Do you get tired of your hair’s natural colour and wish you could try something different?

Consider having highlights and maintaining them so that they last longer if you want to update your appearance and step up your style. It’s a sensation common to us all. After getting some new highlights at the salon, you feel like a million dollars. However, after a few weeks, you see that your hair is losing its shine. You may be asking, “My once vibrant highlights are starting to fade; how long do highlights last, anyway?” This is the most frequent question we get about highlights.

There is, however, no foolproof solution to this conundrum. As usual, it’s hard to say. How frequently you wash your hair and how well you care for it are the deciding factors.

Here’s the dirt on highlights and how to keep them in place for longer, compliments of us!

When did you last check the highlight?

With the right maintenance, highlights may last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Hair’s natural colour, how well you take care of your highlights, and the kind of highlights you obtain all play a role in how long they will last.

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Where do we start?

Highlights are a fantastic alternative to dying your hair completely if you just want a splash of colour. You may use them to make your hair seem thicker and sun-kissed. Typically, strands of hair are bleached in order to generate highlights.

After the appropriate length of time has passed, the bleach is removed by rinsing. The end effect is light, dimensional streaks of colour that liven up even the dullest hair. You may use any hair dye colour to produce highlights, although blonde and brown hair is the most popular.

They’re a classic style that will never go out of fashion and can be worn in a variety of ways.

Therefore, highlights are something to think about if you want a new appearance or if you simply want to spice things up a little.

When do your highlights fade?

How long your highlights last depend on these three primary criteria:

  1. The highlights technique that you have.

Traditional foil highlights, for instance, are more likely to survive than balayage highlights. Natural-looking Balayage highlights don’t persist as long as more intense highlights because of this.

  1. How well do you maintain them.

How well you take care of your highlights is another determinant of how long they last. Your highlights may fade more quickly if you wash your hair often or use heated styling equipment frequently.

  1. The natural colour of your hair

The longevity of your highlights is also affected by your natural hair colour. Highlights, for instance, will fade faster on dark hair than on light hair. So that you may make the most informed choice for your hair, let’s examine the ins and outs of highlights.

How many different highlights techniques are there?

Foil Highlights

The most typical kind of highlight is a foil highlight. They are accomplished by weaving and then foil-wrapping tiny lengths of hair. The number of foils used and the amount of hair dragged through each one determines how subtle or dramatic the highlights will be. Highlights in extremely light shades of blonde, like platinum and ash blonde, are best achieved using foils.

Foil highlights typically last between four and six weeks.

Half Head Highlights

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Highlights that only cover half of your head are called “half-head highlights.” They are used to enhance the shine and depth of the hair by placing them around the crown and temples.

Due to the darker roots, this method is more high-maintenance yet ideal for root melts and root blurs.

Approximately how many weeks do half-head highlights last?

Half head highlights can last about three to six weeks.

Balayage Highlights

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The French term balayage literally means “to sweep.” Instead of utilizing foils, colour is swept into the hair in a balayage highlight. The outcome is a highlight that seems to grow out more naturally and blend harmoniously. This trendy style is especially great when combined with copper, chocolate, or caramel balayage.

Balayage highlights last about average four to eight weeks.


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Babylights are ultra-fine highlights that are supposed to appear like a child’s naturally sun-kissed hair. They are used all over the head to enhance hair brightness. Well blended super-fine babylights with darker tones creates depth, shading, and the illusion of fuller hair.

Babylights typically last for three to five weeks.


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Foilayage is a hair highlighting technique that combines foils with balayage. To do this, colour is painted onto smaller hair sections, which are then wrapped in foil. Foilayage is a fantastic technique for creating more natural looking highlights with better control for colour placement.

Foilayage last about four to eight weeks.


golden ombre

The ombré technique involves a gradient finishing which the hair colour gradually goes from one hair colour to another. To get this look, the hair is often lightened from the roots to the mid-lengths before the ends are dyed a deeper shade. Silver rose gold, and blue-black are edgy, on-trend colours that look well with this technique.

Ombre highlighting technique often last between six and eight weeks.


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The opposite of a highlight is a lowlight. The hair finishing with better depth and dimension is accomplished by applying darker hues. The number of colours used and the amount of hair is weaved through each one determines how bold or subtle the lowlights will be.

Lowlights can last about four to six weeks.

Ribbons or Streaks

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Small sections of hair which have been coloured with a different hue from the rest of the hair are called ribbons or streaks. You may use them to frame your face in colour. However, it may be as chunky, thin, or streaky as you wish! These are the simplest highlights to get using a hair-streaking or highlight kit in the comfort of your own home.

Streaks often last for two to four weeks depending on the colour.

Let’s talk about how to extend the longevity of your highlights now that you know everything about the different techniques of highlights!

Can highlights be faded with time?

It’s true that highlights fade more quickly than base colours. This is because bleaching removes part of your hair’s natural pigment in addition to lightening your hair colour.

As your hair grows, some of it will be a lighter shade than the rest since it is your natural colour. Can we expect them to fade completely? Because of the chemical lightening process, the areas of your hair where the highlights were placed will always have a lighter colour. It’s recommended to have a touch-up about every four weeks for a T-section highlights and every eight weeks for a full head highlights refresh.

As your hair grows out and roots becomes more prominent as well as the highlights will be less noticeable.

How to prevent fading highlights

Red hair fade to pink

Red hair fade to pink

Taking good care of your highlights once they have been applied is essential if you want them to last as long as possible. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Don’t wash your hair more than necessary. Natural oils are removed from the hair when it is washed, which may cause highlights to fade. Wash your hair no more often than every other day or every three days.
  2. Try a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates. It is vital to choose products that do not contain sulfates since these chemicals may remove hair colour. Our sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are ideal for colour-treated hair and come highly recommended.
  3. Avoid overusing heat styling tools on your hair. You should also aim to restrict the use of heat-styling equipment like curling irons and flat irons since these might cause your highlights to fade over time. Using a heat-protectant spray before heating up your style equipment is a must.
  4. Try to have a regular hair trimming schedule. Get your hair trimmed regularly to avoid dull, lifeless hair from split ends and flyaways. It is recommended to that every six weeks; you should have a trim.
  5. Try to have a regular root touch-up routine. Your highlights will begin to fade as your roots become more prominent. To avoid this, use a colour-safe shampoo or temporary root touch-up solution every four to six weeks.
  6. When you wash your hair, use cool water. When washing your hair after the treatment, try to avoid using hot water as much as possible. The highlights in your hair will fade faster, and your hair will be damaged if you wash it in hot water. That’s why it’s crucial that you constantly wash your hair in cold water to preserve its health and the highlights or dye job you’ve had done.
  7. Using quality hair products. The most straightforward strategy for avoiding more hair damage and counteracting the harsh chemicals is to use hair conditioning treatments. Using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for highlighted hair is essential after getting the highlights done. That way, you can protect your hair as much as possible from the heat. In addition, the highlights won’t lose their luster or fade quickly.
  8. Consult a experience and reliable hair colourist. You should not attempt to highlight your hair at home without the supervision of a hair professional or ask someone who is not trained to do so. Believe us as it will lead to a disastrous situation that will do significant harm to your hair. Therefore, you should only get highlights done by a trained hair colourist. This advice will do wonders for your hair.

When do highlights start to fade?

After around six to eight weeks, highlights begin to gradually fade. The highlights in your hair will either get lighter or change colour completely.

If you dye your hair blonde, for instance, the highlights may fade and perhaps take on a yellowish tint with time. Red highlights will gradually become a ginger or coppery colour as they fade.

When will blonde highlights start to fade?

Blonde highlights may last between six to eight weeks, depending on how dark or light is your natural hair colour.

It’s recommended to touch up your highlights every four weeks if you have really dark hair.

As your blonde highlights fade, keep an eye out for brassiness. This is the stage at which the hair first begins to turn yellow or orange.

Use a purple shampoo or toner once a week to keep your hair from looking brassy. If your hair has a yellowish tint, this will help neutralize it. Too-bright highlights may be darkened or subdued as well!

Will your hair return to normal colour after getting highlights?

In the long run, it is true that after the highlights have fully grown out, your hair will revert to its natural shade.

The time it takes may vary depending on the shade of your natural hair and the highlights you choose.

In order to return to your natural hair colour, if you have really dark hair, you may need to have a few inches chopped off to eliminate any discoloured or damaged hair ends.

How long can the highlights done by a colourist in the salon last?

The hair highlights that is performed by a salon professional colourist will last between six and eight weeks. However, there are few measures you may take to extend their life:

Inquire about low-maintenance highlight options like balayage or baby lights from your stylist. These highlights techniques last longer than most others.

After your hair has been highlighted, have your stylist apply a toner. The colour will be protected against rapid fading in this way.

Always use a shampoo and conditioner that is safe for colour-treated hair. Your highlights will last longer if you do this.

Before using curling or flat irons on your hair, spritz it with a heat-protectant spray. It’s ideal to keep the highlights out of the sun’s heat if at all feasible. Your highlights should persist for weeks if you follow these instructions.

How long do partial highlights typically last?

Partial highlights are a good choice if you want a low-maintenance hair colour.

This method involves applying highlights to the top layer of the hair, most often around the face.

They typically endure between four and six weeks but may last as long as eight weeks in some cases.

One thing to keep an eye on is how evenly the highlights are growing out, since this may happen with partial highlights. Root touch-ups every four weeks might help you prevent this problem.

Will getting highlights to ruin your hair?

Hair highlights that are not performed properly, may be harmful to your hair. Hair might become brittle and break if bleach is kept on for an extended period of time.

Prepare your hair for highlights by giving it a thorough conditioning treatment beforehand. This will prevent further damage to your hair and keep it healthy.

For the first 24 hours after receiving highlights, you shouldn’t wash your hair.

This will allow the bleach to fully penetrate the hair and reduce the risk of dry, brittle hair.


Should You Get Hair Highlights?

One of the most attractive features is your hair, which is a crowning treasure. Changing your haircut or colour drastically is a big deal, and it might make you nervous about taking the plunge. The good news is that you can easily acquire a fresh appearance without resorting to extreme measures. Instead, advanced hair colouring techniques allow for the addition of highlights for a more subtle and natural look. Hair highlights are well worth the effort and money, we assure you. This new hair colour is timeless and will never go out of style. We hope you found this information helpful in determining how long your highlights will stay.

Keep in mind that the longevity of your highlights will be influenced by your natural hair colour, the kind of highlights you get, and how well you take care of your hair. If you take good care of your highlights, they may last for up to eight weeks. Make that hair salon appointment now; you have nothing to lose.