Whatever the cause, dyeing your hair may improve your appearance, give you greater confidence, and reveal a lot about your personality.

You must be happy if this is your first time having your hair dyed. However, there are a few things you should consider before getting your hair coloured. It is crucial to take proper care of your hair before having it coloured, in addition to selecting the appropriate colour and hair dye.

Both men and women have been sporting coloured hair over the last several years. According to data, around 4.1 million Americans colour their hair at least four times every year, with the average person dyeing their hair two to three times every six months.

What should I do before dying my hair, and how do I get ready my hair for colouring?

Hair dyeing includes applying various harsh chemicals to your hair, including ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which may change your natural hair colour. These may result in brittle and frizzy hair. As a result, it is crucial to treat your hair well and take excellent care of it before having it dyed. Here’s how to be ready for dyeing your hair to avoid or at least reduce damage.

Making sure to deeply nourish your hair before colouring it is the greatest approach to take care of it. Hot oil may be used to massage your scalp, and you can let it sit overnight. You may wash it the next day. Alternatively, you might oil your hair 30 minutes before washing it.

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Avoid using hair styling products before colouring.

Additionally, hairstylists suggest choosing a hair colour that is no more than two shades different from your original hair colour. If you choose a colour that is excessively dark or light, harsh chemicals will be required, which might harm your scalp and hair.

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Before dyeing my hair, should you wash it?

The only action you must do before having your hair dyed is to wash it with a mild shampoo in addition to the aforementioned items. It is a common misconception that you should not wash your hair before dyeing it because dirty hair tends to absorb colour more effectively. Hair experts advise washing your hair a one or two days before colouring it.

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What to do before dyeing your hair, including washing it first

The reality is that if your hair is unclean, you should not dye it at all. Hair that has not been washed will be excessively oily as well as dirty and sweaty. Sweat may induce oxidation since it includes ammonia, which might result in an unexpected hue. Additionally, the extra buildup prevents the dye from penetrating the hair. It could cause uneven hair colouration as a consequence. Thus, it is needed to use a mild shampoo to cleanse your hair before dying it.

Before dyeing your hair, should you wash it first? Okay, no. It is best to shampoo your hair one or two days in advance, as we previously said. Why is this? Your scalp produces sebum, which travels down the length of your hair and keeps it hydrated. Additionally, it protects the hair coming from external chemicals.

The oil from your scalp will thus spread throughout the length of your hair if you wash it one or two days before dyeing it, acting as a barrier against the harsh colours in the chemicals. Your hair will be protected from the chemicals and damage will be prevented.

What kind of shampoo should you use before dyeing my hair?

Washing your hair a day or two before dyeing is mostly done to get rid of product buildup. You should, however, be sure to use a mild shampoo that gently washes your scalp when picking a shampoo to wash your hair. A harsh shampoo that depletes your hair of its natural oils and causes frizz should be avoided.

It is true to say that you can colour your hair dirty or clean. There is no universal response to the question “should I wash my hair before I colour it,” regrettably: Depending on the state of your hair and the colour you have decided to dye it, you may or may not be better off coming to the salon with unclean hair. When you skip one or two washes, natural oils, sometimes known as “grease,” may accumulate on your scalp. Theoretically, these oils might aid in defending the scalp from discomfort brought on by the dye. Although this is usually true, whether or not your hair has to be freshly washed depends much on the colour you are applying.

It may surprise you to learn that hair colour does matter a lot. Consider your selected colour service while determining whether or not to arrive at your appointment with freshly cleaned hair. While bringing oily hair strands to the salon for a root touch-up would not make a difference, it is crucial to be aware that if you are using a shampoo with colour-depositing or toning effects, these formulations might affect your overall results and colour.

The oils in filthy hair may make lighter-coloured hair seem darker than it is by one or two shades, particularly if your strands are naturally lighter in colour. Even while hairdressers often advise skipping a few washes a week to maintain healthier hair, you may need to scrub it before your colourist appointment so the stylist can obtain a precise picture of your hair’s natural colour and structure.

Darker tones follow the same rules. The most accurate read of your natural colour is provided by clean hair if you wish to deepen your hair colour or add lowlights. When choosing the level of depth for your service, your colourist will be able to find the ideal match thanks to this.

It is advisable to forgo one or two washes before bleaching your hair. Know what the characteristics of the colour you want are, then get ready. You may skip one or two washes before going to the salon if your hair is light blonde or vivid colour that needs a fair amount of bleaching. It will not harm you to let oil accumulate for a day or two to offer an additional barrier of defense between your scalp and the bleach even though bleach *shouldn’t* irritate your scalp. Scalp irritation is not a problem with the right preventative measures are implemented, however, we advise waiting a few days before washing your hair to let your natural oils nourish your scalp. Remember that whether you go to the salon with freshly washed hair or with unclean hair, the outcome should be the same in terms of colour. Or, if you are going lighter, you may still colour your greasy locks.

Avoid arriving at your appointment with damp or wet hair. The majority of permanent hair colour formulas must be applied to dry hair strands, thus starting the session by drying your hair might result in lost time and perhaps additional costs. Make sure your hair is dry before going to the salon, regardless of whether you decide to wash it before your appointment or going with your second-day hair.

After your hair colour appointment, you should take a break from shampooing. It is completely OK (in fact, it is advised) to forgo a few washes for next few days after your visit, whether you go lighter or darker. By giving your new colour more time to oxidize and absorb, skipping one or two washes will enable your natural hair oils to replenish themselves, extending the life of your colour. When you do wash your hair, be sure to choose a shampoo and conditioner combination that protects the colour.