Do you struggle to get rid of your curly hair’s crunchy feeling? Or maybe you fear using style products because you do not want your hair to become crunchy curly hair.

In such a case, you are not alone!

Yet, did you know that having crunchy curly hair is really rather simple to get rid of and that it might even be beneficial?

In this article, we will teach you how to get bouncy, curly hair by scrunching out the crunch. Learn more by continuing to read.

Why Curly Hair Becomes Crunchy

The cast that styling products leave on curly hair may cause it to become stiff and crunchy. It is known as a gel cast.

Your hair hardens when the gel or other style product dries in your hair, keeping the curl in place while your hair dries. This cast helps retain the curl pattern and prevents the curl pattern from becoming frizzy. This is advantageous because it locks in moisture and helps your hair dry with less frizz and more definition.

The problem is that many individuals do not realise or do not know how to remove this crunchy cast once their hair has dried.

Yet, it is fast and simple!

How to Eradicate Your Crunchy Curly Hair?

Scrunching out the crunch is the greatest technique to get rid of the stiff, crunchy hair sensation. Your curls will be softened with this fast and simple procedure in only one minute, leaving them bouncy, lustrous, and defined. The cast is easily broken, revealing gentle curls.

What Exactly Is Scrunch Out of The Crunch?

Scrunching out in the realm of curly hair, the phrase “the crunch” refers to scrunching your hair while it is in the crunchy cast to loosen the cast and soften the hair. SOTC is a common abbreviation for it.

To lessen frizz, increase definition, have a longer-lasting style, and have softer curls, SOTC is an essential component of any curly hair regimen.

How To Remove The Crunch

The precise methods to scrunch out the crunch are listed below.

  1. How to get your hair fully dry

Make sure your hair is really dry before you begin. It makes no difference whether you diffuse or air dry.

Breaking the cast before your hair is completely dry can result in frizz and perhaps flattened curls. Your hair may take hours to dry, so be patient or use a diffuser.

Put your fingers into the centre portion of your hair and push them together to see whether it is dry. It is probably still moist if it feels chilly or damp.

  1. You soften the hard cast by using your hands to very gently scrunch up your curls.

Most people carry out this activity with their bare hands, while other people choose to use an oil, conditioner, or mousse. In certain cases, if their hands are ineffective, folks may even use a silk scarf or t-shirt.

To smooth the hair, scrunch it up gently or employ the prayer hands technique. You will notice that the hair begins to soften as you scrunch it. While the ends are usually the toughest, you may need to concentrate more on the ends.

Flip your hair from side to side, front and back while fluffing your roots. Any bits that are wonky or frizzy may be finger coiled.

  1. Your hair has become bouncy and smooth without becoming crunchy!

This phase may be completed in under a minute or a few minutes, but it significantly alters your routine.

To see precisely how we scrunch out the crunch, watch the video below.

Ways to Prevent Frizz using SOTC

By scrunching out the crunch, some individuals sometimes get frizz.

Few things might cause this to occur:

  • Very aggressive while scrunching
  • The hair was not completely dried.
  • Employing a friction-causing product for SOTC
  • Lack of moisture in the hair
  • The styling product is not effective to have sufficient hold.
  • SOTC for too long.

Be gentle and refrain from doing this for too long a time. It may take less than a minute to SOTC. However, for those with thicker hair, it could take several minutes to SOTC. Try using an oil, conditioner, or silk scarf to SOTC if you still have frizz.

If it does not work, your hair could need extra hold or hydration. To identify the reason, try out different products to identify the reason.

Products To Scrunch The Crunch

Let us discuss some product alternatives so you can scrunch out the crunch.

These are only required if you cannot remove the cast with your bare hands or if you wish to utilise them for their additional advantages.

Oil To Scrunch Out The Crunch

Since oil may add shine and aid in definition, many individuals like to use it to scrunch out the crunch.

Jojoba oil and argan oil are two of the favourite products to use. Other oils, such as olive oil or avocado oil, are also options.

Just scrunch a little oil into your hair or smoothen it out like prayer hands with a few drops of oil on your fingertips. Go up from the ends starting from the bottom to the top.

An oil-based product such as a leave-in conditioner or hair serum may also be used.

To Scrunch Out The Crunch with Conditioner 

If your hair is dry, scrunching out the crunch with conditioner will help provide moisture and soften hair.

Using your hands like praying hands, apply a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner or ordinary conditioner on your hair. Go up from the hair ends and work your way up.

Water-based products like curl cream or custard might also be used.

To Scrunch Out The Crunch using Foam or Mousse

Your hair may get volume and dimension with the aid of mousse and foam. Since mousse does not weigh my hair down as many other products do.

A tiny quantity should be placed in your hands, which you should then scrunch up like prayer hands. Go up from the ends starting from the bottom.

To Scrunch Out The Crunch, Use A Silk Scarf

Some folks just want the additional friction of a different fabric to break the cast and do not want to apply more product.

Similar to how you would use a micro plop, you may scrunch up a silk scarf to aid in removing the gel cast.

Dozing Off in a Gel Cast

You may also just sleep with your hair pulled back; when you move about throughout the night, it will soften.

There have only been a few pieces that need to be softened in the morning.

We still advise using a hair buff and/or a silk pillowcase.

What Should You Do If Your Cast Would Not Come Off?

You may be applying too much product or your hair needs more moisture if you have trouble getting rid of the crunchy sensation.

Use extra creams and leave-ins below the gel to provide moisture. You may also use a gel or other style product that has more moisture and a softer grip.

This is another solution when styling wetter hair may aid since it dilutes the styling product.

In conclusion

Therefore be careful to scrunch out the crunch once your hair has dried if you want to prevent crunchy curls. You may get smoother, longer-lasting curls and less frizz with this simple approach. Have you already tried this approach? Tell us in the comments section below!