Singapore has many contrasts as a city

It has a small size as well as big surprises which are concealed in every corner. The rich are attracted to the city mainly for pleasure, but still the city is more or less another home for those who are less wealthy.

Pre-war buildings as well as historical shophouses are part of some of the ancient structures that are still standing in contrast to modern day architectural structures and sophisticated skyscrapers.

things to do in Singapore

Food alternatives of the city typically range from exotic classy restaurant joints to the delicious treats being displayed by hawker stalls.

Shoppers spend freely on luxurious items at premium shops or they try to get a bargain why purchasing items in the market at the street level.

The variety of the attractions or things to do in Singapore is obvious in the subsequent lists of the most important 54 things that you need to do. Select any tickets you like or plunge into an adventurous task that has never been done by you before. The choice belongs to you.

1). Pay a visit to the Gardens by the Bay Cloud Fores

With a height of 35m, the Cloud Forest is a forest structure in the tropical highland in Singapore just around the equator. Gentle mist as well as cool air shrouds this waterfall, pouring from the side. The Cloud forest is the world’s largest waterfall found indoors. The numerous collections of flowers which climb to the top of the cliff walls remind one of the mythic gardens in Babylon.

things to do in Singapore

A things to do in Singapore that lasts for a period of 2 hours.


2). Pay a visit to the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay 

The Flower Dome comes with a collection of 9 zones which have plants that are kept in far-flung tropical and temperate climates; from the California lilac plants down to the olive groves. Immerse yourself in this rich biodiversity of planet earth, as well as let the sophisticated work of nature marvel you.

A complete exploration of the flower dome requires an hour to complete.

things to do in Singapore

3). Strolling in the night around the Supertree Grove is such fun 

Big giant tree-looking structures decorated with plants face the Marina Bay.

A skyway that connects in the air allows visitors to take a walk among supertrees that are suspended for about 50 metres up in the air. This allows you to spend time comfortably in the cool breeze of the evening. In the night-time, the attractive neon lights which are blue and pink in colour placed all over the supertrees produce a surreal ambience.

An exploration around the grove lasts for a period of 1 hour.

things to do in Singapore

4). Take a walk in the National Orchid garden 


Make your way through archways decorated with golden showers of orchids and visit the attractive Vanda called Miss Joaquim. You can take in the vanilla-and-chocolate fragrance and notice the big flowering orchids that are located in the other exhibits.

Completion of the trail can take about 1 hour.

things to do in Singapore

5).    Catch a glimpse of attractive birds at the Jurong Bird Park (Jurong-Clementi)

Being among the most popular bird sanctuaries in the world, visitors can feed beautiful lories nectar with the use of a cup while they are perched on your head and shoulders. Sporting about 400 different bird species which range from flamingos to pelicans, visitors will most definitely be blown away due to the attractive colours of flying birds.

A tour of the park can last for a period of 3 hours.

things to do in Singapore

6). Take a walk in the S.E.A aquarium that is located at the Life Park of the Marine 

You can go on an exploration on the unseen depths of the seas and oceans of the earth when you are inside the aquarium. Gaze up in awe as the sharks swim gracefully above you once you are in the glass dome that is located underwater in the exhibit of the Shark Seas. You can decide to end up your journey at the heavenly Open Ocean exhibition panel to catch a glimpse of manta rays in their squadron swim majestically in the midst of about 40,000 colourful fish types.

This journey can last for a period of about 2 hours.


things to do in Singapore

7). Getting acquainted with interactive animals in the Singapore Zoo will blow you away  (Sembawang)

With the Singapore zoo visitors can interact with animals from distant places like the wild plains of Africa up to the North Pole. Mousedeers walk unrestricted right in front of you, whereas enclosures which are designed to imitate the natural environment to bring you in close proximity to the leopard and the white tiger.

The zoo tour lasts for a period of about 3 hours.

things to do in Singapore

8). Take a stroll down the River Safari (Holland-Bukit Panjang)

There are numerous species of marine creatures which are originated from great rivers of the world such as the Mekong and the Yangtze. You can see the Yangtze alligator as well as the enormous Mekong Gigantic Catfish. Pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai amaze the audience while they play with shoots of bamboo.

A tour of the River Safari can last for about 2 hours.

things to do in Singapore

9). Immerse yourself while you at Singapore’s National Gallery 

You can get reacquainted with the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia and as well go through an excess of 8,000 pieces in collected artworks. Dynamic and edgy, the rotating roster of the gallery’s art exhibitions ensures that visitors come back to the gallery for more views.

A complete tour of all distinct sub-galleries can last for a period of an hour.

things to do in Singapore

10). Take a walk across the Southern Ridges 

You can wander among the trail of the Marang, a quiet trekking through the Faber Walk prior to taking a cross through the wavy Henderson bridge for pedestrians, making a pass through the levitated Forest Walk through the richly-green canopies takes you to the sonorous Kingfishers in the Singing Forest.

The trek stops at the Alexandra Arch human bridge and it lasts for about 2 to 3 hours.

 things to do in Singapore

11). Have a Gardener’s Day while you are in the Hort Park (Jurong-Clementi)

Take the whole day relaxing while you are in the gardening centre of Asia; check out the food market and get acquainted to the most excellent practices in horticulture. With a total of 20 different garden themes plus a brilliant garden built after the Balinese-style, you can take in all the pleasant views of the attractive landscape.


The day out tour can take a period of 6 hours.

things to do in Singapore

12). Take a Walk through the natural reserve of the Labrador (West Coast)

You can wander past the quiet mangrove trail of the Berlayer Creek and see the large mudskippers. The Boardwalk called Bukit Chermin stretches above the quiet rivers of the Strait – this is ideal for a tranquil walk.

Taking a walk along the trail of about 2.1km lasts for a period of 45 minutes.


13). Visiting the Universal Studios at Singapore 

There are numerous rides, thrills and excitements to be experienced while you are in the Universal Studios area. It has 7 zones that are built in resemblance to famous places in New York and Hollywood. Participate in a challenging activity such as taking part in the BattleStar Galactica along with a pair of roller coasters fighting each other or alternatively, you can get a selfie with a resemblance of Marilyn Monroe while you are in the Walk of Fame of Hollywood.

A trip to get to the studio can last for a period of 4 hours.

things to do in Singapore

14). Go on a spiritual walk into the Buddha Tooth Relic temple

The renowned temple was designed based on the architecture of the Tang culture. It houses a large relic chamber that contains the Buddha’s tooth.  You can go on an exploration of the statues of the museum as well as handcrafted artworks or you can meditate quietly while you are in the garden.

A tour with a guide around the temple lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours

things to do in Singapore

15). A tour of the Wetlands reserve of the Sungei Buloh.

Take a walk along the boardwalk of the mangrove and see the mangrove’s different species. You can see the great sea eagle in a rare hunting action as well as colourful wandering birds taking a rest while at the Ponds of Bukit Tidal.

A complete tour around the wetlands can last for about 1 to 2 hours on a typical day.

Mangrove Arboretum Shelter, Sungei Buloh Singapore

16). Go for a Picnic at the green Roof of the Marina Barrage 

Naturally, the marina bay offers a magnificent view of the city to on looking picnickers that are perched on top of the large Green Roof which has a lawn that is wide open for lounging out in the sunlit day. You can enliven the fun by engaging in a Frisbee game.

Marina Barrage -

You can stay for a period of 4 hours which starts from 2 pm down to 6pm to be able to catch a glimpse of the calm sunset.

17). Take a visit at Singapore’s National Museum 

The foundation of the collective history of Singapore in which the past is contrasted with the present. Take an exploration inside the first ten years of the independence of Singapore and be in awe of a fresh digital several views of the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

National Museum of Singapore façade in the evening being lighted up

A complete tour around the museum lasts for a period of about 1 to 2 hours on a typical day.


18). Late night dining while in the Singapore Flyer

Feast in the sky while in the middle of contemporary Singapore while the Flyer of Singapore flies with you very high up in the sky of the amazing night over the city with bright lights.

The completion of the sky feasting lasts for a period of 1 hour on a typical day.

Stewart Parr 'London Eye Ferris/Observation Wheel at ' Unframed Photo Print

19). See the whole world with a swim at the Infinity Pool of the Marina Bay 

At 57 levels up in the sky, a quiet water plane extends apparently endlessly – you can rest among the grey clouds and witness the sky change each time the sun goes down on Singapore.

Spend a time of 4 hours around late afternoon and evening to see the sunset’s best views as well as the serenade of the evening.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool | JE

20). Sailing in the afternoon while at the Marina Reservoir


Spend the afternoon lovingly sailing around the Marina Bay while on a high-end racing boat – allowing the push of the natural wind breeze through your body while you are at the bay.

The duration of one session sailing around the bay lasts for about 40 minutes on a normal day.

Frisco Bay Marina Lighthouse, Dillon Reservoir, Colorado

21). Take a visit on the awesome Southern Islands and other attractions 

The island collection of about 3 islands has Lazarus Island as one of the islands, which has lucid waters in addition white-coloured sand, offering a feeling of hospitality that is different from the city’s fast-paced life. The Chinese temple of Da Gong Bo located in Kusu Island, also serves as a popular attraction for sightseeing.

A visit around the islands lasts for a period of 4 hours typically.

 22). A tour of the wetlands of Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa (Pasir and Ris-Punggol)

The wetlands Chek Jawa comes with 6 various ecosystems as well as its plush fauna like the fiddler crabs and pistol shrimps. A boardwalk which lies low transfers you to the creature’s natural home creating numerous photo taking opportunities.


The tour around the wetlands can last for a period of 2 hours on a typical.


23). Grab an attractive view while you are in the cable car in Sentosa 

Get an amazing aerial view around the harbour while you are sitted in the high cable car. Equipped with a fresh cable line of Sentosa, means that you can get wider views of the attractions of the Sentosa while high up in the sky.

The trip of the Sentosa via the cable car takes about 30 minutes on a typical day.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Network — One Faber Group Singapore

24). Witness the wonderful show of lights at the Marina Bay Sand

The fantastic light show and sound been played out from opposite the waterfront of the Sands of Marina Bay. Life’s story is been movingly unfolded through images shown onto fountains of water and multiple lasers to delight and bedazzle.


The show of lights lasts for a period of 15 minutes on a typical day.

The viewing area for Wonder Full is at the foot of the Marina Bay Sands towers

25). Watch a late night performance live at the Outdoor Theatre of Esplanade 

Positioned laterally on the promenade of the waterfront, get an evening performance for free when in the circular theatre located outdoors that located adjacent from the tranquil Marina bay waters.

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Esplanade Theatres By The Bay Singapore

Every performance can possibly last for about 3 hours for several sets.

26). Go for a tour at the Museum of Asian Civilisations 

Taking the place of the previous building of the empress Place with a design of neo-classical influences, the Museum displays the plush culture and tradition of the golden era of the religions and civilizations of Asia. Significant display items are the shipwreck of Tang including more than 60,000 numbers ceramics that are reminiscent of the dynasty of Tang.

The museum tour along with a guide can last for a period of 1 hour.

Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore The #Asian #Civilisations #Museum is an institution which forms a part of the four museums in Singapore, the other three being the other Asian Civilisations Museum at Old Tao Nan School, the National Museum of #Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum. #Cheap #Singapore #Flights #Cheap #Flights

27). Take a cycle through Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network (ECPCN) Cycling Trail (East Coast-Fengshan)

Take a ride on a cycle through the connector of the park to the outstanding views of the Changi Beach as well as the park of the East Coast.  This route is typically a leisure break from the hard Singapore in addition to be in awe of the city of gardens.

The 42km long cycle route can last for a period of between 4 and 8 hours on a typical day.


28). Take a hike on the Nature reserve of the Bukit Timah (Holland-Panjang Bukit)

The major route leads visitors to the summit of the Hill of the Bukit Timah. Which offers a breathtaking scene of the immediate ambience of the natural reserve? The plush tropical ecosystem of the rainforest, the vegetation has an abundance of the macaque that has a long tail as well as the plantain squirrel.

Typically, the 1.2km long trial lasts for close to one hour.


29). The trail of the Ginger Garden at the Botanic Gardens Singapore 

Immerse yourself into a region that is full of flowers of ginger that are used in daily food preparation as well as the decoration of ornaments. While marvelling at the wide variety of gingers which ranges from the pretty banana gallery to the Torch ginger, ensure that you take some photographs of the amazing waterfall in the gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A tour of the trail can last from 30 to 45 minutes on completion.


30). Take an exploration at the Garden of Evolution at the Botanic Garden of Singapore 

Go on this enlightening walk and see the way plants have transformed from the primeval period from a simple unicellular creature to ultimately turning into a complex creature like ferns as well as flowering plants.

This trail can typically last for 45 minutes on completion.

31). The trail of Colonial history at the Fort Canning Park

Buildings of colonial interests are located among rich green-coloured vegetations at the park of Fort canning, the trail leads you through Gothic gates as well as several other structures of historical importance that boosts the park’s grandeur.

Walking along the 2 km long trail takes about 45 minutes to complete.

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32). Delve into a Pagoda Street in Chinatown 

The streets of the Pagoda oozes with an enthusiasm which has been an image of the traditional ethnic enclave of the Chinese. Typically, visitors go back in history as they walk through ways of five foot based on the Chinese baroque themed shophouses which displays Chinese desserts and sweet foods.

An Exploration of the street of Pagoda can last for a period of 1 hour or thereabouts.



33). Take a Sightseeing cruise down the River of Singapore 

Take a relaxing boat cruise, sees you going on s sightseeing journey down the historic quays like the Boat Quay as well as significant landmarks such as the Esplanade with the Durian shape. Take in amazing views of current day skyscrapers contrasted against shophouses situated along the side of the river.

The whole cruise can last for a period of about 40 minutes.

34). Take a visit to the Science Museum of Art to catch a glimpse of the Future World exhibition 

A digital multi-visual playground that has about 16 installations about natural themed, space as well as Town Park. Communicating exhibits, from butterflies to flowers, are created to look like real life creatures to remove the boundaries between reality and illusion.

The duration of the visitation to the region of the exhibit can last for about 1.5 hours.


35). Pay a visit to the Memorial Hall of Sun Yat Sen Nan yang (Bishan-Toa Payoh)

This is main home where Sun Yat Sen stayed in the country during his liaison with the south eastern part of Asia; we have about four displays plus one that is in memory of the supporters of the revolution as well as the impact of a different revolution to Singapore.

The journey of the hall of memorial can be completed within a period of 1 hour.


36). Pay a visit to Sultan mosque that is located in Kampong Glam

A symbolic landmark belonging to Kampong Glam, the golden onion dome that is located at the summit is held up by bottles of glass that were brought by poor people during the time that it was being constructed at first. The building has stayed up to this day. At Ramadan, the place becomes enlivened with stalls of food which is meant for the breaking of the fast. Inside, a 5000 capacity hall of prayer gets filled with staunch Muslims from several ethnic communities made up of Arabs and Malays amongst others.

The mosque’s tour can last for a period of about 1.5 or 2 hours.


37). Take a tour of Museum of Peranakan

A significant aspect of the rich ethnic tradition of Singapore, the culture of the Peranakan.  is a  combination of the immigrant roots of the Chinese as well as the local culture of the people of Malay. The display is an imagination of the recessing traditions like the Lap Chai formal ceremony of tea offering.

The museum tour naturally lasts for a period of 1 hour.

38). Take an exploration of the Serangoon road of Little India (Jalan Besar)

Little Indian is booming with energy that cannot be suppressed as well as the sharp smell from spices of Indian origin filling the air. There are curvy restaurants of Indian origin as well as shops with items such as household stuffs down to gold jewellery that heaped all through the stretch of the ever busy road.

The exploration of Little India’s Serangoon Road lasts for a period of 2 hours.

39).   Go to the Kampong Glam for a good experience (Jalan Besar)

The Mosque of the sultan majestically rises with the minarets as well as golden dome. Walk through the multicoloured streets and marvel at the street painted art that affixed on the walls of the shophouses. You can easily see carpets of Persian origin and Flowing Sari fabrics from India in the same particular street.

The Kampong Glam exploration lasts for a period of about 2 hours.


40). Take a visit to the Battle Box to relive history 

The Battle Box was used as a command bunker located underground at the time of the defence of Singapore of the British at the period of the Second World War. Exhibits from several multimedia sources tell stories of its beginnings in the 14th century as well as what led the British to surrender.

The museum tour lasts for a period of 1 hour.


41). A tour of the Fullerton monument 

The tour is meant to inform visitors about the plush history of the building as the all-purpose Post office of the country as well as the location of the old offices of the government like Finance.

The tour can take up to 1 hour


42). Skydiving Indoors at the IFly Singapore is an experience of a lifetime 

Get a load of the free fall at the first skydiving indoor wind tunnel of the world. The experience imitates a 9,000 ft skydiving to provide a fascinating adrenaline ride.

The whole experience can last for a period of 1 hour and it includes about 2 flights located around the wind tunnel.


The full experience lasts for an hour and comes with 2 flights at the wind tunnel.



43). Take a visit to the Memorial park of the Civilian War 

Built in memory of the dead civilians who died during the Second World War, the memorial consists of four numbers of straight pillars that gave it its name of “Four Chopsticks.” The park comes amazingly surrounded by greenery makes for the perfect place to ponder on the damages that a war could bring.

A visit to the park lasts for about 15 minutes


44). Walking along Heritage trail through Ann Siang as well as Telok Ayer could be all you ever needed 

This pathway that depicts the heritage pathway, will see you walking through multi-coloured shophouses which are framed with windows made from timber. This street aptly named Telok Ayer has cinnamon patches, nutmeg trees as well as odd sculptures which portrays the early Singaporean lifestyle.

The completion time of a walk down the heritage trail can last for a period of roughly 30 minutes.

45). Explore the Villa of Haw Par (Jurong-Clementi)

This theme-parked comes with more than 1000 number of statues of famous figures drawn sketched with references from the Chinese classics, Buddhism and Taoism. Over 100 numbers dioramas illustrate the images typical of the karmic retribution – calling to mind, the need for one to be virtuous as well as stay away from evil deeds.

A complete tour around the park can last for a period of about 2.5 hours.

46). Bring back memories of your childhood when you visit the MINT Toy’s Museu

A personal collection of all your best toys from your childhood right before they got traded by the internet as well as video games sees toys been stacked up to 5 floors high. The toys consists of classics such as star wars as well as hard-to-find classics recalls the nostalgic feeling of having toys grow up with you.

A complete tour around the museum can last for about 45 minutes.


47). Levitate higher while at the Tower of Tiger Sky 

At a height of 131m high, you can get the most panoramic views around Sentosa each time you are at the highest spot in the Tower of Tiger Sky. The deck gives you a slow circular view as it slowly rotates while going up, making the ride up one to remember for a long time.

The complete ride typically lasts for a period of 15 minutes.

48). Get tutored in organic farming while you are at the Veggies of Bollywood.

Bollywood Veggies grows an own-grown organic food that can be consumed readily in the bistro and can be sold on a wholesale basis. Get educated on long lasting techniques of eco-farming and taste the wholesome Singaporean-made organic produce.

The tour around Bollywood Veggies can last for a period of about 1 hour.

49). Get a load of the heartland gem – the Monastery of Shuang Lin (Bishan-Toa Payoh)


Located very far away from the centre of the city – this tranquil temple with a lotus shape has a pagoda of seven storeys housed in it as well as a Chinese courtyard. Holy halls built in honour of Bodhisattvas and Buddha offer haven tranquillity from the heartlands.

A tour of the temple can last for about 1 hour.

50). The Esplanade guides you on a tour of its Architectural features 

Delve into the architectural features of the popular Durian spikes that come with the Esplanade as well as the acoustic refinements of the chambers of recital to clog out extraneous vibration and sound. Get acquainted on the drive of the Esplanade to being the bond of Singapore’s performing arts and the world.

A tour of the Esplanade can be completed in 2 hours.


51). Catch some fun while you are at the Adventure Park of MegaZip 

Try your courage by driving down at around a speed of 60kmph on the zip line which has height of about 74 metres. Battle with the obstacle course that the high ropes provide at a height of 15 metres to test the limits to your agility.

Typically, a day in the park can last for a period of 3 hours.

52). Wander around the Fort Siloso and marvel at its wealth of war relics

Fort Siloso is as the location of a thwarted attempt to safeguard Singapore in the Second World War. While here you can find artillery guns from the era of the war being displayed as well as a multimedia show about the official surrender activity to Japan that took place in the fort.

A complete tour around the fort lasts for about a period of 1.5 hours.

53). Take a visit to the Philatelic Museum of Singapore 

The museum sports a wide collection of genuine stamps that shows ancient landmarks as well as 19th century streets of Singapore. Hard-to-find stamps of Straits Settlement can also be viewed.

A complete tour around the collections of the museum can last for a period of 1 hour.

54). Take a visit to the earliest Hokkien temple of Singapore – Thian Temple of Hock Keng 

The temple had been constructed back in 1839 with the backing of the Hokkien community most famous members such as Tan Tock Seng, the philanthropist. Observe the architecture influences of traditional southern China with phoenixes as well as dragons in addition to ornamental golden flourishes that curl up the column of stones.

The complete tour of the temple can last for a period of 1 hour.