If your hair doesn’t hold any curl regardless of the way you use your curling iron, do not fret as you’re not the only one. You may not be aware of what to do with a curly iron, and that’s perfectly normal. There are a variety of elements that go into successfully curling your hair, such as making use of the correct styling products and determining the ideal temp for your type of hair and ensuring your hair’s overall health. This article will advise on the best way to utilise a curling iron, or curling wand to get the most effective results. Below are their suggestions as well as helpful pictures.

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1. Begin with hair that is dry.

It is best to start with completely dry hair prior to using an iron for curling flat iron and the curling. Putting any type of heat to hair that is wet will be more painful in comparison to when the hair is dry as the cuticle is exposed and as fully open. It’s going to be damaged more when it’s damp. Hot tools–including blow-dryers, can cause your hair to become weak. However, curling irons direct heat on your hair, which is the reason why you should not use them on moist or wet hair. Making sure your hair is as healthy as it can be is crucial to getting curls, and we’ll explore the following.

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2. Do not use a curling iron to damage hair.

It’s possible that your hair is difficult to style if your hair is damaged. Hair is composed of proteins that are held together with disulfide bonds. (These are extremely strong chemical bonds that help keep the protein in place strongly.) In healthy hair they are not broken. However, certain elements, such as bleach, sunlight and hot tools as well as hair dyes can weaken the bonds , and cause them to break. If this happens hair gets damaged and doesn’t hold curls and it will just lie there. Think of it as hay that has been burned. It will be frazzled and it’s not able to hold its form. If you find your hair feels frizzy or dry then it normally means that the hair could be damaged. Another serious indicator? Split ends. This is why we’re going to the following tip…

3. Avoid using the hot tools every day.

It’s no secret that heat strips hair’s natural oils and causes it to dry. It is advised to use heat tools on alternate days. If you would really have to use a curling iron on a daily basis then you should consider alternative ways to ensure your hair is healthy, like air drying the hair instead of blow drying when you can or drying your hair with a towel .

4. Choose the appropriate dimension and kind of curling iron, wand etc

The different sizes of the irons produce various curl styles. For instance an iron with a 1.25-inch barrel will give you soft curls that are bigger in size, while smaller barrels of 1 inch can give smaller curls. Make use of a curling wand when you’re looking to achieve tighter curls towards the end and beachy, tousled waves with bigger curls root near the roots. Curling wands also offer a benefit over curling irons; they don’t leave any hair with marks from clamps.

Soft Voluminous Curls = 1.25″ Barrel

Tighter Ringlets = 1″ Barrel

Beach Waves = Curling Wand

5. Make sure you set your curling iron to the lowest temperature setting if you are able to.

Always try to apply the lowest amount of heat as much as possible. It’s the rule of thumb to keep your tool under 400 degrees. Of course, every person’s hair is unique. In general, those who have fine hair need less heating in order to curl their hair, compared to those who have thicker hair. It is possible to alter the temperature of many curling irons however, not all of them have this option. If your device comes with this feature then it is recommended to curl your hair using the lowest setting of the iron. If your hair does not curl at that temperature setting, gradually increase the temperature until it does.

If your device is limited to one setting for the heat temperature, it is possible to get the temperature information from the website of the manufacturer or on the packaging. It’s important to be sure that you’re using a heat styling protectant product that’s compatible with the tool you’re using.

6. Always employ a heat protectant.

A heat protectant could act as a shield between your hair and the hot tools you are using. There are several products that can be used on dry hair or wet hair prior to blow drying. Before any products are used, you should review the directions to make sure it’s suitable for your particular needs, hair type, hair type, or hot tool. Reading the fine print is the key. For instance, a product that protects only temperatures up to 300 degrees will not be as effective if the curling iron’s temperature is set to 400 degrees. While we’re talking about the protection of heat, it’s recommended to wear gloves that protect against heat to ensure your fingers are safe, particularly if you’re using the curling tool.

7. Sectioning your hair to achieve the look you wish to create.

Let’s discuss the process of parting. It’s a seemingly minor detail, but the way the hair is parted can impact the final style. If you want volume, you’re going to take a horizontal section and curl while doing the root lifting. use a vertical section But if you want a wavy look. Those who have thick hair are able to curl their hair by using 1 inch sections at a time. For those with medium or fine hair types can make use of 1.5-inch of hair sections.

8. Do you try curling the hair in several different directions?

The results you get will vary depending on the direction the hair is curled. If you curl only in one direction, your hair will blend totally. It is well recommended to alternate the direction of every curl in order to give your hair a tousled look. If, for instance, in one section, if you curl your hair away from you, then try changing it by switching to the opposite direction subsequently.

9. Learn to hold the barrel correctly.

If you’re using the curling wand it is advised to hold it vertically with the narrowest ending pointed downwards. You can also hold the curling iron in various directions, depending on your preferred outcomes. As mentioned, hold it horizontally when you’re seeking more volume at the base or vertically if you wish to make loose curls.

10. Make use of this clamp to your roots.

It is suggested that you keep the clip open when curling your hair on the rod of the curling iron. Therefore, if you are curling you hair starting from the ends of your hair all the way to towards the top, you’ll need to secure the clamp close to your roots. The clamping at the end of your hair, and then rolling upwards towards your roots will increase the chance of getting marks from the clamp on your curls.

11. Be careful not to pull on your curls.

It is recommended to hold the curl on the iron barrel for 5- 8 seconds but do not hold it for longer than that.. After that, you can cup the curl with your hands for another three to five seconds till it cools down. Do not pull the iron and let your curl fall out or pull at your curls. This can cause stretching of your hair and curls will lose their shape.

12. Hairstyles to be done when you’re cool.

It is also important to be patient and allow your hair to cool completely before you grab a brush. Setting your curls first will help your style last longer.

13. Make sure to apply hairspray.

Hairspray is essential to maintain your hairstyle and it is advised using hairspray once your hair has curled since it keeps your hair bouncy and soft.

14. Make sure to wash the curling iron thoroughly.

Make sure to clean your iron at the end of each use to prevent dark residues that build up within the crevices. Use the wet cloth to clean away the build-up of the product when the device is cool and not plugged. It is highly caution against using alcohol as it could cause damage to the device.

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Steps to Curling Your Hair 

The art of styling your hair, although it is something you want to do each morning, it can be a challenge at times and there are numerous tools and methods available for you to try out the different hairstyles. If you’re a novice it may be overwhelming and daunting. However, it’s a good idea to get out of your normal routine to explore something new every now and then. Making the effort to use a curling iron could be the ideal choice for you. If it’s for an important occasion or just changing your regular hairstyle, this guide will help you get started on how to curl your hair for novices.

Step 1: Preparing the hair

Before you begin the curling process, you must begin by preparing your hair. There are some steps you can do to ensure the best possible finishing outcome when you’re done. The first thing you need to do is to comb or brush your hair and ensure that you’ve managed to get rid of any matting or tangles within the hair. This will make it much easier to break your hair into sections, and your curls will come out much more smooth.

Step 2: Separating the hair

The next thing to do prior to making the decision to take the actual curling iron on is to split your hair into sections. You should be logical and methodical regarding this in order to get an attractive finishing. The most effective method of hair sectioning would be to form one section across the front, and a smaller section in the back and then splitting the middle section of hair into two halves. When you are ready to begin the actual curling process, the sections you will be taking are smaller than this, but those four sections you create here can guide you as to how you can curl your hair, which we’ll soon learn about.

Step 3. Curling the hair

Finally, you are able to begin to curl your hair. This is when the method becomes more technically advanced. There are three basic techniques for curling your hair that you can employ and they differ depending on the kind of curling iron you’re using and we’ll show you how to use each one:

Straightener Stylers

When you’re working with a hair straightener that can also be used in a way as a curling iron. It is best to begin by placing your hair inside the straightener in the same way as should if you were trying to straighten it. When you’re pulling an iron through your hair strands, you can gently create a twist with your hands to ensure that the hair wraps completely around a single side of the iron, and then sticks back out at the bottom.

Use a curling tong

Curling tongs, also known as irons equipped with clips, make an excellent hair device if you’re worried of burning yourself and they offer a safer experience in this particular aspect. All you have to do is clip down the ending of the hair, and then close it before wrapping the hair all around the tong by twisting your hands around. Twisting more would result in the higher up of the hair and the curl will begin.

Utilising a wand

Finally, curling wands are extremely simple to use. All you have to do is by holding the wand in front of you before wrapping the hair around it and holding it for a couple of seconds. You’ll need to test the amount of time you need to hold, and then gradually increase it until you have the perfect time that is suitable for your hair’s texture, as it’s different for every person.

When curling your hair, make sure you start with the back section first, and then curl every side and then finish with hair in the front section. In the sides, generally, it looks better when you curl your hair away from your face since this will create a more flattering and attractive frame.

Hence, now you’ve learned the best way you can curl your hair, you’ll be able to be confident about getting ready for any event ahead. It’s crucial to protect your hair when you are using the heating tools.