The best thing about the warm months? For many, it’s the weather. The worst thing? For some, it’s what the weather does to hair.

The frizzing effect of heat and humidity on hair can be a gal’s worst enemy, especially for those who seek soft, sleek waves or neat, polished hair-the hottest look this season. Fortunately for the 60 percent of American women who define their hair as curly, wavy or unmanageable, there are new systems and products to help beat the frizz factor and style curly or unruly hair into smooth, easy locks.

Long-lasting hair straightening systems, such as thermal straightening (also known as “Japanese straightening”), are growing in popularity, but are still very costly (from $300 to $1,000) and not accessible to most women. It’s a surefire way to beat frizz but hair is left stick-straight, so styling options-adding curls or waves-are nil.

For those who want to keep their options open but still fight the frizz, there is a new at-home, long-lasting hair relaxing and straightening system.

It lets women with curly or unmanageable hair relax their locks to soft curls or go for a more sleek, straight look. Either way, hair is left healthy and manageable with enough volume to style it in the latest looks. The process takes under an hour, does not require damaging heat appliances and is even safe on color-treated hair. What’s more, it lasts three months, getting you through the summer with smooth, frizz-free style.