Why is my hair straight on top and curly underneath? Several individuals can be perplexed as to why they have various hair textures on their head. The answers include anything from genetics to hair care practices.

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Why Does My Hair Have Curls Underneath But Straight on the Top?

Genetics, hair damage, or the length of the various layers may all cause your hair to be straight on top and curly beneath. On top of their curls, many individuals have a layer of hair that is straight or just slightly wavy.

Dealing with the two distinct hair types and curls that need additional maintenance is challenging. Also, if you have both straight and curly hair on your head, it might be challenging to create a style that is unique for both of the textures.

Even if you already know why your hair is both straight and curly, you will still want to learn how to get the top layer to curl.

Why Are Your Top Hair Straight?

While damage often results in your hair being straight on top and curly beneath, there may be other problems at play. Many factors might cause your hair to be straight on top and curls beneath.

Genetics: Your parents may have given you a combination of straight and curly hair. This issue arises commonly.

Length: The top layer of hair may straighten the hair if it is longer than the lower layers.

Weight: Because of the weight of the hair tugging on the curls, heavy or coarse hair gets to straighten out on top.

Styling: Heat styling is a major cause of damage to curly hair. Too much heat styling might harm the top layer and cause it to lose its curl.

Product Usage: Styling gel and mousse are examples of heavy products that may make hair seem limp. Hair tends to straighten with more weight.

Color: Both bleach and dye harm hair. Your hair may not curl as it should if it is damaged.

Weather: Hair is straightened by hot, dry weather. The impacts of the sun’s heat and UV radiation will be more pronounced on the top layer.

The best way to help your hair’s top layer retain its natural curl is explained in this article. It also lists the products and practices you should stay away from.

How to Make Your Hair’s Top Layer Curly

Here are some tips for styling the hair that can prevent the top layer of your hair from looking flat.

Take a break from damaging hair treatments

Preventing damage to your top layer of hair is the most crucial thing you can do to keep it curly. Avoid the following procedures on your hair. Each of these may result in straightening:

Bleaching: Frequent bleaching leaves hair dry and brittle, which discourages curls.

Frequent coloring may cause the hair to become dry and hinder the formation of curls.

Blowing: Whenever possible, let your hair air dry. Use a diffuser attachment if you must blow dry it.

Heat Styling: Avoid using curling irons or other hot gadgets regularly. Instead, curl the top layer using gentle rollers.

Deep Condition

Many individuals neglect to treat their roots using a deep conditioner. Curls have a reputation for weighing down after using a deep conditioner. In actuality, deep conditioning the roots may aid in hydrating the hair’s top layer.

Dry or damaged hair is less prone to curl, as was already noted. The use of a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week may help restore the damage. After leaving the conditioner on for around 15 minutes, thoroughly rinse your hair.

Utilize a Pick Rather Than a Brush

Use a pick to style your curly hair instead of a brush. A pick does wonders for lifting the hair roots and promoting curls. A pick will give you more volume than a brush would.

Moreover, the pick tends to lessen the likelihood of stretching and straightening your curls. Using the pick, comb your hair up from the roots. For optimal results, do this when your hair is still damp.

Use a diffuser with your blow dryer

To prevent your curls from being “blown out,” use the diffuser included on your blow dryer. A diffuser may be purchased separately as well. The powerful heat from the blow dryer will thus be well distributed via a diffuser. Allowing your curls to dry naturally is preferable.

Trim the straight layer shorter.

You will notice more curls on top if you maintain the top layer shorter than the bottom layers. The weight of longer hair pushes curls out straight, which is why this approach works.

Use the Right Products

Be careful to choose hair products formulated for curly hair. Products designed for straight hair can flatten down your top layer if you use them. Avoid products that provide a glossy, flat sheen.

Products that Promote a Curly Top Layer

The above advice is excellent for getting your hair to curl on top. These products will increase the likelihood that your hair will curl.

Root Lifter

To strengthen and bolster the roots and promote volume, use a root lifter. The optimum hair type for this sort of product is fine, curly hair. Conditioners and other ingredients that aid in hair standing upright are included in root lifters. Although some root lifters utilise cornflour, others employ polymers.

Curl Stimulators

Hair is conditioned with curl stimulators and enhancers using natural lightweight substances like aloe vera. After they dry, curl enhancers promote curl definition. Often, they are in gel form.


These are five often-asked questions about hair that is straight on top and curly on the bottom.

Why is my hair straight on top and curly at the bottom?

Genetics, hair damage, or poor product use are all potential causes of this issue. It will be challenging to get your hair to curl if it is naturally straight on top.

What factors of curly hair genetics?

Having curly hair runs in the family. It is more probable that children born to a parent with curly hair and a parent with straight hair will have curly hair themselves. Yet, different areas of your hair may have different hair texture.

Why does my hair just have a curl on the underside?

Hair damage is one of the key issues that contribute to this textural disparity. Damage is brought on by heat, heavy products, chemical dyeing, and bleaching. Your hair may curl more if you stop damaging it and concentrate on repairing it.

How do I get my hair at the top to curl like the bottom?

By making the top of your hair a little shorter than the bottom, you may promote curling. Instead of a brush, you may use a pick. Lastly, you may experiment with specific items like curl-defining products and root lifters.

Why are the tops of my curls looking flat?

Your hair has probably suffered damage. Stop the rigorous brushing, colouring, and heat style. Use a deep conditioner and also treat the roots of your hair.

So why is my hair straight on top yet curly underneath?

The most probable reasons for hair that are straight on top and curly beneath are heredity and hair damage. It is typical to mix up your hair textures. By using a pick rather than a brush, refraining from applying harmful treatments, and blow-drying with a diffuser, you may encourage your hair to curl on top. Happy hairstyling!