As the world tries to pick up after being on lockdown for roughly one year, “re-emergence” is the current trending word as beauty and fashion brands suddenly deal with the way women are reconsidering their styles. For most of 2020, hair colour and maintenance routines in the previous year concentrate on colours with low maintenance.

However, the tide has just changed. Currently, women are suddenly looking to get more fun from their colour or take on something unexpected like the classic shade. Try to remember the lyrics to Cyndi Lauper’s song – “girls, just wanna have fun.”

The number of celebrities opting for the bright colour of hair continues to increase as we see Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, and Hilary Duff. However, the celebrities are not the only ones joining in on the fun. There is also a growing list of fearless and experimental ‘e-girls’ on TikTok that are joining in on the club. The outcome is the rebirth of a burgeoning and new vibrant internet-based hair subculture.

We also have statistics that are also fascinating too. Among the most recent hair care products that are personalised in the market got launched early this year – in January, when the customers had ordered their custom personalised products for hair care, about 87% of the customers chose the pigment along with the masque, while about 82% of the total consumers had pigment placed in the conditioner.

There is a two-fold on the psychology of this emerging trend. The non-permanent hair shade is commonly sought by people because they are wearable and bold while being able to be washed off in about 10 and 12 washes. In a way, this produced a calming effect on the consumers that might be looking to try something new while trying to do this without any significant long-term effect.

Because of this, about 75% of the total people who are customers with AURA back in March chose the fantasy shade since more women are choosing to get more fun styles with their tresses currently (since we are all trying to get back to the normal swing of things after one year of lockdown)

Many women are currently going for the fantasy shades as they choose both pink and purple hues. But the thing is, the caveat on choosing your perfect shade also relies on the base colour of your hair. For people looking to take the plunge, we are sharing the best 5 hair colour styles for spring 2021.

The Pink Gold and Rose Colour of hair

The fantasy shades that go with pink and purple hues are some of the most common colours of spring.

The trend: Pink Gold/Rose:  This style works the best for women who have light hair coloured blonde to those with a dark coloured blonde. This is a trendy spring style that is meant to be a show-stopper as it comes with delicately feminine rosy hues. AURA had designed to be a form of dedication while observing life with the use of rose-coloured glasses since we all just experienced a year of lockdown.

The Gold and Copper Colour of hair

Gold and copper are currently the toast of every woman due to their wow factor which is easily subtle.

Trend: The bronze brunette: This style is ideally perfect for people with medium-dark shade to brunette hair colours. This is a blend of both the AURA gold and copper tones which help compliment both styles to create a style of natural warmth. These styles both come with individual wonderfulness, however, if they are joined together, they tend to improve the beauty of each other and tend to offer the undeniable surprising factor which has currently gone viral and is now a common feature on most women.


The Amethyst Colour of hair

Amethyst is the most advanced choice of hair colour which is currently among the leading two types of colour hair trends that are the toast of this season.

Trend: The Amethyst: This style is currently meant for people whose hair is blonde light. The colour is a multi-faceted one. Pretty much like the amethyst stone, this choice retains its softness as it also maintains a slight edginess. Since we have the shade on the site that is cooler, AURA has gone on to recommend this style for the women that want a more “subtle sophisticated style which is sufficiently bold to be seen by other people.”

The Bold Copper & Hue of Red Hair colour


The bold copper versions of the red colour are being suddenly resurrected in 2021 as should easily be the case.

The Trend: The Tiger Daylily hair custom colour is easy for anybody looking to freshen up their style of hair colour for proper hiding of their grey hairs. This particular bold shade of copper is best paired with fair skin as well as warmer to cooler skin undertones.


The Caramel & Golden Hair colour

The TREND: The Chocolate Lily: The Chocolate Lily is a versatile type of colour which is very useful for people with brunette, people of all ages, and skin tone. The style is rich in warmth and light, with a sprinkling of the natural caramel and golden tones.” In the final scenario, people looking for a reason to change up their looks while still being slightly skittish will find anyone of the following spring hair trends of colour that will gracefully grow out.



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