PH level, exactly as you were taught in the chemistry class during your high school, plays a big part in the strength and healthiness of the hair. The balance in the PH level can be the determining factor in how the hair strands feel and look. Keep on reading to find out more about the hair’s PH and the reason it is important when it comes to the regimen for your hair colour and the care of the hair.


Starting from the basic level (a flashback from the Chemistry class back in high school). The scale for measuring the pH level of a substance is rated on a scale of zero to 14; zero to six is regarded as the scale’s acidic side, while seven means neutral, and from eight all the way to 14 gives alkaline. 

The natural pH of your hair is somehow acidic, it is approximately 4.5 to 5.5. Whenever the hair is found in this particular state, it is in its healthiest form. The only problem? Majority of what we do with our hair disturbs this fragile PH balance, tipping the scales to the alkalinic side of the spectrum.

We mean processes that are chemical in nature; namely, bleaching or colouring as well as shampooing, as majority of shampoos contain cleansing agents that are alkaline.

The final result? The hair’s cuticle – which is also known as the hair’s outer layer – begins to lift upwards and then the hair’s strength as well as the hair’s health are then affected, which leads to hair issues like frizz and breakage.

Moreover, more alkaline in the hair can affect also the oil and bacteria (which everyone has) present on the hair’s scalp, and be a potential cause of dandruff. 


The pH level— in combination with protein as well as moisture—is an important determining factor in the health, length, shape, strength and colour of the hair. Fortunately, for us and the hair we have, Kerastase as a brand is entirely based on science and specializes on the pH balancing of the hair. Ever since Kerastase was formed circa 1960, this has been a massive part of their DNA.

The trick to having a pH level of the hair that is optimal? Here comes the hair care system from Kerastase. The shampoos from Kerastase have a balanced pH, and the conditioners come in slightly acidic, a combination that was uniquely developed to be acidic so as to maintain the pH balance of the hair. The hair care system from Kerastase also contains moisture levels and proteins that are unique due to the particular requirements of the various types of hair as well as their colours. Whether the hair have been damaged, dry or treated with colour-Kerastase have made available several hair care products to provide superb results and maintain the healthy condition of the hair.

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