As we know, pregnancy does not have a book with rules and regulations but honestly it should. By the way to work out what are the foods to stay away, there is a lot you must be aware of while you are pregnant. We have gathered and researched on how pregnancy affects what hair care products that you should be using, and what exactly you are better off to stay away during the course of pregnancy– it is absolutely worth the sacrifice!


Salicylic Acid

Jennifer Sawaya, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, Fellowship Cosmetic Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon has recommended reducing or avoiding contact with hair products that contain salicylic acid. It is a well-known for curing acne (also it is used as an effective scalp cleaning and dandruff killer) however, all pregnant mummy must follow the advice before choosing any hair products which contain any salicylic acid inside especially during the later pregnant stage– since research demonstrate it can raise the risk for bleeding of intracranial.


Specific Hair Dyes

It is also recommended to stay away from certain hair dye ingredients particularly “aminophenols, ethanolamine and phenylenediamine,”

If you have to colour your own hair, choose those formulations tagged as ammonia free, natural, and organic. While natural and organic products could still be ambiguous and steer clear the products using resorcinol, para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and parabens. “If dye processes are carried out, it’s ideal to prevent touching the roots of their hair since it is the place where the dyes could be penetrated into your scalp and potentially systemically into the body.

Moreover, the American Pregnancy Association has recommended not to dye your hair till the 2nd trimester, since the initial 3 months are the most important stage developed, and it is also when you are at highest risk of a miscarriage.


Formaldehyde-Containing Hair Straightening Treatment

Formaldehyde-containing chemical hair straighteners that might potentially be published as other names which include “methylene glycol, formalin, methylene oxide, paraform, thiazolidinecarboxylic acid”. Your growing fetus by all means has to avoid these chemicals.

Formaldehyde-containing chemical or Formaldehyde are used in some hair treatments like the keratin treatments, hair relaxers, perms or hair products that contain strong pungent smell. As pregnant women have heightened sensitively of smell hence it is critical to stay away from such hair products.

Perming Agents (Ammonium Thioglycolate)

Similar rules are application to salon treatments that should be reduced or stay away entirely. Generally speaking, treatments that demand using ammonium thioglycolate formaldehyde-containing components ought to be avoided or reduced through the whole pregnancy and during breast feeding, including hair perming services and chemical straightening treatments like keratin treatment and Brazilian blowouts in addition to perms.

Chemical found in hair products that are used for hair colouring, straightening, relaxing, curling, also bleaching are potentially toxic. The most commonly used compounds in hair dyes are propylene glycol, phenylenediamine, resorcinol, sodium sulfite, ammonium hydroxide, 3-aminophenol, sodium hydroxide, toluene-2,5-diaminesulphate, isopropyl alcohol, oleic acid,. Moreover, the chemical employed in hair relaxing, hair bleaching and hair straightening contain hydrogen peroxide, guanidine hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, petroleum, and sodium hydroxide.


Should You Work at a Salon and You Are Pregnant…

The risk of exposure to these chemicals is obviously a larger problem for ladies who are employed in salons or possess occupational exposure to such ingredients on a daily basis. It is recommended to put on gloves, often clean hands, and decrease exposure time with those chemical when pregnant and breast feeding and that hair care-pregnancy constraints apply evenly during each trimester.


Choose to be Clean

The ultimate of clean signifies chemically free. If it resulted you to have an Iffy sensation then do not risk it. Hence it is very important to stay as natural  and chemical free as you can. Eat a nutritious food full of vegetables and beans that are sulphur rich foods since our hair is made up of keratin and sulphur.

The best recommendation for anybody who’s pregnant would be to be as risk free as possible as to stay safe. Adhere to clean and healthy hair products, and search for labels that have as little chemicals as possible for regular usage during pregnant. Cruelty free products, water, paraben, essential oils and healthy diet are important elements that you should be aiming for.


Be Cautious

While we are not 1000% sure what are the specific risk when employing these chemicals when during pregnancy but there is no research to prove that they pose totally no risk. Thus, on the safe and caution side and cut it out of your life to for one year, the rule of thumb is don’t forget to always seek advice from your physician when unsure of anything. Many chemical that aren’t believed to be safe during pregnant and also breastfeeding haven’t been study done, but instead there is no safety data to substantiate their usage. It’s always best to seek advice from your individual handling doctor (obstetrician) to get their advice for any specific situation.