Wondering how your hair can grow faster? Allow the professionals from Hera Hair Beauty to show you their best hair growth tips!

  1. Set Realizable Hair Goals

You could be thinking your hair is not growing as fast as every other person’s hair, but in reality, hair growth requires some time. Scientists have stated that the average hair growth rate is roughly 0.5 inch in a month, depending on your type though. Fragile, curly hair grows does not grow as fast as thick, straight hair does. Always implement strengthening masks such as we have in our own Hera hair salon for revitalizing those fragile strands. Therefore, if you are aiming to grow your pixie haircut, you can stop hoping for a waist-length size of hair, though a short kind of haircut that will grow up to the shoulder for about 14 months is achievable.

  1. Keep Your Hair Healthy

To make sure your hair is growing in line with healthcare standards, remember: stronger hair will yield longer hair. If you have a damaged hair, employ a kind of reparative system that makes fragile hair to become stronger. You stand a pretty good chance of a fantastic hair growth when you have a healthy and strong hair.

  1. Begin with Proper Nutrition

You are a definition of the kind of food you eat; that is how it is for hair. Nutritional shortages are responsible for damaged, weak hair with continuous breakage that will never grow. If you are truly concerned about the inability of your hair growing and you are passionate to experience quick hair growth, consult your health adviser to know if all is well in the aspect of your health.

For instance, if you are having deficiency in iron, it could cause your hair to become dull and thin. A lot of doctors suggest foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and vitamin B to offer the right nourishments that boosts hair growth. Plus, several ladies have gotten good results after many months simply due to their commitment to hair supplements that contain biotin, anti-oxidants and vitamins.

  1. Have Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

It is almost tempting to stay away from scissors totally when you still want your hair to grow. Interestingly, trimming your hair frequently in the hair salon is a pretty wise strategy. Making sure the ends are always neat and crisp helps to ensure there are no split ends as well as fraying, which is largely responsible for hair breakage as well as slow hair growth rate. Therefore, maintain your normal 6-8 weeks haircut routines, and allow your hairdresser remove only a small part of an inch so your hair will be intact and strong.

  1. Be Careful When Colouring Your Hair

Regular forays with your hair lighteners and colours can bring about split ends, dryness, breakage and dull hair. That is because hair colour only disrupts the top of your hair. No need giving your hair colour up totally, just go for hair colour that is less drastic with shade change. Such an approach helps your hairdresser to apply formulas that will not be disrupting your hair that much.

You should equally discuss repair additives with your hairdresser such as OLAPLEX which is good at protecting your hair bond from any damage in the course of your hair colouring, and will equally stop more hair colour damage from happening. Also taking it one step further, employ a home bond restorative system which strengthens weakened above processed hair.

  1. Condition Your Hair Conscientiously

One thing you certainly need is conditioners. They help to detangle your hair, keep it soft as well as shiny. Every hair type has their special conditioner. Hence everybody is expected to know the one that is good for them and use it accordingly after shampooing. You could even do without shampooing occasionally and apply the conditioner straightaway. Leave-in treatment is good for helping with detangling as well as protecting the hair against heat. Plus a weekly oil-focused hair or hair treatment will suffice for taking care of older and weaker ends which are prone to breaking.

  1. Stay Away From Heat Damage

Extreme heating tools are good aids for the creation and locking of fantastic hairstyles, however, extreme heat could cause long-term damages on one’s hair. Should you have air-drying as an alternative for your own hair, keep your irons and hair dryers away whenever possible. (A hair styling cream that lacks heat can help shape your hair as it controls the frizzy hair). There are several other options you could explore like twists, braids and good old fashioned foam or even Velcro hair-type rollers.

Whenever you are going in for your blow drying, the temperature should be set very low so you can get your preferred hairstyle, and equally distant yourself from the nozzle of your dryer six inches away from your hair’ scalp. Low heat settings have always been the preferred method when implementing flat irons as well as curling irons, and also make sure your hair is shielded from heat damage by using any heat protection product.

  1. Don’t Forget Healthy Scalp Care

The growth of a healthy hair begins with a scalp that is healthy. Making sure your hair follicles on your scalp are clean and free from any product or even oil build up will ensure the hair keeps growing very well. Limit the way you apply dry shampoos. Although they are fantastic for absorbing excess oil that is found on the scalp, using them too much can bring about build-ups that can clog the hair follicles. Go for scalp massages often. They are not just good for relaxing, but they are equally good for ensuring smooth circulation in your scalp which will nourish your hair richly. Finally, you should think of scalp scrub on a weekly basis for removing product remnants as well as excess oil. Also consider exfoliation for the scalp and hair.

  1. Brush Your Hair Wisely

To begin with, you should never have your hair brushed when it is wet. Apply a wide comb to detangle as well as work slowly with great care from the down to the top so as to prevent any possible hair breakage. Whenever your hair becomes dry, use any cushioned brush that has got boar bristles and are gentle with weak hair. Apply the brush in stimulating the scalp and enhancing circulation as well as healthy growth of hair. With 15 – 20 strokes daily, you are good to go.

  1. Avoid Mechanical Hair Damage

Two ways your hair can become damaged in the course of growing it are exposing it to extreme sunlight, or saltwater; chemically related hair damages gotten from relaxers, hair colours, perms or straighteners. Mechanical hair damage can be another way. This normally occurs when you’re wringing your hair extremely tight with coarse towel and sleeping on rough pillows or binding it extremely firm in the form of a ponytail.

All these bad hair habit could result in hair breakage. Therefore, swap that terry cloth out for your cotton shirt or soft micro-fiber and gently blot the hair after shampooing. Employ hair bands that are elastically fabric coated for keeping your buns and ponytails intact, and they shouldn’t be put in one spot every day. In summary, help yourself with a satin or sateen pillowcase that will not give rise to friction that will cause hair tangles that are capable of weakening your hair.