Changing your hair colour is one approach to refresh and renew your look. It gives curly hair an intriguing hair type, extra texture, and depth. There are a variety of hues available, including blonde, red, brown, and ombre, to mention a few. Not every shade of hair is made equal. Some may enhance the colour of your skin, while others help define your ringlets. But how can you tell which hair colour would look best on you? How are you going to decide what colour to dye your curly hair? The best way to colour your hair without hurting it. Your skin tone must be taken into account. Brunette and brown hair colours go well with fair skin. At the same time, darker skin complements well with hues like ash and chestnut.

Must-Try Hues That Will Make Your Curls Pop

You will be perplexed about the best hair colour for curly hair since there are a gazillion number of hues available. Even if there are available instant hair dyes in the market, getting your hair coloured at a salon is still the safest and best. Additionally, a professional hairdresser may a

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Curly haircut with in-house hydration treatment

dvise you on the hue that suits you the best.

Do you want your curls to appear as fantastic as they possibly can with the hair colour? Check out the 20 tones that accentuate  and highlight ringlets to make all curl types pop! They are the greatest hair colours for curly hair!

What Hair Colour Looks the Best on Curly Hair?

  • To draw attention to the texture of curls, consider using dimensional or metallic hues.
  • To accentuate and emphasize the bend, apply highlights or hand-painted balayage.
  • Consider using a demi-permanent colour for lesser damage to your curl pattern.

We have discovered several stunning tones and shades that seem to highlight the bends and swirls of curly hair during our hunt for the best hair colour for curly hair.

There are a few colours that elevate all types of curls to the next level, even if there is not a particular hue that we would call the greatest hair colour for curly hair. Generally speaking, high-dimension hues that do not look flat or boring to the eye are the ideal colours for curly hair.

You are seeking colours that, upon closer look, exhibit a large range of soft and subtle varying tones, and seem somewhat metallic, “sparkly,” or shiny within.

Light colours like flaxen golden blonde or brilliant platinum are examples of these dimensional hues. Curly hair looks fantastic in medium-dimensional hues like toasty golden brown, fiery copper, silvery ash brown or sultry burgundy.

If you prefer darker deeper hues, rich colours like plum burgundy, dark chestnut brown, or intriguing blue-black may still provide that distinctive dimensional appearance.

Colour placement is crucial when colouring curly hair. Applying highlights and lighter colours sporadically throughout your hair or around your face will help to highlight the curves and bends of your curls.

Your curls will be easier to define and provide more visual shape and structure if lighter colours are used in the appropriate areas. Using a darker tone at the roots is another method to experiment with colour placement on curly hair.

Your beautiful spirals will have even more dimension and depth if you have a root smudge, root melt or just placing your highlights a few inches away from the roots. Besides the actual shades you choose and the placement of your new colour, you also need to think about the kind of colour you select for curly hair.

Chemical processing may damage curly hair, and if you use a strong permanent colour, your curl pattern may be affected. The best alternatives for curly hair are the demi-permanent colour that lasts 20–24 washes and the more transient semi-permanent colour that will last 8–12 shampoos.

These short-term dyes do not contain ammonia and may effectively colour your curly strands adequately with only a mild 10-volume developer. Although permanent hair colour lasts a lot longer, it is so much more harmful, thus it is not the best hair colour suited for curly hair.

Your curl pattern may be vulnerable and higher risk if you use permanent hair colour. These ammonia-based colours may result in erratic straight pieces, a tonne of frizz, goofy curls and roughed-up strands that are susceptible to tangles easily since they need a higher developer volume.

In light of these considerations, let us look at some of the most stunning curly hair colour options! You could be inspired by some of these unique hues that give you the idea to change up your curls and appearance.

20 Ideas for the Best Hair Colours for Curly Hair

Do you need some new, vibrant “dye-ideas” for your ringlets? With 20 of the greatest hair colour choices for curly hair, we have got you covered! Check out the variety of tones and shades below to accentuate and highlight the gorgeous curl pattern.

  1. Warm Chocolate Brown

curly hair

This warm medium brown shade, which takes its sweet tones from milk and dark chocolate, provides all the richness with some toasted golden undertones. It is opulent, seductive and ideal for highlighting any style of curl.

  1. Dark Soft Caramel Balayage.

A dark subtle blonde balayage wonderfully enhances type 3 curls that are lively and have a dark base colour. Most attention will be drawn to the curl pattern and those spiral ringlets will be well-defined by the lighter hue that is intermittently placed in the ends up to the mid-shaft.

  1. Golden Medium Brown Curly hair

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Curly hair with so much texture and dimension with the stunning golden shine look best in a medium shade of gleaming golden brown. The golden undertones are visible where the light meets each group of curls, and the deep, rich brown colour creates lovely shadows in the shade.

  1. Light Fiery Copper

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With so much depth, dimension and the vivid copper tones, this hue looks alive! Your curls appear to be well defined and shaped by the colours of gold, red, and a little tint of brown, which truly makes the curls sparkle and pop. If you have a fair complexion, use a light copper colour such as; for medium and deep skin tones, a richer dark and medium copper would look beautiful.

  1. Ash Blonde Cool

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One of our top selections for the best hair colour for curly hair is this Cool Ash Blonde. Ash is a hair colour that is well-liked among Asian people. This is so because the warm tone of Asian skin complements the tinge of grey the best. Ash hair colour may be used as a highlight to give your curls more dimension or as an all-over hair colour to match your warm skin tone. The cool ash blonde hue is perfect for permed hair or naturally curls. It has no brassiness with a lovely silver undertone. However, it may need a little extra upkeep to maintain its tone correctly, but it is ideal for curly hair girls with a neutral or cool undertone.

  1. Honey Blonde and Light Brown Balayage

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curly hair

Our favorite is using the balayage technique for curls! A hand-painted honey-blonde hue that sweeps up from the ends towards the midshaft zone will draw attention with such brightness.

As compared to an all-over blonde, having this lighter hue using a light brown colour through the roots will result in far less damage and a much more dimensional appearance.

  1. Medium Glowing Auburn

curly hair

One of the greatest hair colours for curly hair is medium glowing auburn colour. A glowing auburn shade with a bit more depth with undertones of copper, brown and gold is rich in saturation and looks amazing on curls. This colour is just deep enough to let your curl pattern stand out while yet being light enough to highlight them.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Balayage Curls

curly hair

One of the greatest hair colours for curly hair is a balayage of strawberry blonde. On curly hair, we enjoy mixing unique hues in balayage! What began as a light golden blonde at the roots that melts out and takes on reddish tones to a gorgeous strawberry blonde at the hair end. Anyone with warm golden or peachy undertones would look wonderful in this warm-toned style.

  1. A platinum blonde with smudged roots

curly hair

Nearly white, bright platinum blonde hair looks metallic and looks great with swirly curls. Try a darker root smudge to restore colour and add depth to the look because when the colour is lifted so high, it can lose a dimension.

  1. Light Chestnut Ombre

curly hair

A stunning ombre effect with lighter ends is created by a variety of chestnut brown and chocolate hues. This colour is ideal for curly textures and definition because it has a reddish undertone that keeps it warm.

  1. Ash Brown Highlights with Cool Mocha Hues

curly hair highlights

When you have curly hair and a neutral or cool undertone in your skin, a darker shade of cool mocha brown looks best. Top it off with dimensional ash brown highlights about the face! It will boost your curl pattern to be standing out from the darker base shade.

  1. Dusty Rose Gold

curly hair balayage singapore 5

Dusty Rose Gold, is one of the best hair colours for curly hair. Metallic rose gold is a unique colour that shines like no other. In a dusty muted tone, it is suited for cool skin undertones. Having the curves and bends of curls in mind, the colour will certainly have the effect of natural highlights.

  1. Dark Flaxen Blonde

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Deeper blonde shades are beautiful on curly hair. Any shade of golden blonde will have that dimensional metallic finish that makes curls stand out and enables them a silky, smooth appearance. We like how this colour looks with a few soft, blended highlights of medium golden blonde on the face.

  1. Somber Dark Auburn

curly hair

This soft ombre (somber) gradually changes from a dark auburn tone at the roots to a copper-auburn tint at the ends. This shade is perfect if you want dimensional curl colour that feels energizing without being too contrasty.

  1. Vibrant Copper in Several Tones

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One of the most attractive and enjoyable colours to wear with dark skin tones is a blend of light and dark bright copper. It has a lot of depth and intrigue for your hair and is a vibrant, eye-catching hue.

  1. Chocolate Root Melt and Golden Blonde Curls

Curls are lifted by a shimmery golden blonde and given the appearance of spun gold. Try a deeper chocolate brown root melt to make root touch-ups less often while having more depth and dimension to the colour. Going light to medium blonde all over may be quite high maintenance.

  1. Warm Chestnut Brown


This warm, ultra-dimensional shade is perfect for curly hair and will not ever seem flat or boring. With undertones of red and gold vying with the dominant brown tone, it seems to glitter.

  1. Soft, shiny black

curly hair singapore

Who does not like curly hair in a beautiful black shade? Your curl pattern will be defined and separated for a texture-enhancing effect with this silky, silvery black. This colour is less harsh than jet black and goes well with a range of skin tones since it has a silvery undertone that softens it considerably.

  1. Chestnut Highlights with Dark Violet Brown

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This is one of those original hues that seems strange on paper but looks stunning in person. Dark violet serves as the base colour for the layers beneath, with shimmering chestnut brown highlights interspersed to lighten the tone.

  1. Layered Golden Blonde Curls

This stunning shade features a flawless golden ribbons look and make your curly texture pop! The natural curl pattern is enhanced by adding these ribbons of stunning golden highlights curl by curl. This has enabled them to catch the light in a way that makes these beautiful curls pop with contrast and dimensions while preserving the roots!

Things to Think About

Knowing a few techniques and tactics makes it much simpler to get a fantastic new colour on curly strands. When you keep these points in mind, your hair will be less damaged, more vivid, appealing to your skin, and simple to maintain!

Avoid permanent colour whenever you can. Permanent colour covers greys quite well, however, it is the worst colour to use on curly hair. Choose a demi-permanent colour that does not include ammonia and can last up to 24 washes before you need to reapply it. This will eliminate the formula’s harmful ammonia as well as leaving your curl pattern healthy and intact.

Start with a mild shampoo that is colour friendly. The sulfate-containing harsh shampoo is the fastest thing to remove fresh colour! Use a mild, colour-safe shampoo without sulphates to maintain your new, curl-enhancing colour. Generally speaking, washing your curls just three to four times each week can keep your colour preserved and make it last longer.

Afterward, special care should be taken with your hair. After being chemically processed, curly hair may become very frizzy and dry. Giving your curls a little more TLC after dyeing can help you to limit the harm and maintain them healthy and moisturized. It will benefit greatly from weekly hair masks, hot oil treatments, leave-in conditioners and gentle combing and styling.

Be mindful of your undertones. You may choose your hair colour based on the coolness or warmth of your skin’s undertone. Golden and strawberry blonde, chocolate brown, chestnut, golden, and any shade of red, and soft or genuine black all look best with warm undertones (golden, peachy). Platinum and ash blonde, cooler reds like true red and raspberry, mocha brown and ash and soft or blue-black are the ideal colours for cool undertones (blue, pink).

Do not wash it before colouring. It is not a good idea to wash your hair before dying it if you have curly hair. Your strands may be too slippery to allow the demi-permanent dye to penetrate and colour them if your shampoo has a lot of moisturizing ingredients or silicones in it. Enter the salon with hair that has not been washed in a day; you do not want it to be dirty or oily.

The best hair colour for curly hair may not exist in a single shade, but there is something better: a long list of 20 lovely tones that perfectly highlight curls! Make sure to give your mane some extra TLC after dying your curls because what you do next is just as crucial as choosing a great colour.

Use these examples as inspiration to focus your selection on colours that complement your undertones. You will get attractive results that not only bring out the best in your curls but also in you!