Hair color trends are ever-changing, and there’s a new dynamic haircolor trend out that’s brand spakin’ new that resembles the look of tortoise shell — it’s called Ecaille.

This technique is different from other haircolor staples like balayage and ombre – the golden highlights are paired with darker, rich caramel tones that add dimension and warmth to hair. The look incorporates shades of honey, amber, golden blonde, dark brown paired with gloss. The trend has been seen on celebrities like Jessica AlbaGiselle BundchenBlake Lively and Khloe Kardashian.

Like a tortoise shell, each one features different shades. This trend is similar. While some may choose to add a more amber or honey tones, others can opt for darker bases and golden strands. It’s a look that encapsulates varation – it’s based on a matter of preference.

Currently trending in Paris, you can recognize the trend by darker roots and lighter ends, but with a mix of balayage highlights throughout. The key is to focus on rich shades, creating dimension and some graduation of color (so that it doesn’t look like an ombre).