Related imageWhen you have managed to pick your perfect hair salon, then you may feel as though you’re the job is finished — you sit at the seat and feeling relax, and rest assured the rest of it will be nicely managed by your hairdresser. But certainly, there will be a range of annoying things that customers can do to adversely impact the whole services. From obscure instructions to the hairdressers to inadequate hygiene, listed here will be the worst scenarios ever experienced by hairdressers from their client.

Occasionally, hair salons may encounter customers who have gross or crusty scalps and cluttered hair. For most hairdressers, it is in fact “quite interesting” since this will be a great challenge to them. But, turning up with “gross” hair really is just another harsh circumstance. Many customers, many usually men, come into the hair salon with those “crusty scalps” that can be either from product residual build-up without utilizing proper cleansing shampoo or merely intense dandruff, that can be very gooey. Occasionally, these build-ups will just flicked in your face once you are cutting off and may smell and makes gag. Most hairdressers will consistently recommend tea tree or ginger shampoos if they think that the customers do not need a dermatologist. There are rare cases that some customers cut their own hair between appointments and this will pose a challenge to the hairdresser to correct the improper haircut.

Unrealistic Expectation on the Desired Outcome

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A lot of times, customers may come in with exceptionally dark hair and they wish to transform to platinum blonde or some fashionable pastel colour because they will have seen a few videos on YouTube or any back-street salons that had made it happen for your own friends. Some hairdresser will explain But it’s perhaps not possible in one afternoon, if your professional hairdresser has explained why it is impossible and the customer has to be understanding on the limitation and rationalized what is possible to be done technically. One of the worst situation for hairdressers is that they may have a normal client that is blonde and she wishes to really go brunette. This client who is a blonde might not understand that if they have switched to brunette and then they wish to be blonde again, that whole process is going to just take a year, which may consist of six weeks of cleansing, re-highlighting etc. So, if they wish to return to blonde again like before, they have to be mentally prepared for this long journey.

Some customers also anticipate the condition of their hair to remain exactly the same throughout the years. There are also situations when customers brought their desired hair images when they were 24 but they are presently 54. Whenever we age, our hair density will definitely shift since the hair will have experienced several crisis, and hence it’s not possible to revert the hair condition back to the younger stage. Hairdresser are not cosmetic or plastic surgeons plus also they must continue to keep it real and be honest to all customer on their expectation. Most professional hairdresser will not over promise and under deliver and this is always the basic professional ethics and principles.

Unrealistic Expectation on the Appointment Time Taken

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Clients should allocate adequate time to ensure that hairdresser can complete the whole service realistically. Hence if you are in a hurry, it is better to seek advice on the duration till complete for your service that you requested. Occasionally, some clients may expect that if they come in at 1 p.m. for an hour-long appointment and if they skip a blow dry, they can expect to leave at 1.30 p.m. — this may not be true. A professional hairdresser will truly assess thoroughly and stay committed to your whole process — there is reasons for all of the process to take place, of course when the client cannot stay from begin to finish, they might well not obtain the end result of this service.

Fidgeting the Head During Services

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It could be more frustrating if customer always move their heads throughout the entire hair services. Sharp and abrupt moves of the head mean that the hair services may normally takes twice as long since the hair dressers are attempting to be cautious to not cut out a chunk or miscoloured your hair.

No Clue on What they need

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Customers who step into a hair salon without even understanding exactly what they need tend to encounter a larger chance of experiencing a negative experience. Commonly, there are clients who will only suggest to the hairdressers with vague directions like, “I only need some thing brand new” or “I leave it to your professional opinions.”. However, for many hairdressers, this can signify a dangerous situation that there are going encounter a specific situation that could either go wrong or right. If client don’t have any clue what they desire, certainly one of these three scenarios will happen:

  1. Your stylist will end up racing at a certain time, since the appointment will occupy an excessive period of time.
  2. Every client after you is likely to be running late and also everybody else is going to be stress for the remainder of the afternoon because time is running out.
  3. There is a likelihood that you are not going to receive the best artistic work of your professional hairdresser.

Therefore, it is wiser for the customers to perform their own homework, do their research, consider the reviews of these hair salons and the hairdressers they’re interested. Finally, they will a crystal clear idea about what to expect based on their budget. This will also allow the hairdresser to focus on the given budget and work along with the customer’s priorities.

Vague Direction on the Needs

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For many hairdressers, customers who tend to utilize those vague terms or words are one of the main pet peeves.

Some customers will simply state,”I need my hair colour to look like Jennifer Aniston.” However, the customer might not understand that in every photograph of Jennifer Aniston, her hair colour may be different. Therefore, what’s the actual colour?

It’s ideal to provide that the hair-dresser the visual photographs. Moreover it is better to specify clearly to the hairdresser that, “This is my preferred hair colour”. As we know, one person blonde colour may be just another individual’s gold colour as different people perceive colour very differently. If the customers instruction are that obscure and also they don’t really know very well what they desire, the hairdressers may possibly not have any option but to hear their own gut instinct, which maybe at risk to cause some issues.


Sometimes, hairdresser will encounter certain customers who have been inspired by the YouTube or even Facebook, so they’ll need their layers cut in a specific way according to the inspiration. However, the direction that they show the hairdresser maybe fairly ambiguous sometimes. From the technical perspective, saying ‘just two over here,’ it will not work with professional hairdressers.


Overall, it is very important to have a hairdresser that is very patient, willing to listen because a lot of times, it may be very difficult to fully understand the needs and the expectation of clients. Worst of all, it is even more difficult to explain to them on the expectation that could not be met due to certain constraint and limitation because ultimately clients are not hairdresser and they may not be able to comprehend those technical parts of hairdressing.