Grey and silver hair is becoming quite fashionable because of its sultry and smoky colours that aren’t only for the more mature generation!

Do you have grey hair and want to find a solution to make it more vibrant and shiny?

It’s time you learned about purple shampoo, the simple trick for boosting your colour and keeping grey hair cool. But is it really effective? Here is all the information you want on the use of purple shampoo on grey hair.

Which is purple shampoo?

The name “purple shampoo” accurately describes what it is: a shampoo that is purple in colour.

It is intended to make grey, silver, and blonde hair appear brighter and more vivid by removing unwelcome yellow and brassy tones.

Purple shampoo neutralizes any unwelcome yellow or brassy tones in the hair, leaving you with lustrous locks that seem to have just had colour treatment.

It all has to do with colour theory and colour correction, which is the study of how opposing colours cancel one another out.

For example, violet and purple hues can give silver hair an icy or platinum finish, while a blue base tone makes blonde hair appear more natural and cool-toned.

To illustrate what we mean, view the hair colour wheel below.

hair colour wheel

What effect does purple shampoo have on grey hair?

Grey hair may sometimes develop a yellowish tinge that appears grubby, old, and downright disgusting.

Fortunately, purple shampoo may enhance the soft grey undertones in your hair and restore its natural cool tone.

Although a lot of people mistakenly believe that purple shampoo only works on blonde or silver hair, it is also quite good at eradicating unwelcome yellow tones from grey hair and even brown hair.

Purple shampoo may be the best choice for you if you’re going grey or simply want to refresh the colour a little.

Additionally, utilizing a toning product like purple shampoo helps keep your grey hair appearing fresher between colour sessions!

grey hair

Purple shampoo for grey hair: how to use it.

You should only use your purple shampoo once a week at most to achieve the greatest benefits.

A dime-sized quantity should be applied to wet strands and massaged into a lather. After five minutes or less of contact time (any longer might result in an ashy tone), rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Use a conditioner made particularly for coloured or grey hair as a follow-up to help seal in moisture, prevent dryness, and keep your hair looking smooth and shining all day!

Watch and discover: How to use purple shampoo on hair that is white or grey

Here is a fantastic video that demonstrates when, how, and how frequently to use purple shampoo to maintain the vibrancy of your colour.


  • Applying purple shampoo
  • Apply a dime-sized quantity of purple shampoo to damp hair and distribute it evenly.
  • After no more than five minutes after application, rinse it out.
  • Apply a conditioner made especially for coloured or grey hair as a follow-up.
  • When going outdoors, use a cap or use products with SPF protection to avoid UV deterioration.


  • Applying purple shampoo
  • Use purple shampoo just once a week or less to avoid giving your hair an ashy tone.
  • Keep purple shampoo off of your hair for too long!

What kind of purple shampoo is the best?

The ideal purple shampoo will depend on your particular demands, hair type, and desired outcomes.

Purple shampoo FAQs

Why does grey hair become brassy and yellow?

Several factors may cause grey hair to have an unfavourable yellow or brassy tone:

Reason #1: Environmental factors

Environmental exposure to contaminants in the air or water, which leave an orange-yellow deposit on the strands, is one typical reason.

When oxygen interacts with certain compounds or environmental pollution, a residue known as “oxidation” results.

The good news is that oxidation may be readily eliminated with a clarifying solution like apple cider vinegar or a shampoo specifically made for colour-treated hair.

Reason #2: Hard water

Hard water, which includes calcium and magnesium ions that accumulate over time on the surface of the strands, is another typical cause of yellowing grey hair.

If you want to show off your magnificent silver hair, this build-up might make your strands seem dull and lifeless in addition to making them appear yellowish.

We wouldn’t advise using chelating shampoos or conditioners that include EDTA or citric acid on coloured hair, but there are solutions available that are particularly designed to fight hard water buildup!

Reason #3: Sunlight and UV exposure

UV radiation from the sun is another factor contributing to the yellow tint.

UV radiation from sunlight may harm your hair and eventually cause it to become brittle and discoloured.

Your gorgeous silver hair won’t change into an ugly shade of gold if you wear a cap outside or use a product with built-in SPF protection for further safety.

Reason #4: Hair dyes and chemical treatments

Grey hair may yellow from chemical treatments including perms, bleaching, and hair colours.

These procedures result in oxidative stress, which weakens the outer cuticles of each hair strand, making it easier for pollution, heat, and other environmental stressors to enter and discolour the hair.

Reason #5 Medications

Because of how certain drugs and medical procedures affect the scalp’s ability to produce melanin, grey hair may become yellow under certain circumstances.

If you think this is occurring to you, be careful to discuss alternative treatment options with your doctor, such as switching drugs or taking supplements like folic acid or biotin.

What happens if purple shampoo is used on grey hair?

Although using purple shampoo on grey hair may seem counterproductive, it may help keep the colour vivid.

The purple toning shampoo’s blue undertones work to balance out any yellow or orange tones that may be in your silver strands, making them seem more vibrant and lively. Just keep in mind that using too much of a good thing might cause your hair to seem brassy or violet in colour, so start with little quantities until you find the right quantity for yourself.

How frequently should I wash my grey hair with purple shampoo?

Use purple shampoo just once a week if you want to maintain your grey hair looking gorgeous and healthy. Purple shampoos may be quite drying, even though they are good at removing brassiness. Use them sparingly. You may need an additional session if your grey hairs seem more yellow or brassy than normal, but keep in mind that too much hair toner might be difficult to remove. So, be gentle!

How much time should purple shampoo be left on grey hair?

Generally speaking, keep the shampoo on for anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes before washing it out if you want to emphasize cold tones. Allowing the product to rest for 10 minutes can provide fantastic ashy effects if you need to enhance your colour in-between salon sessions.

Have fun playing with various methods and durations until you discover the ideal balance!

Are grey hairs made darker by purple shampoo?

Your grey strands won’t become violet, but they also won’t turn brown or black.

You’ll have a glossy sheen and any colours will be muted thanks to purple shampoo. If your hair was very brilliant or golden, it could seem darker and ashier.

Finding the ideal balance is crucial; avoid going overboard! Your current cold tones should be brought out and subtly neutralized.

Parting Words

Grey hair doesn’t have to be challenging to maintain! You can keep your beautiful silver tone without any more worry or work with only a few easy steps each week, using purple shampoo sparingly! Therefore, embrace the silver fox trend regardless of your age since you have all you need for silvery success! Later, your greys will appreciate it!