People who were not born with naturally thick hair should know that thin hair has pros and cons. While you could be happy to style lesser and shorter hair with a natural silky feel and shorter drying periods, there are downsides. This could mean difficulty trying to curl the hair and that the hair does not have volume. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use to conceal your hair if it is thin. However, the thing here is that the best way to maintain your thin hair is to make both lifestyle and diet changes. From changing your diets and following through by purchasing recommended accessories and products, you should do everything you can to care for your thin hair.

Changing your diet

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Though you cannot control your hair thickness and texture, there are several hair determining factors that you can change, such as your dieting needs. Your lifestyle and diet choices are directly related to how your hair appears. If you discover that your hair is thinning out, this could be because of a deficiency in the vitamin or the fact that you do not have certain nutrients. Below, you can find several diet changes which you can make and have your hair flourish:

1). Make Collagen a part of your diet


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Whereas you cannot make your hair thick or increase the number of follicles, you can undoubtedly prevent more hair losses through specific methods. Collagen is famous for how beneficial it helps with youthful complexion; however, these benefits can be felt on the hair. Collagen is used to boost blood circulation and increase the body’s amino acid content. Amino acids help in minimizing the dangers of having thinning hair.

2). Add Vitamin B to your food intake

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Vitamin B and biotin food supplements are famous for their efficiency in improving the hair, nails, and skin’s texture and appearance. You should ensure that you add foods rich in vitamin B to your diet. Such foods include whole grains, spinach, flaxseed, eggs, and yogurt.  People who are not sure about the level of vitamin B in their body should consider taking supplements to ensure that they get a sufficient amount of the vitamin every day.

3). Put some cinnamon in your Latte

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It could appear random; however, cinnamon is proven to help the hair grow. As a spice, it improves blood circulation. This enhanced circulation takes nutrients and oxygen to the follicles of the hair. This then prevents you from losing hair. Cinnamon is exceptionally yummy and easy to put in your morning latte. Therefore, you should try this. You could get surprising results!

4). Do not consume carbs and white sugar

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Despite if you put in every one of these supplements and new vitamins into your feeding routine, you still have to introduce one more primary change to your feeding requirements. If you are looking to improve your hair, you should stay away from white sugars and carbs. They cause you to lose the hair. It would be best if you stayed away from any food with excess refined ingredients or has aspartame. Furthermore, you should ensure that your food is full of natural sugars, clean and whole foods.

Habits for healthy hair and changes to your lifestyle

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As an addition to the food that you eat, the lifestyle choices you make will also directly affect your hair’s thickness and look. Keep on reading to get some of our preferred go-to lifestyle hair tips to make sure that your hair is as voluminous and thick as possible.

1). Stress

One of the most surprising and most prominent causes of hair loss and thinning hair is stress. People who often feel stresses and become easily overwhelmed could find out that they tend to lose more hair. Thus, you should take out time to add an efficient self-care regimen to ease up the mind. This self-care regimen could be as easy as working out, watching movies on Netflix, or reading an excellent book. People with nothing to work for can try using a homemade hair mask to pamper and unwind themselves. You should try using a natural hair mask with Pure Coconut oil and watch your hair grow two-folds.

2). Do not overheat the hair

People who have relatively thin hair should try not to damage their hair. The simplest way to harm the hair is to use excessive heat products. It would be best if you restricted how you use heat products. Even when you use these heat products, you should use it with a product that offers heat protection, or several of our recommended natural hear protectants. This will stop you from having hair damage and also split ends. Or better, you should try creating curls and waves without heating to avoid damage due to heating.

3). Massage the hair scalp

One excellent trick of promoting hair growth is giving yourself a generous massaging of the scalp every day for several minutes. It is what most people can do on their own easily. It promotes hair growth and volume through the increase of blood flow to the scalp and a stimulation of the hair’s follicles.

4). Conditioner should only be applied at the tips of your hair

When you add excessive moisturizing product for hair close to the roots, it weighs down the hair and make it look thinner and more pleasing. For you to avoid this, you should focus simply on applying hair conditioner on the hair’s tips. When you use excess conditioner on the root of the hair, you could rapidly get oily hair. If this is your situation, there is a guide to prevent your hair from becoming oily.

5). Blow-dry the hair the other way up.

One of the easiest methods of thickening the hair is to give the hair a blowout properly. Use with a round brush as you blow-dry to give extra volume and dry out the roots by having the hair upside down. This will create that extra lift needed at the crown of your head. There is a video lesson on giving yourself a professional homemade hair blowout.

6). Avoid growing out your hair overly long

One of the most primary hairstyles to stay away from for thin hair is to grow the hair excessively. Thin hair usually tapers close to the ends of the hair rapidly while having stringy and long hair. It is the simplest method of making the hair much thinner than its current state.


Besides making essential lifestyle and diet changes, adding some products that include thin hair into your hair care regimen will spring up surprises. From using food supplements to hair texturizers to using masks, follow through with some of our chosen products that add life and volume to your pretty hair:

1). Light hair texturizing spray

If you do want fine hair, it is essential to use texturizing spray. People who need a beachy, voluminous hair look could look on the texturizing spray as the best product. This helps with grit and natural hair texture, which is the best hair solution that struggles to maintain a style. However, it would be best if you tried to use the texturizing spray, sparingly, though, to avoid the hair from getting weighed down from excessive products.

2). Spraying the to get root volume

Many girls with pretty hair tend not to have root volume, which is a common issue among them. When you use a root volume spray, this flawlessly adds in additional volume and oomph around your head’s crown. It would be best if you tried to add spray that adds volume to the hair before you blow-dry the hair to help with more lift and volume.

3). Dry Shampoo

For girls that have thin hair, they can use the dry shampoo is another useful product. Apart from fighting off greasy next-day hair, it also includes lift, body, and volume. You should try using Love Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo that comes with totally naturally and verified organic ingredients. These helps in the absorption of oil and increases the volume without weighing the hair down. Alternatively, if you feel quite creative, you can try our simple recipe for a homemade dry shampoo.