2023 Haircut Trend Report: 20 Looks Clients Request

Another line up of client micro trends and “hair trend terms” for this year 2023. The following themes may be found in the trends for 2023, which range from the butterfly layers, Rachel 2.0 to contour cutting, and bobs inspired by Hailey Bieber: fringe, layers, and framing. The ’60s, ’70s, and a significant flood of ’90s cuts with extensive layering at every length are still being seen on the radar.

Be ready with the fundamental abilities required to execute the staple methods since signature haircuts are making a return. You will get to know more about the expert advice, mastery skills, and trend analyses below.


1. Internal Layers

Consider internal layers in the same way as traditional layers, which are visible, external, and aid in shaping. The shape that is established has internal layers that generate air pockets that expand the hair and give it volume.

As these layers are not entirely invisible, the term “invisible layers” may be misleading. On the other hand, they do cause the hair to be expanded from the inside and, if done properly, may give the impression that it is fuller and has more movement and mobility throughout.

Why do we love them?

  • Provide a haircut longevity and versatility.
  • Customers’ first choice since they reduce the number of salon appointments because the hair looks and feels great for a longer length of time.
  • The ideal technique to have on hand is more popular among clients.

2. Butterfly Layers

Why is the butterfly cut so popular this year? Customers like the thick, face-framing layers they are seeing online, most likely because of a post by Justin Toves-Vincilione of the Ulta Beauty Design Team (@ahappyjustin) that has gone viral. These layers of face-framing blend and provide volume and connect to the perimeter and bang for a cohesive appearance.

4. The Rachel 2.0

In 2023, “[the] ’90s aesthetics are still popular, and more (and more!) customers are requesting for ’90s-inspired layering. The ideal response to their inquiries? The Rachel 2.0 is cut by the one and only Chris McMillan (@mrchrismcmillan) that is inspired by Rachel Green, played by Jenifer Anniston in “Friends,” and has shoulder-length layers.

5. Long Layers

long layered haircut 2

Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1), who has been J. Lo, Kim K’s stylist for years, has seen everything, from glass bobs to overnight platinum makeovers. Long layers, however, are one hairstyle that is always in vogue. These are what we like to refer to as “six-figure layers,” and many customers will love this hairstyle since they feature a new shape without sacrificing length. Hairstyle trends in 2023 will seem much airier, with hair flowing around the face-framing with plenty of structure and definition. The hair is given additional volume by the luscious lines, which lightens its structure.

6. Shaggy Lob

The shaggy lob will undoubtedly become a staple haircut this year. This effortless haircut, with its shag-inspired layers and collarbone-grazing length, looks best when worn with long curtain bang.

7. Piecey, Short Layers

Very short and very long haircuts will be popular this year, including buzzcuts, full on shaved heads, bixie haircuts, pixie haircuts, and androgynous overall hairstyles that are slightly longer for males and slightly shorter for women.

There is a division between the longer softer iterations of these trends and the edgier hair trends with extreme layering and disconnection. “Very small pixies, for instance, we would classify as edgier, but the bixie is a much softer, somewhat longer variant of that.

8. Contoured Bob

graduated bob haircut

This year, expect to see Hailey Bieber among the inspirational photos that our younger clientele will be bringing in. From her glazed brunette hair and glazed doughnut nails to her “Rhode” skincare brand, the model-off-duty look of Mrs Bieber is featured on every 2023 mood board. As a result, we anticipated that our clients would soon copy her when she recently trimmed her lengthy layers into a contour, preppy bob.

A broken bob is a rebellious variant of any standard, cookie-cutter bob cut. Although the blunt bob or French bob will always be timeless styles, stylists are breaking the mould by forgoing the gloss and incorporating some lines of shattered.

9. Voluminous Layered Bobs & Lobs

layered hair bob haircut

bob hairstyles

blunt bob curtain bangs

In 2023, shorter bobs with lots of layers and movement will become more popular among ladies. Do you not know the difference between a textured and layered bob? There will be customers who want a style that adds subtle volume to fine hair and complementing the look with natural waves or texture.

10. Contour Cut

Similar to putting on makeup, contour cutting draws attention to your features and emphasises the shape of your face. Think beyond supermodel layers. The appearance is customised depending on length, density, and texture using a “frame cut,” which can be worn at any length and forces you to think outside of the box. Contour haircutting takes into account the facial shape to make the most flattering contribution to their appearance. The result is a cut that lifts, moves, and adds vitality.

11. The Curve Cut

V shaped Layered hairstyles vs V shaped curly hairstyles

U-shaped haircut

A “curve cut” is what? They are layers that usually form a perimeter of U or V-shaped layers. “Layered perimeter” is the key phrase and the haircut has all the sharpness of a short, layered cut around the face, yet it fits in well with the layered perimeter.

12. The Goldie, Farrah, and Bardot in ’70s Vintage Shags

’70s vibes and bang are [making] a resurgence but infusing retro elements with eye-sweeping and thick fringe, taking inspiration from Farrah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn and Brigitte Bardot.

“The Brigitte”

“The Farrah”

“The Goldie”

13. Mod Haircuts

mod haircut

mod haircut

mod haircut

As we have started experimenting with decades, there has been a significant comeback of styles from the 1990s, 1970s, and even some from the 1980s. “There will be a significant homage to 1960s cutting, notably the Mod look, in 2023. Shags, bowls, and crops all defy the rules.


14. Razor and Feathered Haircuts

Razor Cut Layered Bob with French Bangs

It was also predicted that there will be a resurgence of short haircuts with bangs and texture. It is popular to cut a good fringe with a razor. The haircut will feel so easy and moldable because of the razor’s wonderful texture.

15. French Bob

The French bob or also known as the Sicilian bob that feathers in versus out for a fun mood β€”will be reigning supreme in 2023? Coupled with fringe and there it goes.

16. Soft Blunt Bob

We expect to see an increase in customers asking for a big chop haircut, from the very wearable soft bob to the “bottleneck bob” (imagine a throwback Coca-Cola bottle with a pinched fringe which transitions into blunt layers through the ends).

Remember: The secrets to this go-to cool-girl cut include cutting equal lines, reducing weight to avoid a bell-shaped bob, and avoiding beginning blunders that destroy the perimeter.

17. The Bixie

Through 2023, the pixie-bob hybrid known as the “bixie” will remain the most popular haircut. We are seeing where people are attempting to blend haircuts, like where you are getting the best of both worlds. For example, with the Bob, your stylist might include pixie features or qualities, so it becomes like this softer form of the bob.

18. The Pixie

pixie haircut

silver pixie

While a pixie cut is not truly a trend since it is a timeless staple in the salon, we have witnessed an increase in pixies that include bob and mullet styling elements in abundance (the bixie and mixie). The “huge chop” is the hair trend for 2023, so we are expecting to see some pixie cuts this year.

19. The Wolf Cut (or Shullet!)

wolf haircut

The “wolf cut” is expected to stay, according to many trend forecasters. When customers provide an inspirational image of this mullet-shag hybrid hairstyle, we can understand that the styling is primarily what they appreciate.

Customize the cut according to length, density, and texture. For those who have never had a wolf cut, teaching them how to air-dry or style their hair will be quite helpful and will go a long way.

20. Modern Mullets

This is not your uncle’s mullet, just in case. This is the iconic, classic, androgynous statement style is THE coolest cut ever. Read up on the fundamental distinctions between a shag and a mullet and discover how to customise the cut for a contour effect before going for business in the front and party in the back.

It is known that mullets have made a major comeback. It also emits an androgynous appeal evocative of

youthful charm, giving off an uncertain sensation.