When you are using hair extensions for the first time, the thought of them coming out might be scary and give you the chills. However, if put in a salon by a skilled specialist or professional, hair extensions will not fall off easily (and not by your friend at home). It will not work to apply for hair extensions by yourself since there is a greater probability that they may fall out after a few hours. They are more than simply a simple head band that you can put on and go. It is critical to understand the most frequent causes of hair extensions falling out before moving on to prevention advice.

On the day of the installation, you risk falling out if you have chemical treatments like hair colouring or dyeing. To avoid excessive product accumulation, stay away from using oil- or alcohol-based products, as they might weaken or break the tape adhesive in the case of tape-in extensions. If you ask a friend to install them for you, they will probably make a mistake, so you will just set yourself up for disappointment. Therefore, the incorrect application is the main cause of extensions falling out. You will need to carefully pick the hair extension application technique if you have very fine hair and an oily scalp since tape extensions will not hold up well on an oily scalp. In this situation, replacing them more regularly will be necessary if you want to appreciate having longer and fuller hair.

Knowing the causes of extensions falling out will help you follow some practical advice that will keep you from having an uncomfortable experience with them.

hair extensions falling out issues

Take a shower and use a clarifying shampoo before going to the salon.

Before getting your extensions installed, it is crucial to note that your hair should not contain any oil, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, or other products. Beyond this issue, the fact that no product in your hair might potentially disrupt the bond and cause eventual hair loss is very obvious. Because clarifying shampoo eliminates product or oil buildup from your hair and strengthens the extension hold with the hair, we advise using it before your appointment.

Choose the right hair extension for your hair type.

Your hair extension’s bonding with your natural hair is initially influenced by your hair type. As this would help you to have better retaining extensions, ask your technician which hair extension placement technique will fit your hair type the most. For instance, you should use micro or nano rings instead of fusion bonds if you have fine, thin hair.

Always brush your extensions correctly and gently.

Even when you are not using extensions, you must be familiar with the proper brushing methods. You would naturally wish to avoid experiencing hair tugging and breaking as a consequence of harsh brushing. To prevent hair snagging, you should always gently comb your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up. Purchase a loop brush after having extensions applied since it will not pull and snag at the extensions and eventually stop them from falling out.

While brushing, hold your extensions.

Always hold the bonds when brushing hair that has extensions in it to prevent pulling on the hair. Avoid vigorous brushing since it is crucial to do so to stop extensions & hair from breaking. Do not forget to hold little sections of hair where bonds are present as you make your way around the head to minimize all the brushing tension.

Hair Extensions Care Routine

The aftercare regimen for installing hair extensions has a significant influence on their lifetime or longevity. To extend the longevity of your hair extensions, it is essential to use the right hair care products. Apply conditioners or shampoos on your hands first before using them on your hair’s roots. The bonds may get lubricated if oil or shampoo is applied too close to the roots, which will sadly result in the bonds falling out. We advise you to just use conditioners or oils on the lowest portion of your extensions.

Use Extra Caution When Treating Wet Hair

Perhaps you are unaware that hair extensions are porous and have the propensity to absorb moisture fast. When you shampoo them, the bonds on your hair extensions get thick. They become more lubricated and heavier when wet, which increases the risk of breaking. Additionally, using blow dryers and other heated styling appliances excessively damages extensions severely and shortens their longevity.

Human Weariness

As a service provider, we feel it is our responsibility to let you know that the procedure of installing hair extensions takes time and often needs the help of a professional. Technicians do their best to deliver accurate and proper installation, which is highly taxing on their hands and arms as well, to give you a flawless blend and natural finish. If certain extensions start to fall out, it can be because people are becoming tired, which suggests some extensions might not have been put in properly. As a result, it is important to take your break while feeling reassure and give the professional installing your extensions enough time to relax their hands and take a break if they find pilers or heat uncomfortable.


Although we have uncovered some important tips for avoiding hair extensions from falling out or slipping, it is also conceivable that you will never encounter this heartbreaking situation even once in your whole life. Women with very thin and fine hair, those who lead a fast-paced lifestyle nowadays, or those who lack the time to adhere to the above-discussed stringent aftercare regimen are far more likely to have extensions slipping or falling out problems at some point in their lives.

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