Try to guess what the highlights of ribbons look like. You’ll probably be right. These are hair-like ribbons that cascade down which are highlighted in an entirely different hue than the original colour. Because highlights are delicately painted on, they blend nicely with the natural hair colour so don’t be concerned about the chunky, starkly contrasted highlights from those of the 2000s and 1990s aren’t going to be around anymore. Highlights from ribbons are well contrasted and distinct shades from that of base colours, however they’re styled in a way that flows smoothly and adds movement and depth to hair. The effect of highlights created by ribbons is particularly beautiful when paired with waves that allow the ribbons to fall down and flow on it.

Like the balayage technique ribbon highlights add dimension and depth to hair. However, the highlights aren’t focused only on the ends of hair. The technique of ribbon highlighting is as follows: start with the solid base colour of your choice and then weave lighter shades through all of the hair into ribbon-like sections. The result is a stunning contrast between dark and light pieces that, when styled using curling irons, resemble ribbons! Instead of highlighting the hair being heavy at the end of the hair, lighter-coloured ribbons twist across the entire length of hair (whether you are sporting long or shorter hair).

Because this technique of highlighting involves colouring full-length hair starting from the grown-out roots until the ends of hair, it’s best to make an appointment with your colourists to achieve the desired appearance you want. Also, be aware that getting an appearance that resembles ribbons could need some highlights or lowlights. If your hair is light brunette shade or blonde you’ll need to mix in some darker hues to add some contrast. Like with all new hair colours, it’s going to be smart to include reference inspiration photos to give your stylist an idea of what you’re planning to achieve.

Ribbons highlights are a fantastic highlight technique to use especially in summer as they generally provide an element of warmth and create a warm appearance. If you’re not yet familiar with the art of hair highlighting it is possible to do them subtly using ombre effects or babylights. If you’re looking to find a new hair colour inspiration for your colourist , look no further than ribbon highlights. They’re just quite as gorgeous as they seem.

Face Framing Ribbons

To create a halo effect that brightens your face, opt for some subtle face framing ribbon highlights or “money pieces” that are positioned towards the side of your hair.


Irish Coffee

A dark-coloured base with cascading ribbons of lighter shades of bronde and brunette make the perfect creamy colour.


Sunkissed Ribbons

Aren’t these sun-kissed highlights reminding us of summer?


Espresso Base with Hazel Ribbons

Two varying tones ribbons give movement and dimension to the deep brown hair.


Cool Brunette with Bronde Babylights Ribbons

This colour scheme is full of trendy cool-tones shades and soft babylight ribbons.


Coppery Ribbons

These coppery, caramel-coloured ribbons are stunning when you have hair that has natural red undertone.


Rich Brunette with a Touch of Caramel

The rich chocolate brunette is brightened up by few subtle caramel ribbons which begin halfway through the flowy hair.


Root Beer

It’s not your soft drink you would sip when you were a kid. This fashionable hair colour blends dark brunette and warm red-toned ribbons, which are reminiscent of cinnamon.


The Ribbons are in Shades of Blonde

These highlights feature light and dark blondes, creating a live-in contrasting effect.


Ombre Ribbons

These ribbons are ombre in effect, ranging from a lighter, caramel brown to a nearly platinum blonde.


Golden Blonde Ribbons

These golden, shiny ribbon highlights are ideal to welcome warm weather.


Deep Cherry or  Burgundy Ribbons

Introducing these deep cherry or  burgundy ribbon highlights for black hair are subtle yet striking.


Rose Ribbons

Rose gold is one of the most popular hair shades, and rose gold ribbon highlights are the most recent trends to achieve the fabulous look.