There isn’t much you can love about fizzy hair. It is neither silky nor sleek. It isn’t adorable, curvy, sexy or even curly. If you’ve got frizzy hair, there is no doubt that you will fear rain, perspiration or even humidity. This is because they can make such hair become wilder or even fuller. The good part is that there are some solutions to this problem. There are some secret tips on how to make your frizzy hair become smooth and shiny. It will also appear lustrous. 
The Basics
The very first thing that you will need to do is ensure that your hair – care regimen is examined thoroughly. There are times when less may be better when you’ve got frizzy hair. This means fewer processes and shampoos. Heat tools should be used less frequently. Fly – aways can be reduced through decreased fussing. Avoid activities like scrunching, ironing, blow drying and others since they can increase your chances of having frizzy hair. 
Below are some tips 
Trying different stuffs
It is important that you discover what is ideal for your hair. This becomes important when your frizzy hair isn’t improving with the current routine you are undergoing. Are you always showering during morning periods? You may have to try this during night periods. This means your hair will not be damp while you are trying to go out for the day’s task.   
After using the shower, you can try to apply more products to such hair than you often do. You can make use of different anti-frizz styling and conditioner products in order to know which particular one your hair is perfectly responding to. 
Pro Tip
Once you’ve applied an anti – freezing product, it is important that your hair is wrapped in a towel or T-shirt while you go to bed. You can get it unwrapped during the morning periods to find locks that are smoother. 
Moisturizing your hair 
Moisture is what every frizzy hair wants. If your hair isn’t getting proper hydration from moisturizing products, there is every chance that the air’s humidity is where it may be getting moisture from. This is an unpleasant source that may cause more harm than good in the long run. The results of this aren’t what you will love. Also, hair mask should be used weekly. Majority of the hair mask formulae will strengthen, revitalize and nourish your hair.
Short – term or long – term relaxers should be tried out 
This can help to smoothen your hair. In case you are always making use of your flat – iron while washing your hair, it is important you consider the option of hair-relaxing treatment (permanent). You can also make use of short term smoothers which can last up to around 6months. They are versatile smoothers which tend to offer various options. It could be straight, smooth or even sleek hair. The curls have got some lovely shine that anyone will admire.  
In case you want to make use of any of these hair treatments, ensure that your hair is in prime condition. This can be achieved through the use of moisturizing, hot oil treatment, and nourishing masks. In order to understand more about these treatments, it is recommended that you discuss with your stylist. Keratin treatment is one of them which is about a protein that contains high amount of amino acid. This is known as cystine. This acid ensures that the hair isn’t only strong but also elastic. Most people consider keratin treatments to be relaxers but they aren’t. Rather, they are a form of hair smoothening treatment through which a combination of hydrolyzed keratin is implanted into the hair cuticle. It is a process which is carried out by a hairdresser that is experienced. The keratin will get clung to your hair cuticle using a flat iron in order to have the hair strands loosened up. 
The sub-cuticle layer is where this is going to take place. Keratin treatment can be seen as a form of restorative treatment which can get the hair shaft reinforced thereby making it to be much stronger. Through it, uncontrollable hair will be mollified and softened. In a nutshell, it will make your hair not only become frizz – free but also smooth and shiny. Keratin treatments can be applied to various hair textures. 
It could be various types of ethnic hair, African American hair, curly or frizzy hair. In case your hair is too brittle or dry, it isn’t advisable to undergo keratin treatment. The same can be said of someone whose hair has been damaged due to excessive bleaching. Depending on your chosen keratin product, they usually last for about 3 – 6 months. Your lifestyle as well as home care products are also important factors. These are some of the most vital variables that will determine how long a keratin product will last on your hair when made use of. 
It can help when the right hydrating products are used
What you apply on your hair will always matter. If you would want to get a frizzy hair smoothened, make use of moisturizing conditioner and shampoo. These should be used together with products which have been manufactured for such purpose. Avoid salon grade products since they can complicate your situation. 
High quality shampoo should be used. Also, over washing should be avoided
If any product is beginning to build up in your hair, it is important you make use of a shampoo. You can cut such hair if the build up happens to be pretty bad. 
If the build up isn’t an issue, you can make use of a shampoo which contains organic oils or moisturizers. Cleansing conditioner can also do a perfect job. Too much shampooing should be avoided since it can make your hair lose natural oils. These usually fight against frizz hair. Frizz should be lathered up 2 – 3 times every week. 
For those days that may come in – between washing days, you are free to make use of baby powder or dry shampoo. This will help to ensure that oil is retained in frizz hair. Conditioner can also be used in place of shampoo while showering. 
The best conditioner should be selected 
It is important that you make use of a good conditioner for your hair. This will help to ensure that moisture is put back into such frizzy hair. You will need a condition which contains natural oils, protein and keratin. Natural oils seem more preferable to synthetic due to the fact that they can be easily absorbed by the hair. Conditioners that are protein – infused will not only manage frizz but also help in creating shine. On the other hand, synthetic silicon moisturizers will lie on top of your hair thereby making it appear unkempt.  
Anytime your frizzy hair is being shampooed, rinse – out conditioners should be used. After about 2 – 5 minutes, they should be washed out. Leave – in conditioners should be applied as instructed. 
It is possible to make use of a nourishing conditioner for touch – ups when your hair is frizzy. Ensure that the conditioner is watered down a little bit. After that, use the tip of your hand to get it applied to your hair. Such will make your frizzy lock appear shiny and smoother. 
Hairstyling products that are frizz taming should be used 
You have worked very hard to get the smoothness. You will need to ensure that it is maintained with the use of smoothing serum. Apply little on your palm and rub on your hair.  
Is brushing recommended or not?
The fact that hair contains numerous cells and 3 layers shows that it is very complex. The reason why it gets frizzy can’t be far fetched. The outer layer of your hair can be compared to shingled roof. Anytime your hair seems to be smooth, lots of overlapping layers are lying flat. These layers will be lifted once a brush is run through them. 
In order to complete this list, below are some tools you can use on your frizzy hair and also other tips which can be of help. 
Avoid brushing your frizzy hair anytime it is dry 
Due to the fact that the cuticle of your hair can be disrupted by brushing, it can make it prone to breakage. It can bring about such hair getting stretched. Before brushing, you can use a towel to clean it first. After that, get a little conditioner added. Alternatively, you can make use of an anti – frizz product. Make use of wet fingers if you want to get your hair combed. Using wet fingers to finger – comb can help prevent de – tangling. Also, frizz can be tamed. 
The ideal brush size should be chosen  
For those who have long or mid – length hair, medium round brushes are the best. If your hair is shorter, a small brush (round) should be used. Large round brushes should be avoided since you may find it very difficult working with them. Just as each section is being dried to smooth, the brush should be turned gently. Hairspray should be used for the finishing. It can also be Spritz.
Quality brittles should be chosen
If you make use of a flat brush to get your frizzy hair straightened while in the process of blow – drying, ensure that you are making use of a boar-bristle brush that is natural. It will help in carrying the natural oil of your scalp to every end. This will get the whole hair shaft moisturized and also reduce any form of oil build – up around the scalp. 
Frizzy hair should be over – processed
Coloring, straighteners, and relaxers will bring about brittleness and breakage. Hair salon products are what you should be using. Also, ensure that they have been produced by a hairdresser who understands all the needed formula to tame frizzy hair. Once services like these have been done, ask your stylist to make recommendations about deep conditioning as well as hot treatments. Also, ask about masks which can help in restoring moisture. 
Hot tools shouldn’t be over used
If you’ve got a frizzy hair, this is one tip that should always be remembered. The reason is simple as frizzy hair can be damaged by heat. Therefore, you may want to try as much as possible to ensure that the use of flat irons as well as curling irons is avoided. Heat sources should be limited to blow – dryer alongside a diffuser at all times. Also, avoid showering in extremely hot water for now. Anything that can get your skin burnt can also do the same to your hair. Ensure that your hair has been prepped with the use of heat – protectant spray when heat is being used. If you will be making use of any kind of iron, avoid using it on one particular place or spot for too long. 
Avoid blow drying all the frizzy hair 
If a blow dryer will be used for any reason, only get the roots dried out. This will prevent a situation whereby the frizzy ends and hair shaft get dried out. Just like above, heat-protective product should be used prior to getting it dried. This will help in retaining of moisture. Air dry styling creams can also help you get air dry look that is natural.