Since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, it is tough for even the most positive people to remain optimistic. It is no doubt that we all need to treat this virus seriously as it has caused death, acute sickness and extreme long-term modifications to the way we live and function daily. Although many of our lifestyles may be altered, we are still very much hopeful that our routine life normalcies like visiting restaurants, throwing get-togethers with besties and having our self-care services will still be accessible in the long-run. One of those self-care services are, needless to say is going for your hair salon appointment. And as soon as these hair salons are up and operating again, nearly each of us will probably have a rude awakening (but hey, at least we are all in it together!). Continue reading for the six interesting hair struggles that most people will confront during this post-quarantine.


1. Grey Hairs All Over

Going gray. Woman shows her gray hair roots. Close up

Whether your grey hairs involve routine maintenance or you merely have grey strays that need attention, then these vexatious hair strands are going to be in full force coming May, if social distancing could possibly be accomplished. In the past, you might not have even realized you had this kind of issue, as your colourist had likely to manage it for you without you knowing every couple of weeks. Chin up, it is occurring to all of us!

2. Brassy Hair Colour

You are blessed if you do not dye your hair but those who do are in for a “treat” (sarcastically talking of course). Unless you are a neutral type of women, you most likely have hues of blonde, red or brown strands flowing throughout your ‘do. Following a month or longer, even the best shampoo cannot salvage these yellowish stains ruining your hair. Your hair is abruptly faded to this brassy hue that does not even exist in most hair colour wheel. Most of us are acceptable to seeing our natural hair roots growing out as the weeks passed during this lockdown but we will ponder what is causing these sudden brassiness through the hair lengths? Well, there are many causes which could results from hard water, mineral deposits, pollution and metal deposits from tap water, the buildup is continual.

3. Appointments Are Backed-Up for Long Periods

When you perceive that you are inching nearer to the other facet, you may realize that, oh, you are not the only one in this situation that has not had their hair done in weeks. You and everyone you know is on a waiting list to get a hair appointment. It might be weeks, even months, who knows! The jokes you’ve made regarding your split ends and greys are now making a critical turn, as you will be challenged to go outside facing your colleagues and friends with an unkempt mane.


4. Anxious on Salon Hygiene after Lockdown

After knowing that some of the wealthiest and healthiest people have contracted this coronavirus, we have been awakened that it could happen to anybody as it is extremely contagious. Hence, we maybe starting to get a bit obsessed about sanitizing everything like sitting at a seat that somebody sat , or have been aghast totally by accidentally wearing a robe somebody wore. And let us not even talk about sharing or recycling combs, brushes and other hair equipment. Time to come, for certain people, even doing their hair services in the most high-end salon will make them nervous.


5. No Clue for Hair Trends

So in one month time, you may have gotten a hair appointment with your hairdresser. However, we will all be losing track on the hair trends. After all, the fashion enthusiasts have also been missing in action for more than a month as well. Alright, so we have only two choices here: adhere to a tried and true simple and basic’do, or opt for something completely wild and sophisticated so that hopefully others may follow suit.


6. Hair Products are Out of Stock

By then, more brands will probably return to business and we will eventually (hopefully) receive the brands from different countries as they are bound to restock the inventory. However, with this in mind, there will be a very long waiting list of folks looking for similar kind of hair products especially those aiming for the same all-time favourite. Do not think for a moment that you will have everything you want at your fingertips. Moreover, given the impact that coronavirus is nipping at the global supply chains and businesses’ revenue, you might be disappointed that the costs of your favourite hair products may spike.