A bob haircut, also referred to as a bob, is technically a short to mid length haircut, where the hair is generally cut round the head about the jaw-level in a straight and precise manner, frequently adopting a fringe (or “bangs”) in front. The conventional bob is usually cut between or just under the ends of the ears, also over the shoulders.

A-line bob hairstyle: A common bob haircut, adopting slightly longer hair at front which frames your face, usually curled beneath the jawline.

Buzz-cut bob hairstyle: This haircut is a shoulder-length at front and also close-cropped in the back.
Chin-length bob hairstyle: Trim straightly near to the chin, with or without bangs.

Inverted bob hairstyle: Much like an A-line bob haircut, however with stacked layered hair at the back. The contour of this haircut is curvy instead of being a straight line. This trimming is also commonly referred to as a”graduated bob”.

Shaggy Bob hairstyle: A bob haircut with layers using a razor

Shingle bob hairstyle: A trim that’s tapered shorter in the back, exposing the hairline near the nape. The hair on either side is shaped to one curl or pointing on the cheeks.

Shoulder-length bob hairstyle: A blunt bob haircut which reaches the shoulders and also contains hardly any layers.

Bobs have consistently been the hot favourite among actresses and runway celebrities! We’ve observed plenty of celebs lately sporting different kinds of bob-cut hairstyles. Sometimes Gwyneth Paltrow sports a slick look and Jennifer-Aniston gives an appearance a twist of comb to some zig zag parting. Rose Byrne can also be seen to play the way her bob appears every time. One moment she’s wearing an ordinary bob whilst another time she will play it with aside sectioning.

Curls are now incorporated into different bob hairstyles. Therefore they’re really not that traditionally untasteful either. Therefore, if you aren’t feeling like going for old-fashioned bob culture, then just add some twist. To further assist you to choose different and favorite bob haircuts and hairstyles that may enable you to look worth millions, we’re putting forward our selected best of their finest Bob hairstyles sported by us.

Have you been bored wearing similar hairstyles? Can you wish to appear brand new? In case the reply is yes, you would need a fresh style. Here are several trending and also most common shaped bob hairstyles which could assist you in making a brand new style for yourself.

Simple Bob Using Wavy Fringe

bob hairstyles

This really is the most typical contour by which a normal side parting separates the hair to two chin-length segments. The wavy fringe and also the gorgeous low-lights add brightness for the normal hairstyle.


Lob With In-ward Curled Ends

bob hairstyles

For this featured long shoulder length lob, the smooth and glossy hair is tucked beneath the ears whilst the endings are textured in addition to curled in an in ward direction.


Curvy Bob Using Graduated Bang:bob hairstyles

When you have an elongated face shape, this style should be the Ideal option. It’s a wider center segment with slightly curvy endings and thicker graduated bangs to cover single side of fore head perfectly.


Asymmetric Bob Using Sleek Side Sweep Fringebob hairstyles

Asymmetry is in fashion nowadays. Have a look at this slick smooth asymmetric bob using a gorgeous horizontal side sweep fringe. The ideal method is to provide dimension to the face!


Chinese Bob Using Straight Fringes:

bob hairstyles

Chinese bob is very popular among all the bob hairstyles. Additionally, it features ideally curved hair adopting the outline of their face and front bangs swinging about the eyebrows.


Image result for dome shape bob

Dome Shape Bob With Short Bangs

As the name implies, this bob hairstyle looks like a dome because it’s narrow crown on the head and also a relatively wider curved ends. The shorter bangs balance off the shape to a certain degree.


Short Layer Bob With Messy Fringe

Image result for Short Layer Bob With Messy bangs

Here’s a shorter, rich layered bob haircut with all the borders curled In a direction outward. Front bangs and also the top offer a cluttered appearance, entailing a stunning design.

Bob With Long Fringe and Wispy Ends

Though this bob haircut features softer regular layers, even the longer textured fringe and feathery endcreate quite a unique appearance. Wish to give it a go?


Messy Bob Haircut Coupled With Textured Side FringeImage result for Messy Bob With Textured Side Bang:

This can be a somewhat cluttered bob using a hair length that finishes at the jaw line. There’s really a smoother textured side fringe with an irregular edge and a little tug at the top.


 A Line Bob Hairstyle With Front BangImage result for  A Line Bob With Front Fringes:

Get inspired by this A-Line bob which is personalized with an ‘A’-shaped at the front. This hairstyle is made up of two longer and uniform bangs. The remaining of the hair is shorter as compared the bang.


Layered and Outward wispy Bob:

Image result for Layered and Outward wispy Bob:

The layered and outward fluffy hair will result in a appearance of sophistication and class. This bob with layers and feathered ending will embellish your look.



Extremely Short Brushing Back Bob Hairstyle With almost Shaved Sides:Image result for Short Brushed Back Bob With Shaved Sides

For this bob hairstyles, both the sides all nearly shaved whilst the crown of hair has been brushed straight back to provide a solid texturing effect. Elegance and smarty — we all could say!


Chin-Length Sleek Bob Using Tapered Ends:

Hope you will like this well sought-after chin length sleek bob which complement exceptionally well with all kinds of face contours. It has an off-middle parting, tapering ends and sleek finishing which resulted a well worthy hairstyle.


Reverse Bob With Slick back Top and Layers50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

All eyes will be turning for this mid length bob hairstyles with beautiful reversed layers. Alternatively, you may even liven up the appearance by getting front section and the fringe slicked straight back tidily. Therefore, have you been prepared to look glamorous with this bob hairstyles?


Messy Bob Using Curled Bangs and Shorter Fringe:50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

If you would like to look enchanting and lively, this wavy and messy bob showcasing the whole facial appearance will probably be well suited for you personally. Textured curled side fringes and short bang will boost the appearance much more.


Short Bob with Side Sweep Fringe and Outward Curled Ends:50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

This classic bob hairstyle includes short, glossy hair using a wonderful bend outward at the border. But, keep the side-swept bang only a modest curved at the direction inward as a way to match the appearance.


Mid-Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle With Side Twist50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

What about this featured flowy, mid-length bob hair using beautiful side twist as well as wavy fringe? The contour moves great with shorts, long dresses or some other outfit that is similar.


Mid Parted Bob with curl Ends

People who would like to color their hair might like to use this hairstyle also. All you have to do is make a centre parting and curl-up the endings of one’s glossy and smooth hair. And, did you really enjoy the gorgeous colors?


Relaxed Bob Together With Layered Bangs

The characteristic of the shorter shaped bob is it does not set near the face. Rather, the well organize hair and layered bangs encircles it at a relaxed manner.


Thicker Bob with Layers and Short Side FringeImage result for 20. Thick Layered Bob With Short Side Bang:

This distinctively shaped bob hairstyle is very great for thicker hair. You must find a few mid-length layers and also a relatively shorter side-bang to cover your own forehead fashionably.


Rolling up with High Volume Bob HairstyleImage result for Rolled-up and Volumized Bob:

This really is effortless but stylish bob which comes with a good volume at the crown of the head area. You are able to roll up your front hair up and provide it with a small cluttered effect for extra elegance.


Lob With Shorter Bang and In-ward Feathered Layered Haircut:

Image result for Long Bob With Short Fringes and Inward Feathered Layers:

Inward feathers provide layered bob hair a completely different dimension. For those who get a very long bob with a great deal of layers, then make them have feathers in an in-ward direction. This short bang has added ultimate cuteness into the style.


Short Classic Bob Using Soft Curls:Image result for Short Classic Bob Using Soft Curls:

This classic bob is broad at the ears and narrow at the bottom and top. In addition, we adore those luscious curls which are swinging over and increasing the beauty through the hair-style greatly.


Classic Textured Bob Together With Waves and Curls:Image result for Classic Textured Bob Together With Waves and Curls:

Texture is what provides this bob hairstyles a classic shape, Appearance and texture. While it’s layered wavy hair, it’s been changed in to nearly horizontal curls and waves by employing a lot of hair serum and spray.


Short Blunt Bob Hairstyle Together With Straight Bang:Image result for Short Blunt Bob With Straight Fringes:

If you’re a sweet teenager, give this cute bob haircut a shot least one time. This is really a modified variant of this blunt Chinese bob and more stimulating endings. Epitome of all cuteness!


Sleek Bob Together With Outward and Inward Curvy Shape:

This contour of this flattering bob haircut and it is very awe-striking as It includes inward curved finish at single side along with outward round one at one another side. In any case, it’s a slick and smooth bob hairstyles entailing a shiny finish.


Brushed Back Together With Straight Bottom Layers:Image result for Brushed Back Together With Straight Layered Bottom:

This is just another exclusive and well-endorsed bob hairstyle which includes a brushed straight back smooth at the top with a hair bottom of straight layered with sharp razored cut finishing.


Short Curled Textured Bob Haircut:Image result for Short wavy Textured Bob:

For short bob haircut, when it comes to getting subtle curls, texturing provide you with a very different appearance. Gather the hair at the single side by creating an equally off middle parting and put in texturing into it.


Shaggy Bob Hairstyles With Uneven Bangs and LayersImage result for Shaggy Layered Bob With Uneven Bangs

If you’re ready to put on a bob hairstyles having shape that is not defined, then rock with this particular one. It’s an entirely shaggy style with layers and most importantly, it includes jagged front bangs that can be unique.


Long Inverted bob Haircut Using Curly Ends:50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

Get inspired by this inverted layered lob. The front layers has past the shoulders and the length is gradually decrease towards the back. The endings also needs to be curled.


Angled Face-Shaped Bob Hairstyles

It’s quite obvious from the title that this bob haircut shapes framed the face gorgeously with aka, “money pieces”. It’s angled in a manner the whole face with the bangs and other beautiful well-defined layers.


Puffy and Curly Bob Hairstyles Using Smooth Side-Sweep:Image result for Curly, Puffy Bob With Smooth Side-Sweep

This triangular bob haircut is created with a bouffant crown combined with subtle and sexy curls covering remainder of the head. Remember that sleek side sweep bang  when you have a wider forehead.


Messy Texturing Bob Hairstyles With Curved BangImage result for Messy Textured Bob With Curved Bang

Rather than curling your hair up aggressively, you may try being more gentle and add on the subtle curls. Additionally, the bangs at the side can be curled outwards for a more texturing finished.


Stacked Inverted Bob Hairstyles Using Low-lights:50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

For a more sophisticated look, you may go for this stack bob. With this haircut, the gleaming beige blonde is enhanced with subtle dark lowlights as well as faint feather hair ends.


Short Slicked-Back Texturing Bob Hairstyles

Image result for Short brush-Back Textured Bob Hairstyles

This will be another great option for ladies having shorter hair. The hair is back combed resulting in fine texturing so as to have a high volume at the top and sleek finishing.


Fringed Bob Hairstyles with Layers and Razored Ends

This is a simple mid length layered bob haircut having in ward feather. The razored cut bangs swinging across the eyes have lent an exceptional contour and appearance.


Layered Bob Hairstyles Using Feathered Side-bangImage result for Layered Bob Hairstyles Using Feathered Side-bang

Get inspired by this shoulder-length bob hairstyles, the soft and subtle layers have resulted in an ideal womanly appearance. The feathered sidebang has further added zing and thus overall finished look seem like a flattering veil for the eyes.


Voluminous Bob Hairstyles with Layers and Textured CurlsImage result for Voluminous Layered Bob Using Textured Curls

Regardless of what your face shape will be, you are able to create this round appearance by choosing this particular layered bob haircut with texturing inward curl. The superior volume additionally gives it an awesome finishing.


Retro Bob Hairstyles with Texturing Curly hair:Image result for Retro Bob With Textured Curls

This bob haircut of retro shaped is easy to complement with your outfit, face shaped and little upkeep. All you have to do is curled the endings of certain thick segments of hair and also employ hair spray to enable a strong hold.


Sleek Mushroom Bob Hairstyles

Does this sleek bob hair look like a mushroom? It features an exceptionally short and highly precise layered cut using a superbly curved contour. Get ready to turn eyes with this haircut!


Curly Layered Bob Hairstyles Using Messy FinishImage result for Curly Layered Bob Using Messy Finish

If curl is your favourite, you may declare your bold statement that this gorgeous hair will be your ideal hairstyle. Transform your hair into this subtle, luxurious curls and allow them to frame your face perfectly.


Very Short Super Curled Bob HairstylesImage result for Very Short Super Curly Bob:

You may be awed by this short afro curly bob! Despite have a boyish style sentiment, the strands have been created into well-defined coils which looks stunning overall.


A Line Inverted Stacked Bob HairstylesImage result for A-Line Inverted Stacked Bob:

The chic and beautiful A line bob haircut featured here is one of the latest inspiration cut in a reverse way, with the stacking look for the hair at back. Smart and sleek!


Sleek Bob Hairtyles Using Curled Textured Ends:Image result for Smooth Bob With Curly Textured Ends:

The top of the crown for this bob hairstyle looks similar to some smooth curved bob. But for this style, the bottom segments are somewhat textured and curled to provide a beautiful classic appearance.


Messy Angled Bob Hairstyles With Puffy Top:50 Most Popular Bob Shaped Hairstyles

Get inspired by this angular bob which the top of the crown was puffed up, and also the stunning creation has the hair flair beautifully near the ears. What’s more, the cluttered effect has created a fashionable appearance.


Messy Bob Hairstyles With Curly Fringe and Textured Waves:Image result for Messy Bob With Curly Bangs and Textured Waves:

This bob haircut itself shapes the face and provides it a prominent contour. Besides, the texturing wave and curly bangs resulting in this cluttered finishing look!


Inverted Bob Hairstyles with Layers and Curly Bangs and Ends

Image result for Inverted Layered Bob With Curly Bangs and Ends:

This inverted layered bob haircut featured a voluptuous fronts, particularly near the face. The curly bangs and cured hair ends result in an exclusive and unique look.


Messy Brushed Back Bob Hairstyles With Texturing:Image result for Messy Brushed Back Bob With Texture:

Hope you adore this brush back bob coupled with a messy finishing. The hair ending has relaxed curls so to entail a stunning party flair.


Choppy Bangs Bob With Razor Sharp Ends:Image result for Choppy Fringed Bob With Razor-Sharp Ends::

The contour of this choppy bangs put highlights on your face features. It’s actually a choppy bob with cluttered bangs. Nevertheless, the razored finishes ensure it’s unusual charm and look.


Super Voluminous Curled Bob With LayersImage result for Super Curly Layered Bob With Ultimate Volume:

The inspiration for you is this extremely curled bob with layers and great volume. The beautiful bangs work it ways to frame up the face gorgeously.



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So have you get inspired by any of these bob hairstyles? Any particular shaped of these bob hairstyles attract you?