If you’re a man worried about your protruding or large ears, stop stressing. You’re able to look fantastic with the ideal hairstyle that will fit your protruding ears. Every individual has a favourite body feature. However, if you are self conscious about your appearance, it isn’t unusual to have a physical feature which you would love to downplay.

Lots of men and women that have large prominent ears don’t take it as a laughing matter. It’s especially worse if their buddies tease them due to the size of the ears. But this shouldn’t be a huge deal and shouldn’t be a thing to kill your sanity and provide you with very low self-esteem!

Some individuals have chosen for an operation, but this really isn’t the smartest choice, you don’t need to pay a surgeon to correct your nose in order for you to achieve an attractive appearance.

The very best method to conceal the protruding ears would be to understand how to style your hair properly. We will advise you to try out different kinds of hairstyles for this and we hope this article can help you to address your concerns and improve your overall physical appearance that ultimately will build up your self esteem and confidence.

There is a great selection of haircuts for guys with large and protruding ears and you will not have trouble identifying one hairstyle that will match your face features as well as fix your protruding ears problem. You may need to invest in some time and money to get the look you would like. Then again, a visit to the hairdresser may do just fine.

Growing the Sides

Possessing the sides of your hair to grow into a moderate length which can help conceal your ears. This can work out particularly if the sides increase into the exact same elevation as the ears in order they can partly cover them. Be mindful not to let the sides seem unkempt; constantly be certain that you trim them into the ideal size.

Adding Volume and Curls to Hair

Adding volume and body to the hair by doing men perm will help to balance your own face, and your ears won’t be so noticeable. You might even trim your long or medium-length hair in different ways to achieve an amazing balance of your face.

We mean that the combo of your hair and ears will create an illusion which is going to lead to nothing but a wonderful appearance. This can allow you to enjoy yourself and you’ll never despise your ears.

Hairstyle with Long Sideburns

Depending on how they’re styled, sideburns are an amazing feature of every individual’s face! For those who have big ears, growing out long sideburns allow them to diverting the focus on the ears, which also will help to make a great balance of the face.

The sideburns may be combed back or down; this can help increase the quantity of hair in your face, something which may conceal the entire look of large ears.

Short Fade Haircut for Men

short haircuts for men

Individuals who enjoy short haircut might not like the above-mentioned hair inspiration. If you don’t like long hair, then you do not need to force yourself into it as you are still able to try something different men haircuts. Fade haircut enhances the shape of your overall look that aim to achieve a polished and clean look finishing. As this haircut is highlighting the top, creating illusion of fuller and thicker hair as well as good contrast at the side, thus the focus on the ears will be greatly reduce.

Spiky Men Hairstyles

The main objective is still to ensure people will not be looking at your ears. Thus it is very important to wear hairstyle which will constantly draw people’s attention and divert anyone from discovering your ears. This is one of the stylish, trendy and well groomed men’s haircut appearance. It requires some styling clay or wax so as to style the hair into a ideal imperfect texture at the top. The aim of this spiked hair is for people to stop and admire your well textured hair at the top and not to notice your ears.

Men’s Quiff Haircut

Men's Quiff Hairstyles

In terms of the men’s Quiff haircut, it is basically resembling the undercut that is shorter on the sides and back and longer on top. The different hair at the top is styled up as well as combed backward so as to achieve eye-catching textured appearance. The styling procedure is very important here. Thus  such high voluminous men’s quiff hairstyle is a high contrast style that has long hair at the crown resulting in great contrast to the short hair in the back and sides. Such contrasting haircut will once again effectively divert any attentions on your ears and people will be too busy appreciating the fashionable sense of your quiff style.

Men’s Side Parting Haircut

Men's Side Parting Hairstyles

The men’s side parting hairstyle is one of the few haircut which has tested the time and survived! It bring the time all the way back to the 1910s and we can still notice on millions of men’s head today. Thus a men’s side parting hairstyle will obviously draws the eye away from the ears by focusing on their eyes directly at the centre. This is due to an optical disillusion. This side parting creates an imbalanced hair orientation that also naturally balance out the overall look of your protruding ears.

Texturing Hairstyle

Textured Hairstyles For Men With Fringe

Here men’s texture haircut is creating beautiful contrast by inspiring movement of the top part of the hair. This is achieved by building up the body and volume of the men’s hair in wavy style. Textured haircuts for men with large ears are trendy, eye catching, as well as flattering. The contrast that is created in this textured haircut will help to focus all eyes on the haircut instead of the ears.

Man Bun

The man bun is another unique hairstyle which will emphasize your protruding ears instead of concealing them. But here is a tips to achieve the concealing effect when wearing this hairstyle. A man bun is a popular men’s hairstyle by pulling back the hair to form a bun at the back or tied at the top of the head, like a top knot. Thus for men with protruding or big ears, it is easy to divert the focus from the ears to the bun or top knots which become the center of attraction and by pulling hair tendrils hanging around your temples and ears, it is possible use it to conceal the ears.

Men’s Hairstyle with Beard and Side Burns

Sideburns and beards or a combo of both –anything like that is amazingly flattering to big or protruding ears. You are pretty much siphoned out of the jug handles by drawing attention to something fascinating happening near them. Hair is magical and you may be able to put on all kinds of illusions.

Long On the Sides

Such as the shag haircut, a hairstyle that is long on the sides and back is an perfect hairstyle for guys with big ears. The shape of the hair will effectively conceal the actual size of the ears. You aren’t concealing them, precisely; you are only camouflaging them a bit.

All about Having Long Hair

Obviously long hair ties well with the man bun. It effectively conceals the ears but it may become a prominent feature characteristic. With long, stunning hair, nobody’s going to take notice of your ears.

Hair Designs

Hair designs that also widely known as hair tattoos for men are an artistic patterning sheared shaved or short hair with haircutting tools scalpel blades or like clippers. You and your barber can create any designs to level up your haircut by playing around with density and thickness.

Whether it’s make of intricate patterns or simple lines, this is a simple way to achieve your own hair tattoo! Moreover, you can have one on any types of men haircuts. It’s an excellent way to enhance and add fun so everybody’s attention will probably be focused on your hair tattoos and no longer on your big ears.