Hair with honey blonde shade is a timeless style that is adding sun-kissed tones to any hairstyle. The fresh, summery style will make your hair and your appearance healthier and more joyful! Is this the best colour for your hair? 

Here’s everything you should learn about how to achieve the look.

We all are aware that trends in hair colour change constantly.

The past few years have witnessed a significant change in hair colour concepts with rich, dark tones being replaced with lighter shades such as cool platinum blonde or creamy caramel.

If you’re thinking of updating your appearance with a fresh hair colour, here’s what you should be aware of!

Honey Blonde Hair

What colour is honey blonde?

It’s a light, warm blonde that has hints of gold.

Honey isn’t as light or cool as beige or ash blonde, but it’s not as warm and rich like almost brunette-like caramel blonde. Honey shades are the ideal in the middle between the two shades.

It’s a shade that is perfect for people who have warm skin tones, but it doesn’t mean cool tones aren’t capable of pulling it off. It’s an amazing shade to blend into honey blonde balayage, ombre, and highlights, so you’re sure to discover a shade that is perfect for you.

The beige blonde, sandy blonde, champagne blonde and bronde colours are cooler, creamier shades of this golden hue.

If you’re a fan of this gorgeous honey shade, it will make your complexion glow and your eyes sparkle. It’s a colour that sparkles in the sun, portrays the California vibes and looks stunning with the beachy waves on the hair.

Take a look at the latest trends to get ideas and inspiration.

Is honey blonde just medium blonde?

Honey blonde is a fantastic option to bring warmth to your appearance if you feel that your skin appears somewhat washed-out by darker blondes. While it may be tempting to consider it to be just “medium blonde,” but it’s in fact much more than it appears to be.

The tones of this honey blonde are typically more copper or gold-toned than straight-up medium blondes and can make your skin appear warmer in a way that other blondes don’t.

If you’re in search of the perfect blonde shade that is flattering, distinctive and attractive, honey blonde is certainly worth a look.

How can you tell the differences between golden and honey blonde?

Although both colours originate from lighter shades of brown hair, they are in fact of different tones and shades.

Golden blonde is a gorgeous warm blonde shade which can be created by lightening the hair to that of a yellowish shade.

For Honey blonde, it is more of a golden-brown hue and it is attainable by lightening hair to an orange tone.

Hence, golden blonde is more towards the yellowish tone and honey is towards orangey tone.

Both shades are attractive on all hair types and skin tones. However, honey blonde is the better option if you have cool undertones on your skin. Golden blonde is great for those who have warm undertones.

Do you think honey blonde hair will suit you?

For sweet hair lovers it’s a shade that is extremely versatile. The warm tones of honey blonde can draw red and gold, however, the ashier shades of blonde and light brown can also cool the honey blonde down. It could also be of rich deeper tone with hints of strawberry blonde and brunette.

It is important to understand and comprehend your personal undertones to determine if it’s right for you.

When we talk about your personal undertones, we are referring to things like your own eye colour, skin tone colour and even the clothing you put on – they will determine the appropriate shades for your hair.

If you have warmer undertones:

You’ve got golden or red undertones to your hair.

The tone of your skin will be tan, golden or olive.

There are green veins on your wrist.

You’ll need rich or bright shades.

Most likely, you have freckles.

Gold jewelry looks amazing on you.

If you’ve cool undertones:

The skin tone of your complexion is pale or pink.

You like wearing jewels and pastel colours.

Yellow doesn’t flatter you.

There are blue veins on your wrist.

Silver and pearls jewellery look amazing on you.

How do you achieve honey blonde locks?

The trendy colour can be difficult to achieve at home. If you’ve not dyed your hair before it can be even more difficult.

If you don’t want to spend money or time in hair salons, it may appear like a daunting task.

There are many on-trend box dyes that you can apply to achieve the look at home.

You’ll have to carefully choose the shade you want based on what your hair’s colour is at the moment. Always check the colour chart that is on the back of the box and make sure you match the shade.

Don’t forget to perform a strand test to ensure that the colour will show up according to your desires!

Are you able to dye your into honey blonde shade without bleach?

It’s certainly possible to achieve this stunning shade without bleaching your hair. It all depends on your hair’s base colour and the shade of your hair at the moment.

If your base hair colour has a darker shade than the honey blonde, you’ll have to lighten your hair using bleach before dyeing it to this shade effectively. Hair dyes won’t lighten your hair colour, so you must choose the lightest possible base to allow this hair dye to truly perform and create the shimmering appearance.

 If the thought of applying bleach on your hair is making you anxious, talk to your hairdresser. It isn’t a good idea to colour your hair wrongly!

If your current base colour is any shade lighter than honey blonde, you’ve got an excellent base colour. If you’re looking to transform to something similar to platinum blonde, it’s fine. If such lighter shades catch your interest, you may require bleaching as well.

Be sure to read the instructions on the box carefully and make sure it matches the colour of your current hair to ensure it doesn’t turn in a shade of orange!

What are the most suitable colours for your hair?

It all depends upon your complexion and skin tone. If you’re fair and have cool undertones, like Nicole Kidman, opt for an edgy light blonde shade

For more warm skin tones, such as Beyonce, opt for deeper shades like Honey Brown.

How can you dye your hair to be honey blonde from dark brown?

If you’re planning to dye your hair dark brown to honey blonde, there’s no reason to be concerned – you can certainly pull it off! Here are some things you should be aware of:

The first thing you have been doing is to bleach your hair. This can lighten up the dark brown hue and will make it easier for you to bleach your hair blonde.

After bleaching your hair, you must apply a conditioning treatment to maintain its health and avoid damage.

If you are ready to colour your hair, make sure to use high quality blonde dye. This will ensure you get the most effective outcomes.

Remember to take care of your freshly dyed hair using mild shampoos and conditioners, and avoid using heat styling tools whenever you can.

If you follow these steps, you can dye your hair that is dark brown blonde!

Is honey blonde brassy?

We all know how difficult it is to maintain the light blonde colour with all the factors that can cause brassiness, including heat styling tools, conditioners, shampoos as well as the water that we use to wash our hair with!

It’s true that this honey blonde shade is warmer in its undertones, so it could turn more orangey as it fades , and begin to appear like brass.

However, there’s nothing that a great purple shampoo won’t be able to keep in check!

With a dose of purple pigmentation, the purple shampoo can effectively neutralize the undesirable brassy tone in your hair, and keep it looking bright and fresh.

What can you maintain your honey blonde hair?

Once you’ve got the look you like, ensure that you perform deep conditioning of your hair at least once per week. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to improve the condition of your hair, especially if you have bleached your hair as well.

After hair colouring or bleach, your hair will be fragile and more susceptible to split ends and breakage for a few weeks. If you are using any heating tools for styling your hair, make sure you use a heat protectant each time.

It is also recommended to use specially-formulated purple and silver shampoos or conditioners to keep the colour at its peak condition and to avoid any brassiness.

The best part is that honey blonde hair colour will look amazing with dark roots, therefore, you should consider a root shadow to preserve the colour for longer with less maintenance.

Parting words

Honey blonde hair is an excellent way to get the perfect sun-kissed appearance.

It’s an effortless shade for pulling off and it appears natural on any skin tone. It can easily blend with any kind of undertone you like!

If you’re looking for a subtle and soft change or are looking for a radical overhaul, this golden hue could be your answer.

If you’re looking to transform your locks from drab to fabulous, what are you waiting for?