Ash blue hair colours are amazing, since they may be avant garde as well as down to earth. It makes great hair colour as despite it is not a pure hair colour, it is so muted which it ends up becoming completely wearable! We have got some wonderful ash blue hair colours inspiration for you in this page. So please seriously think about this mad awesome colour of blue! Ash blue hair looks great on everybody, irrespective of whether it is lace jeans or a coat they’re wearing” it would not be hard at all to acquire ash blue hair to complement your outfit.


20 Dazzling Ash Blue Hair Color Inspirations

Below are a few unbelievable ash blue hair inspirations  to get you motivated!


Acid-Washed Wave Ombre

This ash blue dye project is so super cool! No, we mean it! The cold, dark blue roots blend into frosty, metallic tips, making a very beautiful acid washed denim ash blue hair result.


Ash blue Mermaid Balayage

ash blue balayage The ash blue hair colour effect actually depends on texture, with highlights and lowlights. These locks are long and wavy, and the feel comes from getting the hair mainly coloured blue, but with thick mint highlights making a balayage effect.


Skinny Jean Frost

Ash blue hair colours can do the job very well on hair that is straight, as we could see . A combination of gray, violet-blue, and platinum come together to make a denim ash blue hair result which reminds us of our favourite set of skinny jeans” glossy, trendy, and very wearable.


Aegean Demi Fishtail

ash blue hair

Different colors of blue and gray are mixed artfully within this wavy appearance that is excellent for anybody with very lush, long locks. The fishtail braid begins quite cluttered and pulled on top, which adds a bohemian vibe to the entire appearance.


Stonewashed Jean Magic

Within this ash blue hair seem the hair-roots begin as dark, but as a result of smooth mixing, they fade softly to a stoney silver which receives the ashy blue impact thanks to the darker elements.


Frost Tip Ombre Ash Blue Hair

This ash blue ombre is really elegant and alluring thanks to the stunning soft curls, along with a metallic finish. The black ash blue hair melts to a glowing silvery blue following a very gentle, dreamy gradient.

Trendy Matte Ash Blue Hair

Whilst normally which we desire is glistening hair, this matte concrete finishing of dark gray and purple blue is truly reminiscent of the pair of jeans you have been sporting for many years” soft and comfy. With layered waves that the result is contemporary and chic.

Vampy Ash Blue Curls Ash Blue Hair

ash blue hair

Colours of black and white dark blue come together to make the fantastic Goth club appearance. It has got a small bit of risk, also thanks to lush waves and curls, a great deal of vampy allure!

Ash Blue Bob

This bob hairstyle really is intriguing as a result of the platinum silver disintegrating the darker blue fade out of the roots as well as the subtle violet blue tips. This hairstyle demonstrated that you could get very creative with ash blue hair colours!

Soft Navy Ash Blue Hair 

By deciding on a very black navy, you may definitely keep them guessing (and avoid the bold ash blue hair colours even in a conservative conditions). This black navy will seem black in darker environments, but if the light hits it just right, you may shine in your entire ash blue glory!

Cluttered Arctic Ashy Ombre

An ombre on short bobs is so exciting and airy, particularly whenever the gradient starts out darker and finishes on this artic blue. The cluttered waves include an excess touch of ash blue hair pleasure!


Stonewash Silver Blue Ash Blue Bob 

We believe our favourite part about this haircut is how it ends at a straight across cut” it adds a little seriousness that’s offset from the stunning curls. The silvery-blue color is beautiful, and also the darker roots imply that the grow-out phase will be quite forgiving.


Ashy Blue Wavy Hair

Is there anything cuter than the usual dual bun? With the remainder of the hair in loosen , layered waves, then this appearance is cute and flowy. The ash blue hair really is accomplished here using a combination of indigo and frosty blue strands absolutely textured.

Feathery Indigo Ash Blue Side Parting Ash Blue Hair

A mix of slate and indigo waves is offset by only drizzle of ashy baby blue highlights. The feather-light waves along with side parting are simple, and exceptional for a casual appearance.

Dual Ash Blue French Braid

ash blue hair

Is it only us, or perform those ash blue French braids really seem as a set of jean-clad legs? These metallic colors of blue are integrated to the braids superbly, and also the dark roots help keep it edgy.

Back To Black Ash Blue Ombre

All these ombre waves seem so tender, they are just begging to be touched! We truly dig in your face color of royal ash blue, however the dark top half retains it more wearable and natural.

Asymmetrical Acid Washed Ombre

Acid washed denim blue is a little overly grunge we’d like to wear jeans, however like a denim hair colour it is edgy and fun. How the darkened roots fade to a blend of darker and lighter ash blues that is actually smooth, and with slightly longer waves at front retains the trendy cut.

Blue Steel Ash Blue Locks

Another instance that shows us two colors of ash blue hair are larger than one! Violet and frosty blue combination together here to entail a matte, denim-esque finishing. The hair-roots were maintain darker, to help keep things simple for upkeep.

Melted Steel Balayage

The blending of blossom, silver, along with baby blue within this balayage is perfect. The wavy hairdo, coupled with this unbelievable texturing is merely super alluring, also reminds us of the sea.

Grunge Blue waves Ash Blue Hair

Our favourite thing about ash blue hair colours is certainly the chance to have fun with very darker hair-roots. With this appearance, the transition out of blue black hair-roots to silver hair is intense.



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