Hairstyles for Men that will Forever be Fashionable

A lot of people think that the first thing that people notice when they stare at you is your shoe – however, we beg to differ, with its location around the body, your hair is the most visible part of your body. And pretty much unlike some badly worn shoes, you cannot easily go unnoticeable if you have on some bad looking shoes.

With that said, it is important to become familiar with several classic hairstyles before you plan to visit your barber for your next hair cut. Similar to these nine hair designs that were picked by the best barbers in UK, they promise that the styles would fit anybody and would still retain its relevance even after six months later.

The French-styled Crop

The French-styled crop hair designs are pretty much like the white tee top shirts of the hair designing industry. The style typically suits any face shape. It is essentially perfect for men who prefer to have thinner hair strands at the top of their hair.

Since the hair is being taking slightly forward here, making the fringe lengthy could help cover up any receding patches.

It is a hairstyle with a relatively affordable maintenance that is ideal for somebody both inside and outside the swimming pool or gym, because it could be worn without the use of a styling product while letting it all fall into position.

In the case have any product on the hair, try using some hairspray, due to the fact that the French-styled crop is one that should be left in its natural form. The maintenance that comes with this hair design is not the styling but in trimming it one every three weeks or thereabouts.

French Crop Hairstyles For Men

The buzz-styled hair cut

Known as a style that is timeless, the buzz-styled cut has some special requirement. For it to work on anyone, they will need to have a head with a great shape (such as the noggin like that of Christian Bale or Ryan Goslings, for instance).

Named by the sound that they make, this style is practically achieved by making use of clippers, but there are other options which are not too severe that is meant for people without a square-shaped jaw and the head that is shaped perfectly.

If this describes you, you should opt for the shape which slightly squared at all times [with the sides trimmed with a clipper], while having some more length on top. Scissors rather than combing is the technique mainly used by Pankhurst and I would recommend this highly instead of the use of clippers. Through cutting, you could work according to the head’s shape so as to ensure that the final cut becomes more attractive.

A skilled barber will consider everything about you when making the cut. From your unique personality, to the personal style that you have to your everyday living, in providing the haircut which is right for you. Keep in mind that you will always have that hairstyle on, so it should work at every way possible.

Men's Buzz Cut/Shaved Hairstyles

The hair style known as the Slick Back

This first had an impact on the hair world around the 1920s. During that period, people always sought hair styles that they could have on without having to put on a hat (which is a symbol of social class in the beginning of the 20th century). Ever since that time period, slick back hair designs has been a timeless style that still remains fashionable.

It is recommended best to use the straight hair for this purpose – an increased amount of curl on the head makes it more difficult for your hair to properly slick back. Considering the shape of face that works with this style, the style has a wide versatility because it allows the facial features (such as the moustaches, beards) to be increasingly obvious, while the hair essentially frames the face. However, for people who have hairlines that are receding, using the slick back style is not an ideal option because this will further make the hair recession more obvious.

The sides and back should be tapered, made to be natural and pretty tight, while getting it graduated towards the top which is slightly heavier. If you are opting for the undercut, there would be a disconnection around this region, however, blending could be a superior alternative for a hair which is finer.

To get the hair styled, try blow-drying the hair towards the back (if your hair grows forward, blow-drying it backwards could take longer) – know that it requires practice to effectively do this. For the natural slick appearance, make use of the pomade which is water-based and comb it through as it is damp, or alternatively you could try on the matte paste to get a softer and more contemporary hair finish.

Men's Slick Back Hairstyles

The hair side-parting hairstyles for men

Particularly more popular between the 1920s and the 1940s while it came back again around the 1960s, the hairstyles for men has been made trendy again around this past decade as an option that is easier to accomplish when compared to having the slick back hair style.

Because the haircut is based on the easy short sides and back, the hair style is very versatile and will properly fit major types of hair as well as shapes of face. With that mentioned, this could actually appear like a hair which has been combed-over, if is rather long while being thin at the top.

As soon as the hair designer is ready to shape your hair, you should request for a timeless taper around the sides and back of the head, and the top of the hair has to be kept adequately long to be parted while being adequately short to be kept tidy and neat.

The hair styling product to be used should depend on the density of the hair: people that have the hair that is thicker should attempt the paste, whereas the matte clay is best suited for the finer hair types which are less dense in nature.

While getting the hair parted could be tricky; it is best approached by applying the product while the hair is damp (rather than wet) and could be parted with a comb.  The location of the natural hair parting should be established, perhaps by initially having your barber help you. If you are finding this difficult, get the hair combed backwards, so that you would see the area which it begins to fall separate.

Men's Side Parting Hairstyles

The Shoulder hair length cut

The refined and classic has been featured in the world of fashion for a long time, probably because it is rather adequately versatile to be suited to a lot of situations. Through keeping the hair longer plus getting your hair stylist to add in few more layers, you could change between the beach-appropriate textured appearance and the Gordon Gecko-styled boardroom hair design.

Potentially, the most challenging aspect of this hairstyles for men is in growing out the hair. There would always be days when you do not really like it and feel like cutting it off, however before you decide on something that you may regret later, you should create goals on the hair length which you want and choose whether or not you want to keep it at that length. During the cutting of your hair, you should discuss in length with your hair stylist, ensuring that you let him know about your limitations.

You don’t need to have your look choppy layered and messy, when you have the option to look smart and collected for the purpose of work.

Similar to a lot of cuts, the achievement of this particular style of hair actually has a lot to do on the texture of the hair. The hair that is pretty very straight will not be in place as simply as the hair which has a more subtle wave; and also, the hair which is excessively curly will also be difficult to maintain its smooth appearance.

Ensure that you keep the use of hair styling products to a minimum, because this style is more effective when it appears fully natural. Furthermore, you could try spraying in some salt to put a touch of softness for the messier appearance, or you could add in some amount of texturizer to make the very curly hair soft and be able to manage it.

Men's Shoulder Length Hairstyles

The Contemporary hi-top hair fade

When talking about the contemporary hi-top hair fade, there are two words which easily comes to mind: Will Smith. He had prominently used the style on his movie –The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – to make way for the reign of the shaped-cut Afro, paving the way for numerous interpretations and variations of the design such as this optional style of the timeless hi-top hair fade.

This is not a versatile hair style, because it is meant to stay in the way which it was cut, therefore you don’t have much option to have it changed. So you should ensure that you focus on getting the style and ensure that it is a style which you really want. It should be noted that the highly curly hair or the afro is highly essential.

Before the cut is done, you should ensure that you talk to your hair stylist about the extent of projection of your afro style; getting this aspect of the hair is pretty important so that it can easily be brushed into shape.

There are numerous variations concerning the style. Therefore you should consider taking along with you several pictures of the style to your hairstylist. Most guys do not really like taking along images of hair styles with them to their barber’s, however the more information that the hair stylist has about your preferred style, the better it is for you.

You should ensure that you visit a skilled barber that can easily work with the type of hair you have and go along with the right tools such as the afro comb for styling.

Men's Shaped Afro Hairstyles & Modern High Tops

The Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

The Pompadour is actually useful to a lot of people but it does need a fair amount of thickness to ensure that the style is capable of supporting itself as soon as it is created. Various shapes of the face can be made to look attractive by a variation of the structure of the style.

For instance, for those with a narrow face, they could have on the pompadour in a softer and wider form; or alternatively, for people with round faces, the hair could be slicked down the sides of the head so as to slim down the general silhouette.

In order for you to have on this style, it is typically started by growing out the front. Make your barber or your hair stylist to make the top graduated for you. Every time that you trim your hair, the stylist should slightly alter the graduation to keep the hair’s length in the front, and simultaneously making the back side shorter.

As soon as you have being able to grow out about three inches long of hair around the front, a height can be created by you through the use of the hairdryer and the mousse or rather the sea-type salt spray.  The hair should be pulled up as it is being dried to produce a root lift. As it is almost dry, make use of your fingers, or the hairbrush to apply some movement at the tip, pushing the hairstyle backwardly on itself.

You could try out different products to see which one fits best but you should not use the product excessively on your hair. The product should be added to the sides and back before you work it to the top – remember that you are always able to put in more, but cannot remove any without having to wash.

Lastly, the hair should be groomed in place with a hairspray to hold the hair finish which you have chosen – whether you opt for the Elvis-esque greaser hair design or the more dishevelled style of James Dean.

Men's Pompadour Hairstyles

The Quiff Hairstyles for Men

The minimally polished option of the pompadour, the style known as the quiff actually suits people from several age brackets, shapes of face as well as individual styles. Similar to the pompadour, although, the quiff is not a good alternative for people who have receding hairlines because it shows off the forehead.

Prior to you making the cut. You should ensure that you have made a decision about whether a traditional or a modern version of the quiff best suits you.  The traditional quiff has softer sides and back that are kept short, but it shouldn’t be extremely short. The modern version can have a drastic distinction between the long hair left at the top as well as the sides and back that have been tightly clippered, creating an effect that looks ‘disconnected.’

The shape of your face, is also something important to be considered. Because the quiff comes with the natural volume of the hair, so you should not make the back and side parts of the hair too short for people whose faces are long.

For styling to be done you should pour in a product for wet styling to a hair that has been towel-dried and comb it through to distribute it evenly. Then get the hair blow-dried with the highest temperature of the hairdryer at the lowest possible speed. Simultaneously, you could use the vented brush to sweep up the hair into the shape which you prefer.

Do not forget to finish this off by using a strong-hold type of hairspray to ensure that your efforts are not wasted.

Men's Quiff Hairstyles

The Textured-hair design with the fringe

Initially, you would need a good hair length before you schedule with your barber for such a cut. Moreover, you should know that this rather textured hairstyle works suitably with the thick hair and not the fine hair. Also, if you do have a receding hairline, then this is not the style to choose.

Guys that have the cow licks or double crowns should certainly think about the more textured look, because the hairstyle almost allows your hair to flow in its natural way. It is advisable not to tackle these problems of the hair.

In trying to help your stylist get the proper textured appearance, go along with a picture so as to show the exact style that you need. A nice barber will let you know by looking at the picture, whether or not it will be suitable for you and your type of hair.

Also, you should keep an eye out for the thinning scissors; most barbers are very happy to use these, however the thinning scissors should not be used on the hair because they could make the hair tips more wispy and the root hairs excessively bulky when compared. Rather, ensure that the hair top is point cut.

During the styling of the textured look, you should ensure that the hair is adequately dry. When dry, work some texture enhance, putty or clay through your hair by making use of your fingers. However, just know that this style is a carefree style, therefore it should not appear excessively groomed.

Textured Hairstyles For Men With Fringe