Do you desperately need to give body and volume to your fine hair?

Large barrelled curling Irons, or hot rollers, are great for this. However, there’s a problem. They can lead to heat damage in fine hair. We all know too much heat is bad for our hair. When we say heat damage, it means split ends, excessive breakage, and hair that tangles or knots badly. You can also have dull, unattractive hair.

Velcro rollers are often regarded as Guardian angels for dull and lackluster hair. That is why we hope to share more information on how to use Velcro rollers. The Velcro rollers can be used for fine hair, but not endangering the hair of fine-haired women. Use a trick you didn’t know. You may want to try it if you don’t know about it yet.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make Velcro rollers more effective.

They can also help avoid some of the most serious errors made by these curlers.


Let’s get started with the…

velcro hair roller

Seven Unbreakable Rules for Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair

First, let us get the cat out of the bag.

You can achieve heatless curls without heat by using this easy hack. To set fine, long and straighter locks, you only need to use a very small amount of heat from your blow dryer. Below are some guidelines to help you add volume and soft glamour to your finer tresses by using Velcro rollers.

#1. The longer Hair, The Bigger the Roller will be.

Why? More hair means more rolling space. The tradeoff is that curly curls are less durable when the rollers get bigger.

#2 Want Extra Hold? Hair Spray before you Roll

Why: Hairspray provides a bit more texture which will help to achieve lasting volume.

#3 Keep It Tight, Tension Helps

This creates a smooth and polished finishing. Pin curl clips can be used to secure and maintain this tension. If you’re not familiar with these tiny gems, these are the ones to look for.

#4 Turn on a blow dryer to heat things up before you start rolling

Why: The heat sets the curl. For best results, you will need the heat if your hair is fine. We can’t stress this enough.

#5 Keep the Hair Ends on the Rollers in a Clean and Tidy Condition

Why? You don’t want any wonky situation going on with the hair ends at the rollers. Give them some roller love and loop them smoothly and gently over the roller. So they’ll be more polished and well-shaped, rather than in a snarled and crimped manner.

#6 Anchor rollers placed with a clip

Why: It’s again the tension thing.

Tip: Try not to grab too much hair on any one roller. You won’t see the results you are looking for. Don’t waste your time trying to be quick and think you are good enough.

#7 Lockdown the Look With Hair Spray

Why? Optional, but a nice finishing touch to secure for all your hard work. Next, let’s go through 13 more tips for the Velcro rollers.

velcro hair roller

Thirteen Must-Know Tips

So, here’s the deal. Here are some dirty tips to help you get the most out of Velcro rollers for your fine hair.

Tip #1: When blow drying your hair, flip your hair upside down by bending down. Doing this will give you the opportunity to add volume and style before the rolling starts.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to dry your hair straight before you roll it. Your round brush can be used to pull the section upwards above your head. This will make your hair feel nice and warm.

Tip #3: Once you’ve rolled your hair, see whether if it helps to blast your rolled hair from the front or back. Each side should be done for five seconds. Remember to attach the nozzle to the blow dryer. By doing so, you can have greater control over where heated air is going.

Tip #4: It’s better to roll the Mohawk section first. Otherwise, it can be tricky to blow dry in close quarters and work with rollers in position. Rollers can be pulled out of place if the brush gets too close to them.

Tip #5: A second advantage to pining the rollers in position is: It will prevent you to accidentally loosen the ones that have been rolled up in position.

Tip #6: A Mohawk tip. The section should be the same width (or slightly less) as the used rollers. This prevents you from overloading the rollers. This will keep your hair from falling down the “sides”.

Tip #7: By over-directing the roller a little, you can squeeze out every last bit of lift.

Tip #8: It may be that you find the best way to manage your hair is to wrap it around the roller by applying more tension.

Tip #9: Skip conditioner if you are having trouble creating a long-lasting volume and body for your hair. (For sure avoid deep conditioning.) Why? It can also cause your locks to be weighed down, making it difficult to lift off. Moreover, just the shampoo alone without conditioning will result in the hair cuticles to rough up for style and hold. This is great for those days when you have to “Velcro-up”. Because your hair isn’t as soft or slippery, the rollers will be more effective at keeping it in place.

Tip #10: Next day hair usually has more oil and grit. It’s a better candidate than other hair types for holding curls or bends and is therefore better suited for Velcro rollers.

Tip #11: Try a silk pillowcase if you hope to extend the look for two days. It might hold everything together over night, keeping you from getting frizzy hair when you wake up.

Tip #12: If your time is short, you can turn on the cool shot button to speed up cooling down. It will take you 10-15 minutes to do it otherwise. Or, enough time to do your makeup.

When your hair cools, it will be set. It means your hair has all the lift it needs so you don’t need to leave the rollers in any longer.

Tip #13: Use a volumizing hair spray to seal the deal. Spray it directly into the roots region. Lift the hair sections up so that it can reach the roots.

Finally, we are aware of people who are worried about Velcro rollers ripping out their hair. Or have had a terrible experience taking them out. You are more knowledgeable than us about your hair and should never use them if they cause breakage. There is no style or look that is more important than losing your hair.

Instead, try using flexirods and socks or any other method that will allow your hair to cool down and set eventually. This tool may be more suitable for you.

It is possible to avoid problems by putting these in correctly in the right place with the right procedures. Since getting tangled is such a deal breaker for many, let’s take a look at the three most common mistakes people make that can lead to it.

Do you want to know how to remove Velcro Rollers

It’s a good idea to keep your eyes open! It all begins with making sure they are put in correctly in the right place. Okay, so if your hair becomes tangled in rollers, it’s likely that you made one or all three of the following mistakes.

Too Small Roller is being used

It is too small if it must roll more than a few times to grasp all your hair. This will increase the risk of your hair getting tangled.

Conversely, bigger rollers require that you roll your hair fewer times. Your hair is less likely to get stuck or tangled if the roller is larger.

This means that a one-inch or larger diameter roller is a good rule, except if your hair is short. This rule of thumb can assist in preventing rollers from getting stuck with your hair.

Improper Section Sizes

If your hair section width is bigger than the strands of roller, it will cause the hair ends to fall off the sides easily.

Because hair falling out can cause it to get caught in other rollers, you don’t want this. You won’t see much advantages from the roller.

If you are sectioning, be neat and clean. Ensure that the hair section width is similar to the roller.

Did Not Clip the Rollers in Position!

The Velcro rollers that are unclipped do not always stay in position where you place them.

We know they should. But they can sag, drop or slip.

They can also come into touch with other rollers. This is when tangling problems could occur.

Pin curl clips like the one connected to abovementioned can be clipped for so little money that there is no excuse for not making good use of them

You should take a few extra minutes to ensure they are secured in the position where they have been put. It can make all of the difference in getting them out.

Now, let’s say you want to remove them.

Instead of rolling them up when you remove them, try this:

  • Begin at bottom. The bottom part is essential. This ensures that no voluminous hair gets caught underneath the rollers when released.
  • Grab hold of your roller with both your hands.
  • Slide/Pull out from the roots toward the hair ends.

Viola! Volume. Bouncy. Voluptuous. Soft.