Most people often wish that they had thick hair. However, people who have thick hair certainly understand the struggle involved in caring for their hair type. Indeed, it is a good thing to have thick hair, and there are numerous alternatives for creating multiple hairstyles; however, there is the frequent frizz and long duration of styling these hair types. If you are one of the types of people who find it challenging to care for your thick hair, do not get sick from being worried, we have put together a guide containing all you need to know about maintaining your thick hair. We have helped you sorted through products, healthy habits, and accessories to get practical and pleasant results.



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In terms of hair moisture, thick hair tends to be relatively dry; therefore, it is vital to keep it hydrated with products and prevent it from frizzing up. For thick-haired pretty women who find it challenging to care for their thick hair, particularly in these dry summer months.


Why do hair frizz?

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Before we delve into the products to prevent frizz, it is essential to know what causes the hair to frizz. Frizz happens as the external hair cuticle layer gets lifted. This allows moisture to get into it and make the hair strands swollen. If the cuticle remains flat and unraised, the hair’s strands will be smooth and free from frizzing.

There are multiple reasons why your hair cuticle can be lifted. However, one common cause for frizzing in ladies with thick hair is that the hair is dry. This way, the cuticle of the hair becomes vulnerable to lifting.  Just assume that our hair is thick and dry, and you step out of the house during the humid season…what will happen to the hair? Since the hair is dry while your hair strands’ external layer is lifted, the air’s moisture will rapidly get into the hair strands. This will then make every one of the strands to become swollen. This swollen action will result in a big and frizzy hair. Therefore, how is this eliminated?



Women with thick hair that have a dry hair condition can fight this off by using hair oils. The most effective solution to caring for a frizzed hair is to nourish and moisturize your hair strands. This procedure is usually done with various hair oil types.


Coconut Oil

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We cannot hide our love for coconut oil, and we love it for a good reason. The oil comes with moisture-retaining abilities. Once you put coconut oil on your hair, it is retained on the hair. It then moisturizes the hair strands by moving into them. This makes it to be among the most excellent hair oils used to combat frizzy hair. The oil a great moisturizing hair mask. Just cover up the hair using the oil from the hair root to its tip. Put on your shower cap; you then allow the oil to function for nearly 20 minutes. Later, you could then rinse it off the hair; you can typically add condition and shampoo. After this, you would be happy to get a moisturized, frizz-free, and smooth hair.


Argan Oil

This oil is also called Moroccan oil. The oil is full of useful nutrients such as ferulic acid, antioxidants, and vitamin E. add several Argan Oil drops. You shall see how this gives the hair an additional moisture boost. This helps fight off frizz and dryness. Argan oil does not feel as greasy as the Coconut oil. Therefore, it is ideally used as a finishing oil daily.



If you are looking to purchase useful hot tools, essentially, you should choose the hot tool that goes with the type of hair you have. Contrary to what many people believe in, not every hairdryer, curler, or straightener gets in a similarly manner, and some materials are appropriately suited to maintain the hair texture and moisture. Have you ever thought of the reason professional hair hot tools seem to be more expensive than your average drugstore hot too? Or do you know why your hair consistently appears much shinier and smoother each time you leave the salon?  This professional difference exists because the professional hair designer bought high-end hot tools, and this is what you should do too!


Tip to note: Hairstylists are familiar with the science behind hair blowout. This is one more reason the hair appears to be perfect after you finish your hair appointment.



Ionic Hairdryer

People with thick hair know the effort they spend on washing, drying, and styling the hair. Any ionic hairdryer reduces the time that thick hair takes to dry out. It uses negative ions in breaking down the droplets of water on a wet hair. This causes rapid hair drying, while frizz is controlled, and the shine is improved.



Once more, people with thick hair know that their hair type is vulnerable to getting dry quickly. This is because the hairs natural oils cannot travel down the shaft of the hair. This is why people with thick hair will have naturally dry hair tips – mainly if your hair strands are equally. Attempting to see the effect of a homemade hair mask is an affordable and comfortable way to restore luster and moisture to the hair. Masks are essential for all hair types, including girls with thick hair!

Just as stated previously, the Coconut oil mask is among the quickest and most comfortable method that this gets done. But then again, if you want to enhance your hair moisture, you should include more ingredients that retain moisture. These ingredients should be added to your mask. You will find our next options of Avocado, honey, egg, and coconut oil mask in the sections below.


Avocado hair mask


You can use this excellent hair mask to bring back your hair shine. It also fights off frizz, adds moisture, and repairs all damage. The eggs richly contain Vitamins E, D, and A, fatty acids, and protein. They support hair shine and luster retention. The honey and the coconut oil absorb air moisture and lock it in the strands of the hair.


To do this, you shall be needing:

  • One Avocado
  • Two eggs
  • One tablespoon of honey.
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil.



Instructions on usage:

1). Get all the ingredients mixed into a bowl.

2).  Place the ingredients on the hair. Applying from the root end. Remember to put on your shower cap.

3). Allow this to settle for fifteen and twenty minutes. Then the hair mask can be rinsed off. After which you can then apply hair shampoo and condition as you usually do. Let it sit for 15-20 mins, then rinse the hair mask off and shampoo and condition normal.


Changes to diet

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Fortunately, girls whose hair is thick need not make any significant diet adjustments to support hair thickness or go for more hair growth. However, it is always recommended to consume foods that help improve your general hair health. Thick hair doesn’t always mean healthy hair. If you follow through with useful recommendations and tips on what to put in your diet, you could make your thick hair look luscious for a more extended period.




You can easily find Omega-3s in different species of fish. Furthermore, these types of fats can also be found in plants such as seeds and nuts. The fat is known as being among the most excellent nutrients in strengthening the hair, nails, and skin. For women with thick hair, Omega-3s are amazing in bringing more shine to the hair, reducing hair breakage, and strengthening the hair’s follicles.



If you want your hair to be healthy, you need Biotin, Vitamin B6, and B12. If you need one gre1t source of these vitamins, you can find them in leafy greens, seafood, fish, meat, almonds, and whole grains. These food elements are useful in getting healthy hair. Most of the time, people who do not consume these vitamins in sufficient amounts will invariably experience hair loss. Furthermore, they can take food supplements to make up for this deficiency.

To make your hair healthy and strong, you should use the recipe to create a biotin shake and check this article on some of the most excellent food to help you get healthy and strong hair.


The Best Accessories for Hair

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Among the most significant challenges for thick-haired girls is getting the proper accessories to style their accessories beautifully. Read on to learn about some of our most preferred accessories suitable for thick-haired women.



The Invisibobble ties for hair is useful for those who find it difficult to style their hair into a high ponytail or bun due to their thick and heavy hair. You can achieve these ties by using a telephone cord such as a spiral. This makes the band’s grip tighter and with increased comfort – this is the best for girls with thick hair! Most of the time, women who have thick hair may find it challenging to get the proper hair tie since they get pulled due to the hair’s weight; this leads to them needing a tighter ponytail, resulting in headaches. This cycle is a repetitive one; however, Invisibobbles helps solve this problem and does not leave any mark.


Thick Hair Habits

Thick-haired girls will typically need more upkeep to ensure that their heavy hair looks tamed and sleek. Frequently, this usually means more regular use of heavy products or heat styling. That can cause friend ends and dried hair. If you want to keep your thick hair luscious and healthy, follow our recommended habits for healthy hair.



The addition of layers is among the first initial steps that girls with thick hair can do to manage their hair. The addition of layers adds a natural movement and body to the hair. It also makes the hair-thin to help shape and tame it.


Frequently do hair masks.

One habit of using to get healthy hair is hair masks. Every woman should add hair masks to their care routine, especially women with coarse and thick hair. As previously mentioned, the natural oils in the thick hair cannot go through the full hair length, resulting in a dried hair, particularly at the ends of the hair. This causes unmanageable and frizzy hair. But a weekly hair mask can be efficient.




Cutting back on hair washes is a habit for healthy hair that most women should include in their hair care regimen. However, women with thick hair can easily do this. Whereas thick hair tends to be dry rather than oily, thick-haired women can skip washing their hair for several consecutive days before their hair begin to look oily. When you often wash the hair, you could rid your hair of natural oils, causing your hair to become dry for a period. Therefore, battling hair dryness can minimize the number of times when they wash the hair, even though it is once every week. This will help the oil of the hair to become balanced. Also, dry shampoo can solve the problem of oily roots!




If girls with thick hair perfect their blowout strategy, they will avoid using numerous hair heating products. It is quite challenging to blow-dry, straighten the hair, and then curling it to make it appear excellent; however, if you knew how to blow-dry your hair correctly, you could avoid some of those steps voluminous and sleek hair. You can learn how to transform the hair from frizzy nature to a sleek one with a simple blowout. If you practice efficiently, you could add this to your regular hair regimen and get your thick hair effortlessly.



One of the most significant benefits of thick hair is that you can create numerous styles with which thin hair girls might not be able to do. You can try several hairstyles like updos, braids, and half-up hairstyles. You could attempt any of the mentioned styles on your thick hair. If you discover that your hair is excessively thick for you to manage, try styling it with the gorgeous fishtail braid. If you feel like having fun, but you want to reduce some of the hair thickness, you could throw up half of the hair! With thick h1ir, there 1re endless possibilities of hairstyle. Read on to get some inspiration of several of our preferred hairstyles suitable for girls with thick hair to have:



When your braids are voluminous and thick, they are ten times more gorgeous and beautiful. Or else why would people often “pancake” their braids? Fortunately, women with thick hair will not find this hairstyle challenging to have.  One of the preferred hairstyles is the ever-fresh fishtail braid that can be created so quickly.



For thin hair girls, the half-up style can be such a struggle because they lack good hair. Most times, if the hair gets styled up, there isn’t enough hair left to be styled. This means that thin hair girls will also appear thinner. Women that have thick hair can quickly get the half-up hairstyle. This can be their preferred hairstyle, and they can add up hair extensions to create length. The half-up bun style can be learned up above.