We believe many of you who have tried a keratin treatment will feel that life will never be the same, especially for those who are having curly hair. However, the idea of saying goodbye to the curls for next 3 to 5 months may tug at hearts for many curly haired ladies, but the appeal of having a low maintenance straight and smooth hairstyle was also too attractive to pass up. 

Nevertheless, have you ever received the keratin treatment, but aren’t sure if it’s the result you expected? We have terrible news for you as there’s surely no easy method to eliminate the keratin in your hair. When we say fast it means that you won’t be getting it out of the hair in hours, let alone days. With luck it will be possible to finally end your relationship with it in just less than a month.

We’ll give you a couple of tricks to accelerate the keratin eradication process to remove the coating of keratin protein from your hair more quickly. However, first we’ll tell you how we came across these little tips.

We have clients with curly hair. They have decided to live their wish of a life long dream of a straight-haired and forever happy woman, which means, they wanted to get rid of their gorgeous curls through straightening them using keratin treatment. In the end, a small handful of them regretted their decision after realising that they looked unnatural with the keratin straightened hair. They felt their essence and soul was lost, and they would like to return with their curly hair. Can you believe it? Keep going, as this is what we are going to reveal:

Four Tricks to Get Rid of Keratin from Your Hair in Less than One Month


Let’s commence from the beginning. Keratin is a type of protein that is present in our hair and body naturally and due to various reasons, like environmental conditions, it is lost very gradually.

The keratin treatment can be applied to hair to replenish the protein that has been lost on the hair. However, it also can also help to prevent the frizziness of hair and smoothen every hair’s fibres.

The objective of this popular keratin treatment is to smoothen and straighten hair. This is why the hair is coated in this keratin product for some time. During that period, the keratin saturated the cuticle like armour. Then, flat iron is methodically used on the keratin treated hair afterwards.

The objective behind this keratin process was that the product stays on the hair’s surface to achieve the straightening and smoothening results for at least 3 month. It’s as simple as that. It’s not a full-on mask you can wear and take off whenever you’re feeling like. 

This is referring to chemicals that in various ways are designed to alter regardless of whether it is externally or internally, the hair’s structure.


Let the battle start!

Do not try to avoid the water in your hair! 

Wet it, then wet it, then wet it again. It is recommended to shampoo your hair more frequently. Or are you able to take the chance to spend a few hours on the beach? Take advantage of it, and enjoy diving into the waves whenever you want to. This mechanism also means that you can stop the keratin to continue to take its effect within the internal portion of your cuticle. 

Perform physical exercise and with every drop of sweat, Keratin’s structure will be clearly affected. 

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You can experiment with different hairstyles on the very first day following the treatment. 

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It is possible to braid it, tie it up into ponytails, or use various bows, and even clip it, all on your keratin treated hair. The more you work with your keratin hair the more you’ll impede the keratin from getting any penetration and acting within it.

Embracing the Sulphate and Sodium Chloride shampoos.

We will never have imagined that we’d think of something like this, but it’s evident that the keratin sulphate shampoos are now your new best friends. Because sulphates are nothing but detergents or surfactants, which eliminate the hair’s product. Be careful not to take it too far, as If you do, on top of taking out the keratin you’ll strip your hair and leave it less hydrated than the straw broom.

Make sure to wash your hair with these sulphate shampoos at least 3 times per week. It is recommended to alternate with products that have a higher alcohol content, such as hair curling mousse or shampoos that have the highest salt content as they possess an aggressive quality that could dissolve and remove the keratin that is present in your hair.

While there isn’t any research-based evidence to suggest that sulphate cleanser could negatively impact keratin straightened hair. Although hair experts would recommend use of only shampoos that are sulphate-free after undergoing keratin treatments.

The majority of shampoos contain sulphate, and are not suitable for hair treated with chemicals. The cuticle in processed hair is easily lifted because of the effects of harsh lathering agents that results in dryness and look of frizz. Sulphates will also remove protein from hair. Numerous experts believe that the strong Sulphates, such as sodium laureth sulphate could drastically reduce the lifespan of keratin treatment and contribute to frizzy appearance. Hence the aggressive cleaning action of sulphate detergents can strip the keratin from your hair

Sodium Chloride is utilised in hair shampoos to act as a hair thickening agent due to its ability to increase the liquids thickness of personal care products. However sodium chloride does have the potential to open the cuticle, which pulls the moisture and keratin proteins away from the hair. Hence the effects of salt can also drastically affect the effectiveness and duration of the keratin treatment you are receiving. Anything that can open the cuticles must be avoided following a treatment with keratin.

The sodium chloride isn’t a toxic substance, and even certain organic shampoos could include salt in the product’s label. If your hair is keratin straightened chemically be sure you use a shampoo that is free of sodium chloride. products for hair do not contain sodium chloride.

Remember that salt water is also a source of sodium chloride, which can adversely alter the keratin treatment that you’ve received. Hence frequent swimming in the sea can be an effective way to expedite the removal of keratin from your hair. 



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