your permed hair to get precisely defined curls. You may produce a gorgeous and bushy mane by just letting it air-dry and brushing hair out.

Cockscrew Perm

I’m a rock woman in a world of hard rockers! If you’re ready to show the world your rock-chic side, this perm is for you. This cockscrew perm, which leaves the roots alone and curls the bottom half of your hair, produces a rugged and sensual appearance that will instantly transform you into a rock star.

Relaxed Waves Perm

Who says you can only achieve tight curls with a perm? Obtaining some relaxed waves is also a feasible option, courtesy of the digital perm. In contrast to a traditional perm, your waves will be most noticeable while your hair is dry. Additionally, you receive the perm without committing to extremely curly hair!

Partial Digital Perm

If you’re anything like me, you’ve undoubtedly fantasized of having permanently blow-dried hair. With a partial perm, you may go a step closer to realizing that dream! This look is achieved by digitally perming the ends of your hair and leaving the roots and middle intact to produce a stylish half-straight, half-curled hairstyle.

Beachy Waves Perm

Julianne Hough demonstrates once again that a perm should not be restricted to tight ringlets of curls. Here she is wearing extremely relaxed beachy waves that are adorably adorable and were created with the assistance of an Olaplex perm.


Wavy Short Perm

Contrary to common perception, a perm does not need medium or long hair. A brief bob may sufficient if just loose waves are desired. The charmingly tiny bangs at the front add to the cuteness quotient of this relaxed wavy style.

Grungy Multi Textured Perm Bob

It’s astonishing how flexible a perm can be. Consider this short bob style. This unruly perm is the essence of stylish grunge. With extremely short bangs and curls that appear to have their own mind, this style takes grunge styling to a whole different level.

Bleached Blonde Perm Bob

Blondes are said to have more fun. I nearly believe it when I see this hairstyle. (Almost.)

The delicate waves produced by this perm and the blonde colour job give the appearance of being sun kissed, as if you’ve just returned from a day of beach frolicking!

Big Body Perm

A body perm is the way to go when it comes to producing large, bouncy curls. A body perm will produce large curls that are not as tightly wrapped as spiral perms. These large curls appear stunning, natural, and have their own oomph factor.

Tousled Curls Partial Perm

Some of us like to maintain an all-natural appearance even while styling our hair. This perm style is ideal for those individuals. Not only is this partial perm applied to the bottom half of your hair, but it is also applied with broad curling rods to produce large curls that have been tousled to seem easy and natural.

 Olaplex Semi-Permanent Body Perm

Olaplex has essentially revolutionized the perming process by substantially minimizing hair damage. This partial body perm was used on the bottom portion of her hair to produce large curls. With straight cut bangs to finish, this perm appears as if it walked right off a Parisian catwalk.

Wet Hot Perm Bob

Given how popular bob cuts are right now, it’s unsurprising that one has made another appearance on this list. When wet, hot perms resemble loose waves and dry to form more defined curls. This short bob style was created with a hot perm and then left damp to produce a relaxed, shaggy wavy appearance.

Mixed Digital and Cold Partial Perm

At times, don’t you wish you looked like an adorable girl next door? To be sure, creating this style is a little more difficult than it seems, but the final result is certainly worth the effort. The lower half of this model’s hair has been digitally permed to produce some large curls at the bottom that are more distinct when dried. The bangs have been styled with a cold perm to add a sense of wave and complete the appearance of natural effortlessness.

Sultry Cold Perm

There is something attractive about a woman’s hair just after she exits the shower. You can get this style using a cold spiral perm, which gives you highly defined and curled up curls while your hair is wet and loose waves when it is dried.

Multi Textured Perm Shaggy Bob

If you’re considering undergoing a drastic hair change, here’s an interesting option. While a short shag bob is easily attractive on its own, it runs the danger of appearing untidy if not properly groomed. Getting a multi-textured perm may give some lovely, natural-looking curls to your haircut and eliminate the need to style it each time you walk out.

Luscious Body Perm

Every girl’s fantasy is to have full-bodied curls that flow lusciously down her back. And you could get that look by using a curling wand and dedicating an hour of each day to it. Alternatively, you may go for a body perm, which will provide you with large, bouncy, and attractive curls while reducing your daily effort.

Wild Olaplex Perm

We all want to be youthful, wild, and free. And we all want our appearance to reflect that. This Olaplex perm will infuse your hair with texture and depth, allowing you to embrace your wild side. And to totally lose control of your hair, cut it into a short shag bob and let your curls do its job.

Texturized Partial Perm

Beyonce, you’re back at it with the permed hair! This time, this beautiful model has a partial perm that has natural roots at the crown and a multi-textured perm throughout the remainder of her hair. This has resulted in her hair falling flat at the crown of her head and creating beautiful volume on the sides of her face, emphasizing her cheekbones.

Medium Spiral Bob Perm

This lovely model has natural curls set her apart in a sea of lovely faces. To achieve her tresses, go for a mid-length haircut and a hot spiral perm.

Multi-Textured Layered Perm

When the famous 1990s television program Beverly Hills 90210 was revived in 2008, everyone sat up and took note of Annalynne McCord’s stunning blonde curls just like this inspiration exhibited. You may get her style by layering your hair and opting for a multi-textured perm.

Classic Blonde Perm

It’s difficult to look away from this blonde model once you’ve laid eyes on her. And, believe it or not, her naturally curly and golden hair is that way. If you want to achieve her traditionally curled locks, you may need to first bleach your hair blonde and then opt for a spiral or stacked digital perm.

If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and stunning permed hairstyles with beautiful curls or waves, then you have to go the right place.

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