Getting your hair coloured for the first time might seem downright intimidating. It might be difficult to get the precise shade you want, and maintenance requirements can be high. But a decent colour job may also completely change how you appear and how your hair looks.

We are here to help you feel less anxious about colouring your hair for the first time since we know how intimidating and daunting the experience may be. We asked our colourists for their finest advice on how to dye your hair the correct way.

There are several things you should think about before making your big choice, regardless of whether you are going for a platinum blonde or fun dark purple, or something a bit less extreme like balayage highlights. Dyeing your hair costs money, so you want to be sure you have all the information you want before you start. Before you dye your hair for the first time, read the following information for everything you need to know.

1. Before diving in, assess the maintenance of the hair colour.

When picking your hair colour, it is crucial to take upkeep and maintenance requirements into account as certain treatments need more of both than others. It normally takes four to six weeks to have your roots touched up. Regardless of how carefully you maintain your hair, fading unavoidably will occur, and because hair grows roughly half an inch every month, you will need to get your roots touch-up within that time.

Stick to a hue that is closer to your natural tone so that your roots will not stand out as much if you do not have the time or money to continuously touch up the root to maintain your appearance. Alternately, go ombre to only have to worry about it once or twice yearly. Here’s what you need to know if you are searching for a minimal upkeep colour choice.

2. The simplest colour treatment to maintain is balayage.

A seamless balayage on the natural hair colour is the easiest and least maintenance hair colour technique. Balayage enables you to be in a win-win situation since it gives you the colour and highlights you want while the look is still simple to maintain and preserve.

It will still look lovely if you let it grow out and never have a touch-up, or you may maintain the balayage by having a touch-up every six to twelve months. Balayage is a fantastic choice if you want to avoid making too many regular salon visits but yet still want a touch of colour.

It is advisable to have a gloss regularly rather than a touch-up now and then to refresh the tone and add shine and luster to your hair if you have a minimal maintenance hair highlight using balayage technique. A hair gloss is essentially a lustrous treatment that enhances and slightly extends the life of colour-treated hair. A gloss will add shine by penetrating the hair cuticle to coat a little amount of hair colour. This will brighten up old hair colour or prevent it from dulling in the first place. It is frequently used to enhance natural tones, neutralize undesired brassiness and even grays coverage without using of any permanent dye. And if you are enjoying your natural colour but just wish to boost shine and appearance which can be performed with a gloss as well.

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3. The most difficult colours to maintain are reds.

Going ginger may not be the choice for you if you want a low maintenance shade. Red is the most difficult colour to get rid of, the hardest to achieve, the hardest to get and it also has the potential to fade the quickest. It is the most challenging colour out there. Be prepared to commit if you want to wear red hair!

true red hair

4. Ask for pricing while scheduling the appointment.

Each salon has a different price range; it varies depending on the number of steps and the hours involved, the type of the salon, and the products they are carrying, among many other things. A single all-over colour process typically costs between $80 and $300. The cost of hair highlights may range from $100 to $500 depending on the highlights technique you choose.

Therefore, be careful to get a price quote before entering the hair salon. If you would like a pricing estimate for the service that you need, just give them a call or browse through the price list published on their website. You may inquire if there are any appointments available if their services are within your budget. Tipping is not required in Singapore for any hair services.

5. Bring Hair Photos with You

Always include pictures of the colour you desired. Sometimes, your notion of “blonde” may not always match the colourist. Showing your desired hair goal via pictures is a win-win approach to make sure you are on the same page.

If you ask for “Taylor Swift blonde,” your colourist could deliver to you her 2012 golden-bronde colour rather than her present natural honey blonde shade.

6. Keep Your Skin Tone and Natural Colour in Mind

If you see a picture of Billie Eilish’s green hair or Selena Gomez’s new highlights and decide you would like to have it too, remember that differing skin tones will make certain hair colours appear differently.

You should go for an ashier, cooler tone if you have pinkish skin tone. If your complexion is yellow, you should stick to warm colours like gold. Talk to your colourist for assistance if you are unsure about the undertones you have.

So if you have dark brown hair, going for a megawatt blonde will require great effort and maintenance as well as run the risk of becoming brassy. Or, if you want to mimic Billie’s green, be sure your undertones are the same colour.

It is not often required to dye your eyebrows, though. But if that is the style you want, it is better to see a colourist or a professional eyebrow tint. Remember that eyebrow dyeing is prohibited in certain countries because of the risk of having harsh chemicals in your eyes. You should not attempt to dye your eyebrows on your own because of this.

But ultimately, your colourist is the expert, and fortunately, most colourists will provide a consultation to assist you in determining if the colour you like is practical and if it will turn out as you have envisioned it to be. To see whether you like the hair colour, dye a peek-a-boo strand of hair that is hidden behind the rest of your hair, to visualize if you like the hair colour.

hair colour and skin tone chart

7. You may not get the desired colour on your first attempt.

From the technical aspect of hair colouring, it resembles more of a journey than one treatment to transform a dark brown hair to a stunning brilliant blonde hair. To achieve the required level while maintaining the integrity of the hair, the hair must go through all of its underlying tones.

8. Hair colour transformation might damage your hair.

Big hair colour transformation may seriously damage your hair, therefore most colourists prefer to perform such colour transformation in stages, giving your hair a few weeks to recover in between the sessions. So be sure you are aware of what you are getting into if you want to undergo a serious hair colour transformation. Due to this, it is also a good idea to consult a professional colourist before doing any significant tasks.

9. Your Hair colour may fade

Even while hair colour fading occurs over time and cannot be prevented, there are steps you can do to extend the life of your hair colour as long as possible.

10. Utilize a clarifying wash before colouring your hair.

It is very advised to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo before colouring your hair, whether you decide to do it yourself or see a professional.

All of the buildups in the hair shaft can be removed by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Because of this, the colour will adhere better and remain longer if you use the clarifying shampoo before dyeing your hair. However, stay away from clarifying shampoos after colouring your hair since they will cause the hair to lose its new colour.

11. Use colour-treated hair products.

Using products that are not specially designed for colour-treated hair strands might affect how long your colour will last, although it might not seem that relevant.

12. Use purple shampoo to get rid of brassiness if you become blonde.

Join the bandwagon for this product of miracles. Purple shampoos work very well on brunettes and blondes with highlights.

It is fantastic to use it as frequently as your hair has the need to do so. To avoid a “smoky” or an “over-toned” look, we advise our customers to use it on alternate days for their purple shampoo with their regular shampoo for colour-treated hair.

13. Try not to wash your hair too often.

If you wash your hair on a daily basis, you will probably need to adjust your washing schedule. Too many washes might diminish the colour of your hair and cause it to fade faster. As a general rule, two to three times per week is ideal, but less often is preferable for preserving and maintaining your shade.

While we are talking about it, you do not have to wait four days to wash your coloured hair. It does not matter whether you wash it the next day. Colour is present. The hair contains the colour molecules. Due to the water elements, colour will naturally fade over the following few weeks.

14. Shield your hair from the sun like what you would do for your skin.

Sun exposure may make your colour fade more quickly, make it brassy, and dry your hair. Use UV-protective hair products to screen your hair from the sun and preserve the colour of your hair (they do exist). Additionally, hats and headscarves are essential beachwear.

15. Pool water may sully your new hair colour appearance.

Your hair colour can get seriously messed up by chlorine. Due to the frequent occurrence of copper in water, the copper metal may react with the chlorine in the water and oxidize your hair, which will cause it to appear green.

It is advised to use a hair mask before entering the pool in order to protect your hair strands. To prevent water from penetrating the cuticle and stripping the hair colour, you may wet it first and then use a hair mask formulated for colour-treated hair to help fill the hair cuticle with conditioner.

But let us be honest: most of us probably will not do this, but having your hair wet in the shower will before jumping into the pool is still quite beneficial as dry hair is more absorbent before you dive into the pool.

16. Make sure to test the colour first if you are going the DIY route.

When going for an at-home box dye kit, opt for one with the fewest harmful ingredients, such as alcohol, peroxide, and ammonia. These ingredients may result in brittle and hair damage.

To prevent a hair dye allergic response, do a swatch test right away after receiving your kit. Although allergic responses to dye are still uncommon, you should always be cautious since we have all heard horror tales. Before dying, apply a little amount of dye to a piece of skin on the nape of your neck and follow closely the instructions on the package.

Before you start, it is advisable to set up a workstation with a wipe, a comb, and a few towels (one for around your neck, one for your workplace). But do not use your mother’s favorite towel. Make sure you have a towel and put on old clothing. Your towels and clothing might be stained by hair colouring.

17. If you do not like your hair, a colourist can fix it.

If you have ended up with a hair colour that you are not satisfied with after DIYing your own colour or having a professional perform their magic, it can be corrected or fixed. There is no need to be concerned if your colour is a little different from what you were looking for. Your colourist may often correct your colour with a simple glaze or toner that can change the tone and adjust the hair colour.

However, you should always be honest and forthright with your colourist during the whole hair colouring process to avoid any hair mishaps. Ask her if there are other possibilities with an orange undertone if the red she has chosen for you is a little too purple-y.

18. Try Out the New Hair Colour Using Augmented Reality Programs

Due to modern science and technology, it is possible to try out any colour out there and also those hair colours you have never dreamt that they could exist, such as the Pantone colours of the year, Living Coral. However, if up against most of the current remarkable hair colour-inspo going around the Instagram, a hair colour program might assist to put to rest the issues of “what colour suits me” , for good.

For those who are eager to switch up your hair colour or you are having difficulty picking between gold blonde balayage and all over rose gold, you may try the foremost magnificence hair and beauty AR (Augmented Reality) programs. This creative hair colour program was around the works for more than a decade and stands out from other different programs because of its advanced level 3 D technology that lets one engage in a superb selection of hair colours, sans dedication. Scroll on to learn more about the brand new means to alter your own hair colour with just a few clicks on your handphone.