Short Haircuts For Girls – Our Ultimate Inspiration for You!

If your tresses scarcely touch your shoulders, then they come under the short hair category. Congratulations–you are one of those few ladies who understand exactly what it’s like not to get to throw away those long, icky strands of hairs out of your own bathtub , or spend time at the morning determining whether you would take on a pony tail or perhaps a topknot.

Among those short haircuts for girls, if you’ve got a pixie, buzz cut or bob, then the simplest means to inject transformation in to your’do (irrespective of growing out it or using accessory) will be always to colour or highlight it! However, what’s the best color for girls with short hair? Please take note that the period of one’s mane affecting the style of colour to have; a buzzcut, for example, can’t adapt colored tips how a more pixie could.

Additionally you must think about carefully your life style: Could you afford going to the salon every 3 weeks to get hair-roots retouch? When short hair for girls is growing, it’s more obvious and easier to notice in contrast to a style that is longer, therefore a sign of regrowth could be super obvious. You’d also have to have your hair trimmed regularly to keep up its shape and contour, therefore whatever colour you dye it now will likely soon be wholly snipped off at a calendar month or 2. People today say short hair for girls really is low-maintenance, however this is really a great misnomer! Still, the benefits of short hair outweigh all its shortcomings, and colouring it is certainly one of the very fun methods to showcase your character. Searching to get inspo? We’re here to help you! We have listed the top short haircuts for girls in our Hera Hair Beauty salons performed by all our talented hairdressers.

Soft and subtle is key here. An earthy ash brown base gets this flawless finish from major highlighting and lowlighting throughout by our master stylist, Yana. It’s made even trendier with a perfect sleek graduated bob. Make sure you leave home ready to turn some heads wherever you are headed to.




Looking adorable with a fresh short haircuts for girls!


Would you believe if I tell you this mind-blowing makeover is real? What began as harsh brassy curled tresses was magically transformed into a stunning shiny rose gold with peachy warm undertones in a matter of hours by our master stylist, Jen’s magical hands. Look like a character straight out of a writer’s imagination by sporting this ethereal hair colour look. Pair this look with smokey eye makeup and great accessories and you’ll be ready for a fancy night out!



Once upon a time, blonde hair could go one of two ways: you could opt for a platinum hue or a dark yellow gold. Nowadays, this champagne blonde is making debut! Get inspired by this mind-blowing makeover for this lovely client who began with a natural black hair and our talented master stylist, Jordi Anon has magically transformed into light, slightly baby pink shade of champagne and its almost iridescent in its shininess. When coupled with this well-defined graduated bob, the elegance and grace of this style is unmatched!



The epitome of daintiness, this silvery ash pixie is as luscious yet sensual as ever with such striking hue that set to have all eyes on this beautiful client! Our artistic director, Paul Ashton had her layered pixie tousled ever-so-slightly for that unkempt, casual feel that will still takes your breath away. It’s a unique collection of short to long layers that add to the overall chic and the haircut is framed around her face beautifully, which enhances her cheek bones and lets her captivating eyes shine bright.



Calling all aspiring ice queens. If you’re aiming for a frosty, shimmering hue, look no further than this nordic, gleaming silver blonde coupled with the perfect graduated bob by our master stylist, Jen Lee! Like Lady Gaga’s hair colour, this bold shade is destined to make your hair a great topic of conversation. And this bob, when done right, is basically the perfect bouncy bouffant crown for anyone because it beautifully frames the face and lets the hair do its thing.



If you dye your hair blonde, or even certain shades of brunette, brassy harsh lines and grown out roots are the greatest nemesis of blonde lovers. Regardless of the cause, once that brass shows up, you gotta deal with it. Our artistic director, Paul Ashton’s colour correction technique had his client’s roots revitalised and seamlessly blend with the leading shades. She had also ditched the dry harsh brassy ends and was intrigued with the results of her recovered healthy gleaming natural baby blonde!



Its a dream come true for this lovely client who was magically transformed into a stunning golden ash blonde. Our master stylist, Ibra has assist her in pulling off that dream! No one will be able to take their eyes off her faded, smokey, multi-dimenson golden finish.



Take a moment to appreciate this magnum opus by our master stylist, Jordi as he had magically transformed this sweet lady’s harsh brassy hair to a high-wattage light sandy blonde combined with those curved heavy bangs on the straight, blunt lob that frames the face beautifully well. The light shades are perennially on-point and they act as an face illuminator and erasing ages away instantly.



Our lovely client who favors warm blonde hues that reflect shine and our master stylist, Jen has given her a ravishing makeover to this milky creamy baby blonde that is certain to turn heads in her direction. This universal flattering dreamy hue has all the potential to imbue any skin tone with a radiant glow. Getting inspiration from us and your former childhood locks? Feeling nostalgic for the baby blonde hair now?



For an au courant take on pale strands, try this sun-kissed beige color solution that breathes with the freedom of ocean and passion of sun. Our artistic director, Rujean has created this radical transformation for her beautiful client that made her feel special! The ultra-thin wispy blonde highlights give a sun-brightened effect with the fluffy texture and vividness and the tousled textured and curled bob enhances the youthful edgy vibe while staying on-trend.



The flawless transformation to this natural sandy blonde with an edgy chic short feathered haircut by our master stylist, Yana, has providedd an “epitome of class” look for her lovely client. This heavily layered short haircut has created the luscious textured edges and the bangs are jagged cut and swept to the side to contour the face. We simply can’t pass it without doing a double take.




Ready to make more of a statement for coming festive season? Our artistic director, Paul Ashton has performed a color correction for this lovely young client giving her a smoky ash brown look. To really show off every shade in this ash-inspired look, it weaves together a blend of silvery ribbons of color with hints of mauve, delivering a multi-tonal effect that oozes cool and a luminous shine you’ll love.




You know what they say: If you’ve gotten them, flaunt them like our beautiful client who just received her crown of striking sandy blonde from Jen and will bound to make a bold statement with this chin length blunt cut as though she’s wearing a bouffant wig!. If you’ve got thin hair, this trendy cut will make the most of your natural volume, and layering sandy blonde over a darker blonde shade can help to create an added illusion of depth and thickness.




Our colour expert, Yana has created this radical transformation for our gorgeous client from brassy dark base to ashy mix of beige, gray and brown. This is the perfect neutral shade that favours our beloved mushroom brown, but incorporates a light biscuit beige in lieu of medium brown.




Our artistic director, Paul Ashton has created beautiful texture within his client’s short haircut for girls by going for a chopped cut with layers and tousled edges and addition of this shiny golden dimensional highlights made her hair look enticingly radiant and voluminous. If you wish to find out if gentlemen really do prefer blondes, this stunning look is the way to go.




Who doesn’t love a good copper tone on a freshly cut wavy bob? This multi-dimensional hairstyle is so effectively done by our artistic director, Paul Ashton with the colour work that holds it altogether. This very feminine bob cut with retro curled ends wouldn’t be its best without the help of this dimensional bright copper hue. The look will grow out brilliantly, allowing for longer life of the red hair as the state of art colour technique used by Paul is to keep this colour vibrant. Reds are fun to play with, and we’re so excited to go on this adventure with you as there are infinite possibilities our colorist can recommend. Reds are also our specialty! Why? Because we can get very specific and achieve the exact tone you’re looking for —which is just another reason to get a custom hair color as unique as you are.




Colour doesn’t need to be all over to have a mesmerizing effect, little is more here! Our artistic director, Paul Ashton has demonstrated on this lovely client the cleverly executed placement of colour to exaggerate and emphasise different elements of concave short haircuts for girls against a dark chestnut brown base with the dramatic flashes of caramel that allows us to use your hair type/face shape to get the most out of your colour for a picture perfect look!




When this lovely lady came in to our salon with the idea of adding new colours to her hair and she preferred to throw herself into changes. Our artistic director Paul Ashton, inspired and transformed her to this all-over, classic gleaming honey blonde colouring that is all just what she would need: it is a noble, fresh, and shiny finish to her darker brown base to bring out the best in her peachy, red complexions as it will also nicely compliment her facial features too.




Long, shiny, straight and manageable hair are every girl’s dream and our artistic director, Rujean who has performed this Godsend revolutionary keratin treatment for this beautiful woman with unruly hair who dream of sleek strands followed by a long bob haircut. With this long bob, her hair can be easily styled for next 5 months with longer pieces towards the front of her head that helps highlight her face. Come over to our salons to discuss with our friendly hairdressers and get inspired with our Hera’s revolutionary keratin treatment + Bob haircut!!




There’s never been a better time to embrace you natural curls than now! With curly hair bang on trend and countless of celebrities going back to their roots. You can “Love Your Curls” and the uniqueness of what makes “YOU”! Here, our stylist, Jen Lee who had designed cuts for curls had a big cut for this beautiful client and created a rounder shape with natural graduation to show curls off to their best on her! It’s all about getting the shape right, anything too boxy or blunt can kill a beautiful head of natural curls. Start you curl hair journey today and learn to embrace your curls with us.




Blonde lovers will know that blonde shades can turn brassy fast, so get inspired by this gorgeous lady and ask for a dye with cool undertones, rather than warm, for a non-orange finish. Our talented master stylist, Yana has transformed the dark brassy hue to this striking creamy vanilla shade with a perfect bouncy chin-length precise bob as though she’s wearing a bouffant wig!




Brighten up your day by showing off this cool ashy hue with sexy, rumpled waves by our stylist, Jen! Light ash blonde hair looks very stunning and does make a strong statement. Giving you an unmistakable look even from a distance.




Its time to get this new hairstyle! Some call it the reverse mullet, others simply call what it is; the mom bob or graduated bob! And this bob, when done right, is basically the perfect bouffant crown for anyone because it beautifully frames your face and lets your hair do its thing. This gorgeous lady got a super-bouncy, glorious chin-length mom bob that looks fantastic and personalized on her by our well-adept master stylist Ibra.





There’s a new balayage in town and we’re loving the inspiration and concept! Our master stylist Ibra uses this coffee balayage on this gorgeous lady which mimics the usual technique on but using coffee colours vary from the common soft latte shades to dark espresso, combining to make her glossy shoulder bob a tonal dream. Whether you’re leaning towards going lighter with blonde, transforming into a rich brunette, or dipping your toe in the red hair waters, or even learning how to get grey hair we’ve got your inspo sorted.




Stunning crown colour transformation from a sheer dark brown to a warm ashy blonde just fit for a princess. This subtle smokey dimensional crystal crown was made by amazing one session of heavy precise foiling babylights technique by Jen Lee.




Explore different looks and techniques tailored by us to transform your image today. This Babylites advanced colour technique using pure pearl toner to clean up this brassy blonde by our colour director, Rain Baxter.



Freshen up your look with a new cut that reflects your personality with the contrast and dimension. Cut and style by Rujean Botha!





Full make over color correction by Rujean.




Short haircuts for girls is about to change her life !



Look no further, visit our Hera Hair Beauty salon and have a consultation with one of our talented international hairdresser to discuss how our short haircut and colour will work for you.

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