Underlayer hair colour or also known as underlayer hair colour has been raging the hair colour world for years. The underneath layer of the hair is dyed with different hair colours as compared to the top layer in this distinctive peekaboo hairstyle.

Amazing! But how can you tell whether this underlayer hair colour is right for you? What colour will you choose? How can you get the look at the home? You are reading the right article!

We recognize it might be challenging to know where to begin if this is your first time experimenting with an underlayer hair colour.

There are so many different colour combinations available! What is peekaboo hair? or the underlayer highlights? How exactly can you get such a look at the home? The whole thing may be pretty intimidating.

A stunning and distinctive underlayer hair colour that most people would love to adopt is black hair with icy blonde colour underneath. You may accomplish this unique peekaboo hair colour in several different methods, including at home or with the help of a colourist.

This article will share with you how to achieve icy blonde hair underneath dark hair using natural ways. Whatever method you choose, the final finishing results are very spectacular and certain to draw attention.

We will also provide some advice on how to keep your blonde highlights looking their best. Read on for more information!

blonde peekaboo highlights

How to create black hair with underlayer of icy blonde colour?

This hairdo has also been known as the “Peekaboo hair.” Peekaboo hair is a style in which the hair is styled such that only some areas of the head are visible from the front while hiding other sections from view.

This area of the hair is often dyed with a contrasting different colour. This may be accomplished by pinning the hair back away from the face or wearing it in a bun or ponytail, or both. Peekaboo hairstyles may be a terrific way to give your appearance some flair.

If your natural hair colour is dark, bleaching will be required to attain the desired results. A few techniques exist for achieving this white icy blonde hair colour.

One method involves using bleach to turn the hair pale yellow, then using a toner to take off the yellow and create the white icy blonde colour.

You need a brush, a bowl and hydrogen peroxide to bleach your hair. Blend the hydrogen peroxide and water using a bowl and stir until a light paste is formed. Using the brush, apply the paste to your hair and ensure that all the hair strands are being coated.

After applying the bleach mixture and leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and then properly rinse out the hair thoroughly. Your hair will have a paler hue. If you want your hair to be even lighter, repeat the bleaching process the second time.

A temporary hair dye that will be able to lighten the strands and turn it to be icy blonde colour is another option. Whatever technique you use, pay close attention to the labelled instructions to prevent damaging your hair.

It will be a lot easier if you have light blonde hair when you first start the hair colouring process. Just separate your hair into different sections and darken the top part of your hair.

For safe colouring, adhere to the dye’s instructions. To create a distinctive fashionable style, you may dye your hair in any colour!

Gather all of the required materials before beginning to colour the black hair with icy blonde underneath. This consists of gloves, a bowl, a brush, and hair dye. After that, blend the hair dye as instructed on the packaging. Use a bowl that is large enough to contain the dyes for the entire head.

Then separate your hair into four or five evenly spaced sections. Apply the dye to each part of the hair, being careful to coat every hair strand with dye. After letting the colour sit for 30 minutes, rinse it with cold water.

To keep your hair looking healthy and lustrous, it is important to condition the hair after washing.

Here is a formula utilizing products you usually have at home if you want to colour your blonde hair black using natural techniques. Mix one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of vinegar and two teaspoons of black coffee in order to colour black hair.

After applying the mixture to your hair, wait 30 minutes before rinsing it off. After rinsing it with cold water, style your hair as normal. To maintain your black hair colour, repeat this procedure every few weeks.

How to dye two colours into your hair without blending them?

You will require two different bowls and two different shades of hair dye to colour your hair with two different colours without blending them. Mix three parts of water and one part of the first hair dye colour in the first bowl.

Mix three parts of water with one part of the second hair dye colour in the second bowl. After that, separate your hair into sections of four, two on the bottom and two at the top.

Using the bowl with the right colour depending on where it is on your head, dye one section of your hair at a time. Ensure that the hair dye is applied uniformly throughout the hair, and then let it sit for the advised time before washing it off.

With the remaining three hair sections, repeat this procedure. You should have two distinct colours in your hair after thoroughly rinsing off the hair dye.

How to maintain black hair with icy blonde underlayer?

You must ensure that your hair is well moisturized and hydrated if you want to take good care of the coloured hair. Use a hydrating hair mask, together with a conditioner or moisturizing shampoo, to achieve this.

You may take care of your coloured hair in a few different ways. First, make every effort to prevent your hair from getting wet. If it does get wet, be sure to completely dry hair out before styling.

Additionally, you may want to refrain from using hot styling products like curling irons and hair dryers. Try to utilize the lowest setting if you must use them. To further shield your hair from the heat, add a heat-protectant spray or leave-in conditioner.

Last but not least, make an effort to manage your hair in a manner that puts the least amount of strain or stress on it, such as wearing it down rather than tying up in a ponytail.

Try to avoid using any harsh products or chemicals that can harm your hair. You should be able to maintain thick, healthy hair if you use these techniques.


Peekaboo hair: what is it?

The process of adding another colour to your base hair layer is known as “peekaboo hair colour.” The underneath of the hair colour will peek through the top layer of hair as you run the fingers through your hair resulting in a colour burst effect.

How many times must black hair be bleached before it becomes icy blonde?

It is quite uncommon to achieve the bleaching of black hair in one session, whether it is dyed or natural, and this is heavily dependent on the quality of the bleach powder that is used. You will often need to bleach it twice or more.


This new style of black hair with icy blonde underlayer is actually not that challenging to do at home and is likely to be done by most of us. We hope that using our advice will be helpful to you.

Although black hair with icy blonde underlayer may be challenging in terms of maintenance, with the appropriate care, it will continue looking healthy and bright. Never be hesitant to switch up your look!