We’ve had it all before when you visit the salon for haircut and leave wondering what has occurred to your hair that was once beautiful. A haircut which is too short isn’t enjoyable, but with the right mindset and attitude, one can get the most of the situation and enjoy your newly shorter hair. While you’re at it, make sure to practice proper hair care habits to help it get longer as fast as it can be.

If you’re asking us for our advice, then the most undesirable type of haircut is the bad combover. Most of us are not a fan of such haircuts, especially when there is only a small strip of oily, stringy hair that can only cover a small portion of a bald area. It seems that such combover hairstyles are intentionally cut which is why we aren’t discussing them in this article.

A “bad haircut” refers to a haircut that you might not or might have requested. In any case, when you had your haircut, you may stare in disbelief at the reflection of your face in the mirror, and wish you could have pressed Control-Z for the last 30 minutes of your life. Fortunately the hair will grow back. However, until then, what can you do to salvage the haircut mess that you just experienced?

Too Short Haircut

It’s likely the most commonly seen “bad haircut” that people experience. If you’ve never received a haircut which was excessively short in your life, then we would like to talk with you and you can share your tips with us. Because the majority of us would certainly have received a bad haircut that turned out shorter than expected. Perhaps you weren’t explicit and clear enough regarding the length. (We know of a lady who desired long bangs “over her eyebrows”. The lady was referring to long bangs which would cover her eyebrows. The hairdresser misunderstood that ‘over’ to mean “above” the eyebrows. She certainly wasn’t impressed.

Perhaps you believed that something might flatter you but that in reality it’s not. Maybe the hairdresser you’re working with is exceptionally scissor-happy or doesn’t fully understand your language. Whatever the reason, extremely short hair can be disastrous.

If this is the reason that makes you unhappy after a visit to your salon, you have a quick solution: get hair extensions for your hair! There are a lot of high-quality extensions available which blend seamlessly into your hair. In addition, it will provide you with an additional length. They are also available in a variety of shades, making it appear like you have a beautiful balayage in your hair.

If you’re interested, why not look up cute hairstyles that are suitable for short hair? Although it may not be the hairstyle you had originally desired to have, there are still plenty of stunning hairstyles that can look great on those with short hair. Who knows? You might be awed by the new short hairstyle enough that you’ll end up requesting the shorter hair length from now onwards!

Uneven Cutting or Layer

If you’ve never known anyone who has uneven hair before, then we will need to meet you, as we cannot say the same. In the event that your hair is extremely curly, the uneven layers may not be a big problem. However, if you have straight hair or ironed your hair often, you’re in trouble. (Don’t claim that you’ve never cringed when you witnessed someone who has several clumps of hair that’s slightly longer than the other part of their hair.)

If your haircut caused you to have a long-lasting or short-term fear of hairdressers, we’d recommend you to move on and get over it. The best method to get the uneven layer corrected is to engage a professional hairdresser who can even out the layers for you. Yes, you may need to get a new haircut. (You may need to go to another hairdresser this time.) You can also conceal the bad layers haircut by wearing braids or buns.

Front Layers Too Short

Have you ever received a haircut in which the top layers are cut simply too short? If you’re someone who prefers wearing your hair tied back, then this could be irritating. If your front layers were trimmed too short in error, you may try wearing your hair higher than what you normally do. This could let them reach into your ponytail. If they don’t really fit, will it be a good idea to ask your hairdresser to trim your bangs? In addition to solving the issue, you’ll now have the chance to change your look! If you are young enough to rock a hairband, this could work well to maintain those shorter layers back.

Layers Too Long 

As we have clients who had extremely short layers which did not fit into their pony by their previous haircut. They kept emphasising to their hairdresser that they needed longer layers. It kind of worked and the hairdresser did not cut their layers too short again. However, the hairdressers cut their layers too close to the tips of their hair and it was difficult to be able to see them. If your hair isn’t sporting much body to start with and it has to depend on hair layers that give it life and excessively long layers could also result in a bad haircut.

However, there are simple solutions. First, you could always have some short layers incorporated into your hair. If this isn’t within your budget and you’re not comfortable asking your hairdresser to cut more layers, you can always find other alternatives. Again, do your research. There are many hairstyles that look stunning with no layers and much more attractive, actually! For instance braids. When we have clients with shorter layers that would be sticking everywhere when they braided their hair. When you have longer layers, your braids will lie perfectly flat and smooth.

Too Short At The Back and Too Long At The Front

We have a client whose hair was cut this way because the hairdresser cut her back hair way too short. She panicked and requested the hairdresser to keep cutting her hair longer. Hence the hairdresser cut her front hair longer than my back, exactly like she had asked. Don’t request this. Just don’t.

A good method to correct a hair that is too long at the front and too short at your back, is to achieve an even length. You also have options to wear extensions at the back so that it is the same length as your front. If the difference isn’t too significant it is possible to pin your hair backward, making it appear to be shorter. If that doesn’t work you can wear it with a hairstyle which hides the difference in length such as messy buns.


Bad haircuts, such as having run out of hot water or being infected with strep are unpleasant but inevitable events in life. It will certainly make you feel distressed when it happens but please try to stay cool and calm. You’re no longer in high school and maturity helps you deal with bad haircuts better. In addition the hair will grow back and you’ll be able to fix your length and layers soon enough. In the meantime there are still several ways you can have your bad haircut corrected. It could take some imagination or even a little bit more snipping, but soon you’ll look better than you did when you started with!