This question is a challenging one to answer since hairstylist/client relationships range from being casual to become personal. While you may not know how meaningful your relationship with your hairstylist is, there are several suggestions we can give you to assist you in moving through this article.

In the first place, when you do not plan to ever go to your hairstylist again, and it happens that you are not very close to your stylist, it is entirely reasonable not to reschedule after you go for your last hair appointment. This way, you could move on without giving them any notification. You do not have to notify them that you no longer want to work with them anymore, since, at times, this may become hurtful.

Suppose you wish to have a different stylist attend to your needs at that same particular salon. In that case, this issue is a much sensitive one, which will involve other people and more vulnerable feelings. If this is the situation, the best thing here is to have your hairstylist know what you plan to do, being fully aware that you could have their feelings hurt. Put yourself in their position and think of the best way to approach this problem. If you have a hair treatment booked with the new hairstylist, the thing here is that you may encounter an awkward situation to run into your former hairstylist in that same salon. To make matters worse, this could further be uncomfortable for the new hairstylist.  People would most normally approach the change of your hairstylist from a professional perspective; however, this is not always how things pan out.

Thus, it is essential that if you plan to switch your hairstylists, let the salon know your reason for this in a respectful and precise manner. An example of approaching this problem is to let them know that you want someone with a different artistic approach to work on your hair. Hair designers are artists, and each hairstylist has a unique style. When you say that you want a different style and are looking to see what a different stylist could do on your hair is something that your hairstylist can understand; however, you could still hurt people’s feelings.

It is recommended that you picture yourself in your stylist’s position and play it out in your mind first to determine the best action. It is essential to be professional and clear while getting your point across to the stylist at the same time.

Another similar scenario that you could find yourself is to have a friendly relationship with your stylist, while not liking the style they do to your hair. In such situations, the most excellent way of improving things is to let them know you have a different result in mind. This way, they will work to give you something close to your preference. Hairstylists cannot read people’s minds; therefore, if you can communicate more, things will improve. Furthermore, it would be best if you had faith in your hairstylist to give you the best haircare, styling routines, product usage, hair texture, and so on. This way, they will ensure they set up your hair to become a successful one!

Generally, the best way to approach a tough conversation, is to be clear and honest, even though this could appear more complicated than just treating the person like a ghost. We know that that we would expect our client to tell us themselves rather than punishing ourselves with the thoughts of what we could have done to get them offended.