It’s a fact that bob haircuts are at the top of hairstyle request list for year 2021. While there are some contenders for the most popular haircut for 2021 (looking at the likes of the Mullet, XXL length, the Shag and even layers), bob hairstyle is holding its title for one more year, as we just can’t get enough of this cool girl haircut style.

Through the years there have been an endless contribution of ideas, versions and inspirations that have helped the Big Bob Energy. It’s not difficult to understand the reason why such a versatile haircut has landed as a top choice for us. However, with numerous iterations of the bob hairstyles available to pick from, we’ve narrowed down our top picks of hitters of the year.

The 1990s crop bob haircut

The insider’s scoop: the crop bob of the 90s was the cut that has the most competitive and popular search in google in 2021. Why? because it’s smokin’. Inspired by the  90s and infused by a touch of nostalgia as this is the cool-girl cut that everyone wants. A little shorter than your typical bob hairstyle, it’s more than just about hair length as it’s more about how it’s being cut. It’s not a very precise haircut. It’s more of a hacked cut, which means it’s trying to create the look of a haircut after six weeks instead of one day later. In essence, it’s supposed to have that sense of lived-in, so it’s possible to take a breather at the styling front.

The Boy-Friend Bob

Whenever these bob haircutters were asked about one particular cut that attracted our attention. The hairstyle was dubbed by Adam Reed, UK Editorial Ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel, as the “boyfriend bob”; it’s an oversized and more relaxed (or “blockier”) fit. It’s a bit like taking your partner’s T-shirt. “It’s a square outlined, shorter blockier bob hairstyle. What’s great about this is it can be ironed glossy and smooth to get it can be left looking tousled or looking super sharp. The boyfriend Bob is the coolest and most relaxed style anyone is going to be wearing in 2021.


The Polished Bob 

The polished bob is another of the most popular hair trends of the year: hair health. As most of us spent more time in the home due to covid (at the beginning of the new year) we were able to devote more time for hair oil, hair masks, serums and other treatments and this hairstyle is the result of all the effort. The secret is in the preparation rather than the styling . For attaining a sleek polished bob hairstyle, it is necessary to make sure you have a few products that will protect and nourish every strand to ensure a healthy shiny look. The sleek polished bob is most elegant cut, and it gives hair a look that is very healthy

The Airy Bob

Do your hair lack the oomph or root lift? The voluminous airy bob cut is a perfect illustration of how cutting can perform a significant amount of the work for you. A well-planned layering and shaping technique makes the bob so lightweight, full of volume and airy, it is defying gravity. In addition to an amazing lift spray. The airy bob can be described as your personal wind-mill type of haircut

The Italian Bob

Most of us are already big fans of the Brit Bob and the French Bob and, fresh off the back of Milan Fashion Week, earlier this year, we’ve been admiring the Italian Bob. It’s a little more glamorous than the rest and has the luxuriously, full-bodied, elegantly polished texturing that Italian fashionistas and film stars such as Monica Bellucci, are known for. Additionally, it’s slightly longer than traditional hair bobs – It’s short enough to turn heads but long enough to tie up. The Italian Bob is the lavish cut that you’re about be able to see everywhere. Long enough to tie up, yet short enough to be able to draw attention.

Outgrown Bob

If you’re not sure which way to go about growing your hair out or cut it short , and want to have something that is the perfect combination of the two options, consider the outgrown bob. It’s a wonderful middle-ground between short and still not being too short and there is versatility to create different hairstyles like updos. The outgrown bob is the ideal transitional cut for hair with longer lengths

Tucked Bob 

We are always looking forward to a spin on a timeless and tucked bob and it’s why it’s one of our top bob hairstyles for 2021. “This cute ’90s tucked-under bob hairstyle gives the ‘french girl bob’ a revival. The slender, more cheeky shape is edgy, gritty and yet super sweet. The bob cut that is tucked is the chic-girl hairstyle that gives a sexy, soft facial framing

The Bob with the Layers

Layered bobs are perfect for those who have a longer length but want to work your way towards cutting it shorter according to your own personal timeframe. Instead of blunt ends, consider elegant, feathered, soft and subtle finishing. What we love about the layered bob is that you can simply adjust the length to flatter your face shape and add a little texture around the base to keep it fresh. The layered bob haircut is an effortless and most comfortable way to transition from longer to shorter hair. It’s also gorgeous.

The fringed Bob

This is pretty much exactly what’s stated on the tin, however the fact that it’s so simple does not mean that the fringed bob doesn’t look stunning. Combining the two timeless styles, the fringe and the bob, both complement one another and elevate the individual elements to a new dimension. How adorable do they look together? Fringed bob haircuts blend two stunning cuts to make an iconic style

The Modern Diana Bob

Princess Diana was a iconic well-like figure throughout her life and continues to influence the current 2021 hair trends. The biopic, Spencer, is out already (Kristen Stewart will play the role of Lady Di) and the filming of season 5 of The Crown is underway, the modern Diana Bob hairstyle continue to be the talk of the town in 2021.  This ‘modern Diana Bob’ is the go-to hairstyles for those released from lockdown

The shaggy Bob

Similar to the fringed bob, this is a pair that’s made for each other. The Shag is among the major trends that has taken control in 2021. But, you can crop it above the shoulders and you’ll have the shaggy bob. Obsessed. Shaggy bobs are a relaxed summer haircut that we’re excited to get 

The Paper-Cut Bob

The best haircut to choose if you are looking for something meticulously precise and super sleek is the paper cut bob. The hair is cut in an incredibly sharp razor line and does not require any need for layers. It’s not just that this cut will always look chic and stylish, but it’s also an excellent way to reset hair, especially if you’ve worn long hair layers, or trying out an ombre or dip dyed end and create a stunning blank canvas. The ‘paper-cut’ bob the most stylish, chic and sleek option for summer haircut

The Soft Blunt Bob

Do you like the idea of bob hairstyles, however, do you still want to keep the casual look? The soft-blunt bob can be an ideal place to begin. The cut isn’t as harsh as the sliced super-straight blunt bob at the bottom ends, and is created to purposely look like it’s a bit worn. It’s a charming and relaxed look that’s easy to keep and cuts that provide additional texturing.