There are so many stunning blonde colour options to pick from! You can create various looks with these tones, ranging from platinum and white blonde to ash blonde and dark butterscotch. Find out which shade of blonde best fits you in our comprehensive guide!

How Many Different Blonde Shades Exist?

There are several blonde shades, including 15 core and popular shades of blonde.

Blonde colours may be cool, warm or neutral.

To match your skin tone, choose dark, light or medium blondes.

You would spend a lot of time counting all the different blonde shades if you attempted to do so. There are hundreds of different shades of blonde available in the market, ranging from soft touch up to the undertones to hair colour transformation from lighter level or darker level.

There are 15 core or main shades of blonde that tend to be the most popular among the many blondes. These core shades look gorgeous and have it as an all-over hair colour or as part of a modern highlight, ombre, or balayage look.

You will discover the ideal hue for your skin tone and undertones, ranging from the lightest platinum and white blonde to the darkest ash blonde. Simply know what elements of colour to search for!

Which Blonde Shades Suit Different Skin Tones?

The two main influencing factors of blonde hues are colour depth and temperature. By looking at blonde hues in this manner, you can determine which ones will complement your skin tone and undertones.

First, we consider various blonde tones’ warmth, coolness, or neutrality. This informs you of the predominant undertones in a particular shade of blonde, such as ash, golden or bronze.

The theory is that colours that complement your skin’s undertone, which may also be cool, warm, or neutral, will appear the most natural and look best with your skin complexion. Your skin’s warm undertones suggest that warm blonde colours like caramel, golden and strawberry would look fantastic on you.

Similar to how cool undertones in your skin indicate that cool blonde hues like pearly champagne, frosty platinum, and silvery ash are most suited for you. The fortunate neutral undertones may rock both cold and warm blonde hues!

Second, we examine the depth of colour in various blonde shades. In comparison to medium blonde (levels seven to eight) or rich, dark blondes (level six to seven), light blonde hair colour (levels nine to ten) has a different appearance and feel.

The depth of the shade of blonde will often indicate how well and how high-maintenance (or low-maintenance) the colour will complement your skin tone (deep, medium or light).

With fair or light skin tones, lighter blonde colours often seem the most natural. While deep skin tones appear the nicest in medium to dark blondes, light to dark blondes may be worn by those with medium complexion tones.

Darker shades of blonde need far less care and maintenance than lighter blondes since they do not contrast your natural hair colour much when your roots grow out as compared to the lighter blondes. If you are attempting to reduce the number of times you visit the salon, keep this in mind!

15 Blonde Shades to Match Every Skin Tone

Whether your undertones are cool, warm or neutral, it does not matter. You might have deep, light or medium skin tones. Several blonde shades can easily complement different undertones and skin tones!

Below are 15 universally flattering basic blonde hues. You will be amazed at how many different shades of blonde there are!

  1. Platinum Blonde Cool-Neutral

platinum blonde hair

Due to its near resemblance to a real white, platinum white blonde is an extremely cool shade of blonde that verges on neutral. Although warm skin tones may pull off this higher maintenance hue in an ombre or balayage highlights, it works best on skin with cool or neutral undertones.

  1. Neutral-Cool Champagne Blonde

champagne blonde hair colour

Champagne Blonde Hair

This champagne blonde is effervescent as it has a generally cool tone with a touch of warmth in the combination to make it suitable for neutral and cool skin tones and they may wear this hue with confidence. Your hairdresser will use toner on your hair after raising it to level ten since this is a light blonde hue.

  1. Soft, warm pearly golden blonde.

golden ash blonde hair

You cannot go wrong with pearly golden blonde if you want a lighter blonde appearance and warm undertones. With a very light level 10 blonde base, this warm hue has just a soft tint of that dazzling golden undertone. It requires a lot of upkeep, but it is very worthwhile!

  1. Cool Silver, Light Blonde

icy silver grey hair

Silver has an extremely cool undertone. Adding it to lighter blonde hues for a wonderfully cool-toned effect that makes skin with a blue or undertone appearing without any flaw. This hue requires regular touch-ups and high upkeep, much as other light blonde shades.

  1. Light Cool Ash Blonde


An ash brown root melt is used in this light ash blonde balayage technique for blending out the colour and providing a more natural appearance. Ash blonde is one of the finest blonde colours for skin with a cool (blue or pink) undertone since it is naturally cool-toned.

  1. Light, Neutral Beige Blonde

beige blonde hair

One of our preferred blonde shades is neutral light beige since it can complement many skin tones. This colour has cool and warm undertones, so it will not have any conflict with or overpower your skin’s warm, cold, or neutral undertones. When blended with a smudged root, it looks fantastic.

  1. Rosy Warm Golden Blonde

rose gold hair

Strawberry blonde is stunning, however, if you like a rose gold-like appearance, choose the equally lovely light warm rosy golden blonde. This blonde shade has a little pink undertone that complements warm complexion tones with a peach or golden hue. At present, rose gold hair colour is also very fashionable.

  1. Medium Warm Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair

One of the most popular blonde shades is strawberry blonde, which is a decidedly warm hue. This hue has some golden undertones and a light, lively and bright copper undertone. Thus it is not necessary to lift your hair as much to attain this sunny colour since it is a medium blonde.

  1. Medium Cool Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair colour

Although this hue has a lighter champagne blonde face framing money piece, its core is a silvery medium ash blonde tone. For ladies who desire a somewhat darker shade and have cool undertones, a medium shade of ash blonde is ideal.

  1. Medium Warm Golden Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Hair

Medium honey blonde is quite similar to strawberry blonde but lacks the copper undertone. This warm rich shade of blonde brings out and enhances the inner golden and peachy tones in the skin complexion and is ideal for skin with warm undertones. A medium shade is a little simpler to maintain and appears extremely natural.

  1. Medium-warm butterscotch blonde hair

honey brown hair

This butterscotch blonde hair colour features gorgeous golden, copper and caramel undertones that give it a distinctive hair colour. We adore a nice butterscotch hair colour. Warm undertone skin works very well with it. The care is simpler than light blonde since it is a medium blonde shade!

  1. Dark Warm Golden Strawberry Blonde

This richer strawberry blonde shade with a clear golden undertone is one of our favorites. Given that this colour is certain to be warmth, skin with warm undertones will look best. This darker shade of blonde must be lifted to level 7 or 8 to create this colour, which also has a little copper undertone.

  1. Warm Caramel Brown Blonde

balayage singapore

Darker and warmer shades like caramel blonde are ideal for deep and medium skin complexion tones with warm undertones. It has toasty and rich tones with a mix of bronze, golden, and copper undertones. A dark brown base hue is ideal for this warm caramel dark blonde highlights or all-over colours.

  1. Dark Neutral Bronde

bronde hair

One of the hottest blonde shades right now is bronde, created by blending brown and blonde hues. This transitional colour resembles a blend of dark blonde and light brown with a lighter face framing money piece. It complements neutral, warm, and cool skin complexion tones since it has some cool and warm skin undertones.

  1. Dark Cool Ash Brown

ash brown

Because it is such a rich, reflecting tone, a cool dark ash brown starts to verge on light brown shade. Although it may also be suitable on skin with neutral undertones, this cool-toned blonde shade works best on blue or cool pink undertones. If you are hesitant to attempt a medium or light blonde, give this dark ash blonde a go!

Things to Think About

It is a major decision if you are considering going blonde! Make sure you concentrate exclusively on the blonde shades that will suit your skin tones and achieve your maintenance objectives if you want to avoid regretting your hair colour decision.

What you should remember is as follows!

Warm undertones will require warm shades of blonde. You require a warm blonde shade if your skin tones have a golden or peachy tinge, your veins appear green through your skin, and you typically look your best with gold jewelry. If you want it to enhance your complexion, it must be warm, whether dark, light or medium. Think about blondes who are rosy, caramel, butterscotch, strawberry and golden.

Cool undertones will require cool shades of blonde. You require a cool shade of blonde if your complexion has a pinkish or bluish hue, your veins appear blue through your skin, and you look best wearing silver jewelry. Look for blondes that enhance your complexions, such as silver, ash or ice platinum blondes, or neutral beige.

Any blonde shades may be selected for neutral undertones. You could have a neutral undertone if you have an olive-green or yellow tinge to your complexion, and you look excellent in both silver and gold jewelry. Almost any blonde hue will look well on you, but neutral tones with evenly distributed cool and warm undertones are ideal. Great possibilities include pearly champagne blondes, white platinum blondes, and neutral beige.

Choose colours that complement your skin tone. Regardless of the undertones, your skin tone (deep, light or medium) will influence how dark or light your blonde hair should be suitable for you. You may wear the lighter shades of blonde if your skin is on the lighter side. Although those with deep or medium skin tones may still wear super bright blonde hair, they will always appear more natural with medium or dark shades of blonde. In order to maintain the appearance balanced and natural, try a ombre or two-toned balayage style if you adore light blonde but you also have darker skin tones.

Make sure the blonde upkeep is manageable. Considering a very light blonde hue, be aware that the upkeep will be very high. The more toning and root touch-ups treatments you need to maintain your light blonde vividness if the lighter your shades of blonde hair is. For minimal upkeep, choose medium to dark blonde hair. Use warm blonde tones to minimize the need for semi-permanent colour or purple shampoo.

Questions and Answers

As mentioned, there are over hundred different shades of blondes which are stunning, and appear more interesting than any other hue. It also raises many questions, so learn something new by reading some common FAQs regarding blonde colours!

What are the many blonde hues?

There are several shades of blonde. Champagne, light golden blonde, ash, silver, platinum, strawberry and white blonde are all the lighter shades of blonde.

Strawberry blonde, silver, butterscotch, ash, honey or golden are all the medium shades of blonde colours. Dark butterscotch, dark ash, dark golden, bronde, caramel are all the dark shades of blonde.

What shade of blonde is the most attractive?

However, the blonde shades that will look the nicest on you must complement your skin’s undertone. Warm walnut blonde tops the hair stylists’ ranking list of the nicest blonde colours.

Silver blonde, champagne blonde, ash blonde and platinum blonde are the most attractive blonde shades for cool-toned skin. Walnut blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde & strawberry blonde are the ideal shades of blonde for a warm-toned skin complexion.

Which blonde colour is best for me?

The optimal shade of blonde for you will have to complement your skin’s undertone, whether warm, neutral, or cool. Picking blonde shades with similar undertones will appear the most natural and complement your skin complexion.

Ash, white, violet, or silver undertones may be seen in cool blondes. Golden, red, or bronze/brown undertones may be seen in warm blondes. The most attractive blondes will have undertones similar to your own.

What blonde hue helps you seem younger?

As compared to cool blonde colours, warm blonde shades in general will “read” as younger. Thus to go back the clock on aging, choose blondes with warm undertones like golden, copper, or bronze rather than cool tones like grey or silver.

So, Which Blonde Shades Do You Like?

There are many colours of blonde to fall in love with, ranging from the palest shimmery platinum to the richest dark ash blonde. You may choose the most flattering blonde for YOU now that you know which shades of blonde will best suit your skin tone and undertones!

Are you drawn to light, cool blondes who would perfectly complement your cool-toned skin? Maybe you like warm, medium-blonde hues that make you shine all year long. A deep, dark blonde that requires little upkeep and appears nearly natural on you would be something you would appreciate.

No matter which blonde shades you are presently swooning over, be sure to base your decision on what complements your skin tone and hair colour. Too warm, too dark, or too light of a blonde may drastically contrast your skin tone and draw attention to the flaws and imperfections.

Make sure you are prepared to give your hair additional TLC to mend and repair damage after bleaching once you have decided on the shade of blonde you want to embark on! A quality hair mask for damaged hair as well as a switch to a sulfate-free shampoo may be used before doing your blonde highlights or all-over colour. Your hair will repay you with more softness, radiance, suppleness, and strength!