Many of us may have experienced wearing a set of hair extensions to complete an outfit. So, we want to make sure that they appear their best at a different occasion when we believe that using hair extensions is important. Blow-drying those hair extensions is a necessary and important step in the process of wearing a hair extension. Your hair extensions will stay in place and can be used for a longer time if you blow-dry them regularly.

Is it possible to blow-dry hair extensions?

One of the greatest methods to maintain your hair extensions in excellent condition is to blow-dry them.

Blow-drying your hair extensions will preserve their quality and get them ready for many applications. You have the option of doing this yourself or engaging a hair extensions professional.

With hair extensions, you can do even more with your hair than you could if you were simply using your natural hair. Knowing how to use your hair extensions and how to maintain their best appearance is important. This is the reason for blow-drying of your hair extensions and understanding how to control any undesirable frizziness that may come thereafter is a sure-fire approach to make the hair extensions last longer.

Blow-Dry the Hair Extensions

Blow-dry hair extensions will need a different technique since they could not be the same texture and quality as the natural hair. This implies that it is crucial to find out the best way to blow-dry hair extensions. When you blow-dry your hair extensions properly with the correct steps, you increase the likelihood that they will stay longer and be suitable for several occasions.

The Occasions for Wearing of Hair Extensions

The occasion you decide to wear your hair extensions is very important just as much whether it is your first time or your 100th time. Sometimes all it takes is the ideal occasion for your hair extensions to become a wardrobe must.

Weddings: Whether it is your wedding or that of a friend, you need properly blow-dried hair extensions. After having your hair blow-dried, you may style it as your preference, whether that be in a glamorous updo or with cascading curls.

Graduation: Blow-dried hair extensions will have you looking your best as you walk on the stage in front of your family and peers on this day that is full of academic achievements.

Dates: One technique to boost your confidence and calm your worries before a date is to have your blow-dried hair extensions in place. Given that you are confident in your stunning appearance thanks to your blow-dried hair extensions, you will be prepared to ace the date.

Job interviews: You should not have to worry about your hair since a lot of preparation goes into a job interview. One less item will divert your mind from the work at hand if you can blow-dry your hair extensions before the big interview.

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Procedures for Blow Drying of Hair Extensions

1. Use the correct shampooing procedure.

You need to wash the extensions before you even take the first step of blow-drying them. While washing the hair extensions, you need to use a slightly different technique than when you normally wash your hair.

Start by clearing out any tangles that could have developed in your hair extensions. Your hair extensions will not be washing well if they are knotted. You may complete this procedure with the aid of a detangling product. Make sure you pay more attention to the neck and nape.

Ensure that you are using a colour-safe shampoo that complements the colour of your hair extensions. A colour-safe shampoo will keep the colour in place and prevent any fading. Wash two times using this shampoo. The first step is to remove any products, dirt, or debris that may have gathered over time. The second wash will thoroughly clean your hair and extension(s).

Applying a leave-in conditioner comes last. The natural hair will naturally create oils, but occasionally these oils will not make it to the extensions. Hence, to keep your hair extensions moisturized, apply a leave-in conditioner.

2. Commence blow drying

You may now blow-dry the hair extensions since they have been adequately prepped. The hair extension attachments and scalp are where you should start. Then, work the way down the hair length. Also, it is simpler to divide your hair into sections during the hair blow dry process. Hence, the process procedure will go more quickly with this way. The last piece of advice is to always direct the blow dryer towards the ground while blow-drying hair extensions. This will shield the attachment of the hair extension from any possible damage.

3. Brush and Continue to Style

After the hair extensions are totally dry, you should use a round bristle brush to brush them out. This kind of brush is gentle on the hair extensions and lesser prone to cause any hair extensions damage. Hence, you have the option of stopping here and wearing your gorgeously blow-dried hair extensions or continuing to style them. They are now prepared to be curled or straightened.

4. Employ a Heat Protectant

Your hair extensions will not be maintaining the moisturization as your natural hair would, as already said. Thus, a heat protectant is required to stop the hair extensions from getting exceedingly brittle and dry during the blow-dry process. The leave-in conditioner you used previously will be sealed in by the heat protectant, and it will also preserve the hair extension’s colour. Thus, it is crucial to keep in mind that hair extensions attachment shouldn’t be avoided when applying the heat protectant.

5. Hair Extensions with Frizz

Frizzy hair is a very common occurrence. The majority of the time when we blow dry our natural hair, it occurs. It is thus fair to assume that this will happen after you have done blow-drying your hair extensions.

Your hair extensions will seem to have individual curls or hairs sticking out in all different directions when they get frizzy. No matter how hard you tried to smoothen them, they simply will not go away.

6. Getting Professional Advice

As you know, blow dry your hair extensions by yourself is a laborious procedure. Make sure you have all the necessary tools, supplies and products at your disposal. You may always see a professional if this is your first-time blow dry your hair extensions and you are not as confident in the process or do not want to purchase the products and tools that is needed for the process. The right techniques for blow-drying hair extensions are taught to hairstylists and hair extensions specialists. Hence, you should not worry while visiting them to get your hair extensions blow-dried.



Ways to get rid of the Frizzy Hair Extensions

Applying oil to the bottom sections, tips and ends are one method for preventing the possibility of frizzy hair extensions after blow-drying. You should choose an oil that is packed with nourishing ingredients. These ingredients will guarantee that the hair extension ends remain smoothly in place. Moreover, they will have more gloss and sheen.

Avoiding overbrushing is another approach to managing and prevent frizzy hair extensions. It is vital to brush your hair extensions as you go along while blow-drying them. You must maintain a delicate balance between overbrushing and under brushing. You run the risk of getting knots in your hair extensions if you underbrush. Your hair extensions will get frizzy if you overbrush them since they have been overworked.

Keeping a plan for washing your hair can also help you prevent frizziness in your hair extensions. You will have the problem of drying out your hair extension if you wash your hair every day. They will become frizzy after they have dried out in this manner because there is no moisture remaining to keep them smooth. To reduce frizz, it is advised to wash your hair extensions only once a week.