Image result for coconut oilWhether we are frying our vegetables inside slathering it on our dry epidermis, the entire world has really gone loco for many things coco. Worst of all, we even attempted shaving our legs using it – and now that we could manifest it functions!

Now, we are aware that coconut oil could be detrimental to the skin and thus we are also eager to learn whether the same goes for our own hair.


Is coconut oil beneficial to our hair that is dry? 

“People frequently use hair oils to hydrate and moisturize their own hair, but I frequently say that if hair requires moisture, it’s very thirsty and needs to drink water too. In reality, water and oil do not mix. Oil actually repels water and pushes it from their hair or prevents it from entering the hair”

What’s Coconut oil doing to our own hair ?

Once your hair has been weakened from over-processing from color, or is damage and brittle, you have to acquire amino acids to the hair shaft, thus surely do not need to coat your own hair.

“Hair oils – and notably coconut oil – Often seep into each small hole into your own hair shaft and then disguise the actual issues to function as an easy solution; this will not help your own hair in the long term and can be among the principal reasons against using oils on your own hair”

What if we should be using to moisturize our own hair instead?

“Rather than using Oils into combat frizz, constantly utilize products having low PH in your hair. This is going to continue maintain the flatness in the cuticle, significance less tangles. Tangled hair is frequently the cuticle scales of the hair strangled with one another.

Leveraging on hydrating masks on a routine basis as an alternate to oils to truly penetrate dry, dry hair and start a long-term remedy procedure to healthier and fitter hair.”

Seems like we will only be sticking to just with coconut oil for baking, afterward, also letting our curls thrive without.