20 Blonde Ombre Hair Color Ideas

The latest trends in the hairstyling industry show that women make the biggest changes in their hairstyles by having blonde ombre hair color.

Your blonde hair can make a vibe, and it can make you look beautiful and attractive in many ways. Styling it can bring out your personality. If you have heard the French word, ombre, which literally means shading or shaded, well, you’re in.

Ombre hairstyle gives your hair an adorable look such that it provides the darkest and lightest colors from the root down to the end.


Chic Blonde Ombre Hairstyles for Women

Here are the 20 classic ombre hair color ideas in the different blonde shade to wear on any occasion:


  1. Ombre for Long Wavy Hair

ombre hair color

If you have long black wavy hair, this ombre in ashy blonde hair color can give you a new look. Say goodbye to a part of your black hair.

Try shading the lower part with ash. Well, this ombre can be worn on different hair types, whether you have a straight, wavy, or curly hair.

If you already have wavy hair, you no longer need to use a straightening iron to make it look beautiful as this ombre can make you look better. And it is perfect for all occasions, formal or not.


  1. Balayage Ombre

blonde ombre hair

This style is not your typical ombre look. But it’s so cool having this kind of ombre, just imagine, having three colors in your hair. The roots are colored deep brown, the middle is honey blonde, and the ends are platinum blonde.

These shades create a golf effect on your hair. As you can see, the wavy style in the middle is combined with a straight cut at the ends.


  1. Copper Blonde Ombre

ombre hair color

Copper red hair is sometimes an underrated option when it comes to hair color. You may be one of those who think that copper looks like red. Let us change your thinking now. Play with copper ombre hair color, such as this red to copper blonde hair color.

This will look you distinctive among others. And it can complement cool and warm skin tones. If you have rose or pinky undertones, you will look best with this hair color style.


  1. Blonde and Brown Ombre

blonde ombre hair color

Perhaps, this chocolate brown hair color is the most natural combination to blonde hair. Both colors are in demand, but combining the two will make your hair look even more attractive.

It looks so classy and fashionable, especially if you have a long wavy to curly hair. The gradient is just simply amazing.


  1. Long Beach Waves

ombre hair color

If you are someone who wants to chill out and prefer simplicity, this style will perfectly describe your personality.

This warm blonde ombre hair color makes you look sun-kissed. This color complements your long wavy relaxed hair.


  1. Short Ombre Hair Color


If you want to have a new hairstyle for your short wavy hair, this may be ideal for you. This ombre blunt lob look gives your black hair a nice tone.


  1. Sombre

ombre hair color

Just like the style above, this ombre is also simple but elegant. Make your black hair look exciting by shading brunette from the middle to the bottom of your hair. It is perfect for your semi-wavy/ semi-curly hair.


  1. Short Blonde Ombre Hair Color

If you want to add some elegance to your usual look, you can try combing different complementary colors such as light brown hair to blonde. Selecting the best combination can make you express your individuality.


  1. Rose Gold Ombre

Just look at how copper is transformed into rose gold towards the end. This gives your hair a sun-touched look. This gives a warm gradient, just perfect for your long straight and wavy hair.


  1. Blonde to Purple Ombre

reverse blonde ombre hair

It is impossible to achieve your childhood dream of becoming a mermaid or a semi-unicorn, but with this blonde hair with purple mermaid ombre, you will feel like you are one.


  1. Blonde Grey Ombre on Short Hair

Plain is boring. Shading your black curly hair with blondish grey ombre can give life to your style. Well, this is perfect for short curly hair. It can really brighten up your hair. Moving your hair from one side to the other is damn attractive.


  1. Long Straight Hair Ombre

Just like the previous style, greyish blonde hair color is also perfect for long straight hair. Grey never goes out of style, and it is ideal for all hair types, short or long, straight or curly.


  1. Ombre Kanekalon Hair

Plain black curly hair is curly. If you want to make it look trendy and sophisticated, try shading blonde from the middle to the end of your hair. This gives a beachy vibe, just ideal for your vacation.


  1. Light Brown to Blonde

light brown to blonde ombre

If you are not fond of outrageous colors, this ombre for your long straight hair might suit you best. This will give you a warm look with light brown roots at the top and a light blonde hair dye at the bottom.


  1. Ombre on Copper Brown Hair

This may look like your typical blonde hair, but it’s not! It’s ombre. You can shade your blond hair with brown from the roots to the middle. Just leave the bottom part with its natural shade.


  1. Golden Blonde Highlights

Give your straight hair some exciting colors, such as placing sunny highlights from the middle to the bottom of your hair.


  1. Medium Ombre Hair Color

This ombre hairstyle in blonde shade is cool for women with curly hair. Give your curly hair a twist by coloring half of it with a blonde. It will surely emphasize your hair. Come to think about how attractive you will become.


  1. White Ombre

If you don’t want to look like a granny totally, you can leave the roots of your hair its brown color. This blonde ombre bob look is also ideal if you have brown wavy hair. Your hair will make you look good, even if you wear a plain shirt and nude makeup.


  1. Reverse Ombre

blonde reverse ombre hairstyle

This ombre hairstyle is perfect if you already have black or blonde hair. This can be simply done. You just have to blend dark highlights towards the end, and this will most likely brighten up your face.


  1. Asian Ombre Hair Color

chestnut blonde ombre hair Wanna look hot all year round? This blonde hairstyle is perfect Asian women and can give a subtle look. It is perfect for a corporate look or even a summer look. The ombre creates a mesmerizing effect. It also creates a sun-kissed look.

There are many ways on how you can style your hair. Your choice depends upon your personality, style, and preference. Well, there are countless choices, and that means that there is that one style that will really suit what you want.

Make your own fashion statement when it comes to ombre-ing your hair. These ombre hair color ideas will inspire you to create your own style. Play with different blonde shades, check if they complement, and apply these colors in your hair.


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