It is certainly a bold decision to take the plunge and gear up your hair colour to blonde. Modern colouring techniques and expert touches allow you to experiment with a variety of blonde shades, including punchy platinum and edgy dark blondes to icy white, ash, and strawberry blonde. This latest version of blonde is perhaps the most expensive sounding and looking – Champagne blonde.

Champagne should not be just for celebrations. Make champagne be a part of our daily life. Champagne has been associated since the 17th century with royalty, affluence, and prestige. In 1905 it was made a registered colour in English. We should consider incorporate champagne colour into our hair regimen because of its soft, pale, golden hue that has become synonymous with opulence, luxury and grandeur.

Champagne is a great way to celebrate special occasions (or weekend brunch), but now the bubbly beverage has already made its way into hair salons in the form of a beautiful hair colour. Champagne hair might seem like another blonde, but it is so versatile. Although it has a blonde slant, it can also be used on lighter brunettes or brondes. It is a soft, creamy colour with baby pink and peach undertones. It is shiny and elegant, much like a sparkling glass of champagne.

We are drawn to the champagne palette because it enables the opulent, beautiful, and balanced blondes. It also entails the unheard richness and naturalism that ash and platinum need.
Most clients were looking for luxury rejuvenation and we have developed the Champagne Blonde technique with the three variations of this technique.

Multi-faceted Light Champagne Blonde

This natural looking, multi-faceted light champagne blonde created by our artistic director, Wends Hoey is almost iridescent in its shininess. It is basically beige blonde colour which has soft golden undertones to it making it have more details and gorgeous hair texture.

Pearly Champagne Blonde

Our master stylist, Jen has created this radiant pearly champagne blonde tone that melt effortlessly into a dusty brunette base and paired it with soft waves as a lush and subtle way of re-energizing and revitalizing your hair! This stunning look will without doubt have friends and strangers lusting after your locks.

Champagne Balayage

There’s truly no better way to ring in the New Year than with a bottle of bubbly, why not take it a step further and try a champagne hair colour? Our master stylist, Jen has created this stunning balayage with warm roots that melted effortlessly to a bright beige blonde with golden undertone finish and paired it with soft waves as a lush and subtle way of re-energizing and revitalizing your hair.

Iced Champagne

Our senior stylist, Jane has created this dramatic makeover of gleaming pearly iced champagne blonde that melt effortlessly into a dusty brunette base and coupled it with soft waves as a lush and subtle way of rejuvenating your hair!

Cool Champagne

It’s time to break out some bubbly in honor of being able to walk outside without feeling a bead of sweat drip down our backs. Feel free to grab a bottle of champagne, but our master stylist, Ibra have great idea to give his lovely client a hair colour transformation that pays homage to the sparkly stuff. To create this magical look, Ibra started off by giving her client a full head of babylights, which are fine, natural-looking highlights avoiding her client’s roots. This ensures the growing-out process is more seamless and lower maintenance. Plus, it creates a natural “shadow root” effect, which gives the look depth. The end results look just like a holographic highlighter of perfect golden champagne blonde with silvery touches. This champagne-coloured hair color is perfect for winter because it has just perfect cool undertones.

Peachy Champagne

This champagne version has subtle peachy undertones that will flatter warm skin tones.. It can be used to complement your natural colour or to create a bombshell look.


Muted Champagne

champagne blonde

This champagne is laidback, easy to manage, even though it’s a dusty champagne blonde.

Honey Champagne Blonde

champagne blonde

This champagne is softened but still opulent. It’s complemented by honey hues that are warm and deep. The result is a refined, sophisticated blonde.

Rose Champagne Blonde

champagne blonde

This blush shade is a younger, more delicate and gentler than other shades, making it accessible to everyone. This shade is perfect for long, balmy summer evenings. You can accessorize with your favourite glass of fizz.