Do you know the myth about hair? “The shorter you go as you get older!”

When they aged, your mother and grandmother most likely chopped their hair short, so you naturally assume that is what you should do as well. This does not necessarily have to be the case.

The phrase “Thou must not wear hair below thy shoulder after 40, and God forbid, beyond 50” has been a part of the Ten Commandments since when? It is not always forbidden to wear a certain hairstyle after you reach a certain age. Even with spectacles, it is doable to sport long hair beyond 50. Everything you need to know about keeping long hair beyond 50 has been compiled here and information on how to go gray with long hair.

Practical considerations were one of the factors that contributed to the short hair trend’s popularity in contemporary culture. Women’s hair tends to become thinner and more fragile as they age, whereas thick hair gets coarse and stiff. When it comes to caring for older hair, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are searching for a long-term natural answer. It is also true that short hair may often be simpler to keep and handle daily than lengthy hair. Some women like having short hair. It suits their Type 3 woman’s energetic and rapid personality and is simple to style every day. It also speeds up their daily preparation.

Regardless of your age, we are here to assure you that ladies can have long hair!

We may dispel the idea that the only way to express your hair is with short haircuts if you are over 50 by realizing that hair is only one method to express yourself.

You will thus need to maintain it in good condition. Being older causes hair to gradually lose its luster and vitality, but do not be intimidated—managing long hair is simpler than you would think!

As you will not need to visit the salon as often to keep the style looking perfect, long hairstyles may be simpler to manage than short haircuts. A lengthy hairdo will allow you more flexibility between sessions whereas short hair will rapidly exhibit the “growing out” phase.

Nonetheless, a lot of ladies choose short hair merely because they believe it to be the norm. Since they believe that long hair is just an option for younger ladies, they instinctively rule themselves out from having long hair. Because of this, ladies prefer to shorten the length of their hair with each year that passes.

Your hair changes as you get older, and not only in terms of color. Maybe you have noticed that the texture of your hair has changed. Fine hair may get thinner and more sensitive with time.

What to Do If Your Hair Is Thin

Do not be worried; thin hair and hair loss in women beyond 50 are relatively quite common. But, a frequent poor hair day may also completely spoil your mood, regardless of how common a problem female hair loss is. While shaving your head can seem like an easy way to conceal a sparse head of hair, it is not essential. There are a few actions you may take if you are interested in learning how to naturally grow thicker hair. The keys to developing thicker hair, according to some recommendations, are a soothing in-shower scalp massage or a fragrant herbal hair rinse.

You should gently promote blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp. Spend a few additional minutes each week on a soothing scalp massage in the shower.

One to two times each week, you should also use a dandruff shampoo in the shower to help battle scalp infections thanks to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Reducing yeast on the scalp may help reduce inflammation and encourage healthy hair development.

A lot of hair products might weigh down your hair, so try to limit your use of them. Using the volumizing dry shampoo on hair roots will give them more lift and “mmmph.”

For thinning hair, you could also think about altering your cut and hairdo by eschewing wispy or layered looks. Your hair will only appear and feel thinner with this style! To create the illusion of thickness, particularly at the ends, consider a blunt cut.

What to Do If Your Hair Is Thick

To make your thick hair more manageable, use a leave-in conditioner. Ask your stylist to add more layers to reduce the excess bulk. By reducing the excess weight, you may also shorten the drying time since thick hair takes longer to dry. The less heat from a straightener or blow dryer, the better.

As you get older, your hair starts to lose its luster, which is one of the reasons it seems coarse. To restore your hair’s healthy, soft sheen, think about using a plant-based hair serum.

To reduce volume and give the appearance of longer hair, try longer layers.

What to Do If Your Hair Is Curly

You will want to keep the hair moisturized if you have type “C” curls. Avoid combing dry hair and only work with knots when the hair is well moisturized for tight curls. Use your curls to your advantage and opt for a pretty but sassy style. You should only deal with a hairdresser who knows curly hair since tight curls endure a lot of shrinking.

Going Gray With Long Hair

The debate is on whether to gray or not to gray. Many women struggle with the process of gracefully aging, which is full of challenging choices. When is it appropriate to embrace your gray? Do I need to age naturally? Here are a few things to know about becoming gray. Of course, the answers to those questions may differ from person to person.

Becoming gray is a task that, whether you have long hair or not, demands you to first confront your concerns. Women with silver streaks are often made fun of by society, however, many famous people with silvery hair encourage us to appreciate our natural beauty. When you accept your graying hair as a sign of aging, it is like entering a new stage of life.

Let us get to the realities of turning gray now that you are motivated to kick ass and look stunning with gray hair. To avoid having two-toned hair, it may be easier to just let your roots grow out and clip off the colored areas if you already color your hair. It is feasible to maintain long hair while still turning gray, but you will need to work with your hairdresser to gradually remove the color.

If you are thinking of doing it on a tight budget, don’t! At-home gradual-gray box dyes may seem to be a less expensive option, but if you wash your hair in harsh water, these chemicals may make your hair fall out. Going to a pro is preferable since frequent coloring may damage your hair over time. While it can cost a little more upfront, doing so will save you from destroying your hair and forcing yourself to pay your hairdresser to correct the problem.

As you start to become gray, you should buy plenty of purple shampoos. Your hair may begin to get brassy over time. Thankfully, the market is flooded with purple shampoos for gray hair that will neutralize the yellow undertones.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should only do what is comfortable for you. It does not make sense to cut oneself off (physically) from the world of long hair since our hair is so important to our sense of ourselves. It is time to accept your lengthy gray hair since they are lovely!

Excellent Vitamins for Hair Health

The following vitamins will provide your hair health and vitality. Therefore you should continue taking them. Although you can always supplement each, I prefer and advise getting as many of these vitamins through healthy food choices as possible.

In addition to zinc, pumpkin seeds, and lamb are good providers of selenium, niacin, and vitamin B-12. Among foods high in vitamin C include leafy greens, strawberries, and oranges. Salmon, tuna, and other fatty fish all contain vitamin D. Broccoli, spinach, and parsley are all great sources of iron. Peanuts, poultry, salmon, yogurt, mushrooms, avocado, or sweet potatoes all contain B-complex vitamins.

Find the Right Updo

You sometimes need a break from having long hair. When you have a go-to updo, you may use it whenever you want to get rid of your long hair.

If you have an event, a stylish updo would also work. This may be a fun method to switch up your appearance or provide a fix if your hair is not cooperating. The chic chignon is a textured bun that might be ideal for special events. When you are over 50, you may wear long hair in various elegant updos.

Taking Care of Your Long Hair

The appropriate hair care routine will be crucial for aging women’s healthy hair. Here is some pro advice for taking the best possible care of your hair:

If you see any flakes, consider using a dandruff shampoo since it is anti-inflammatory and may help lower the risk of scalp infections.

Avoid using any hair ties or pins on your hair that can yank the hair out. As frequently as possible, let your hair hang free to relieve strain on your scalp.

Increase your water intake to moisturize your skin, particularly your scalp.

Eating foods high in healthy fats, such as fish and avocados, improves your hair’s elasticity and moisture retention.

If your hair seems dry, use additional conditioner (particularly to the ends of the length).

Do what makes you feel good.

Each woman’s self-esteem depends heavily on her hair. You can keep your hair long because it is your greatest pride. You are free to act in whichever you choose. Do not base your hair length decisions on your friends, family, society, TV programs, or publications! Discover what YOU desire, and then go forward from there.

Even if you are concerned about your thin locks, appearing attractive with long hair is quite feasible. Nevertheless, you may want to first speak with your hairdresser. Giving your hair a blunt cut and adding square layers may give it a fuller appearance. To make hair seem and feel luscious, it is also advised to apply a volumizing shampoo (and a volumizing spray before blow-drying). If you do not want to go grey just yet, you will be glad to hear that your monthly hair color job is also helping to give your hair a fuller appearance since the color coats the hair shafts and thickens them.

Long Hairstyles to Avoid When Over 50

Always keep in mind that you may CHOOSE to sport whatever look you desire! Certain haircuts, though, will make you seem older than others. You should stay away from these antiquated styles unless you are going for a vintage vibe.

The Farah Fawcett (dramatic bang part with feathered layers)

Chelsea Cuts (long bangs and sideburns with a short back)

Pin-Straight Hair (without any volume, straight hair can look thin and flat)

Long Bob Hairstyle with Bangs (dramatically stylized cut that looks vogue but dated)

Wispy Bangs (thin bangs can appear as if you have a thinning hairline)

Undershaved Back (this outdated look can appear a bit harsh)

Baby Bangs (super short bangs that are usually unflattering for the average face shape)