Hair Theory is the hottest trend on Tiktok.

Whatever your style, Tiktok is the place to be for all trends, from #coquettecore to Mindful Mess. Hair Theory is now the most well-liked trend among those who like beauty and hair care.

Have you ever experienced a different sense of well-being while wearing your hair up in a slicked-back bun compared to wearing it down in loose curls? Or maybe on the day you wash your hair and finally manage to style it the way you want? Small adjustments to your hairstyle can have a big impact on your day, your mood, and even how other people see you or treat you. We’ll be breaking down Tiktok’s viral theory and how to attain various hairstyles depending on how you’re feeling that day.

With hundreds of videos and more than 150 million views, Hair Theory has emerged as one of Tiktok’s most popular subjects this year. Creators share photos of themselves with various hairstyles using the hashtag #hairtheory to demonstrate how each style affects how others see them. There is a deeper significance to the idea, much as you would dress in various clothing for various situations. How you style your hair may affect how you feel about yourself and how other people see you. You may reveal several personalities depending on how you wear your hair, whether on purpose or by accidental (almost like having a real-life Hannah Montana moment).

While wearing your hair in a tight ponytail may make you feel powerful and more confident, wearing your hair down after getting a fresh blowout may make you feel fun, fresh, and prepared to take on those Zoom meetings. Your hairstyle expresses who you are to the world and is a component of your identity. Following are a few instances of how hair can alter your persona:

Sleek Ponytails


Leaving your hair down to show off its natural flow and texture is a classic manner of wearing your hair. The easiest and most hassle-free approach to looking good is to let your hair down. You may believe that the way you wear your hair has no bearing on who you are, but it absolutely can! While tucking your hair behind your ears might suggest that you’re engaged and focused with whatever you’re doing, wearing your hair down with layers can suggest that you’re laid back, up for some fun, and easygoing. Even the tiniest stylistic adjustments may completely alter how others see you.


curtain bangs 21


It might seem that you are refined and polished when you are wearing your hair slicked back. You are a girl boss; you have people to see and places to go. With your hair out of your face and appearing stylish, this style helps you easier to perform your to-do list while staying focused on your daily agendas. On the other side, messy buns might be viewed as relax, laid-back and easy-going.

High Buns

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Another classic hairstyle that really transforms your appearance is the ponytail that represent that you’re a practical person who wants a hairstyle that can be put together quickly and yet look great for any event. It’s simple yet effective (and it looks beautiful).

50 Best Ponytail Hairstyles to Update Your Updo in 2020


We’ve all experienced those times when we cut our hair short, immediately regret it, but then get praises we’ve never received before. Undoubtedly very stylish, fresh bob cuts let you channel your inner runway personality. They have a Parisian air about them; they exude sophistication, flair and elegance. Longer hair is a sign of a vivacious and carefree personality. Long hair may give the impression that you are lively and fashionable, and like to experiment with new looks, whether it is straight or crimped.

haircut transformation

haircut transformation

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Dyeing your hair is a commitment and the most influential way to alter your entire appearance. The Tiktok trend of famous people and celebrities wearing various hair colours and representing different “eras” is well known to us all. In contrast to her icy blonde hair of high fashion, Gigi Hadid had Dirty Blonde locks during her beautiful girl next door phase. While Miley Cyrus’ Gemini Hair in Platinum and Off-Black exudes punk and “cool-girl” vibes, her 2012 “it girl” shade of Bronde Balayage was perceived as sweet and approachable. Different versions of you may be revealed by the colour of your hair, changing how others see you.

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Overall, changing your hairstyle may alter the way you appear. The trending Tiktok hashtag #HairTheory is undoubtedly true to some extent, and we can all agree that a slicked-back bun radiates a different vibe than a fresh blowout. However, there needs to be a larger discussion about Hair Theory. There is more to learn about the connection between how you style your hair and how others see you as a result of the TikTok trend’s increased popularity. Please feel free to wear your hair however YOU want to because how you style it reflects YOUR identity. Style your hair in any way that makes you happy since hair is a symbol of self-expression.