Herringbone Highlights are the New Technique to Embrace Your Greys

Are you embracing your grey hairs but don’t want them to be the focal point? Please google search for “Herringbone highlights”. The largest grey coverage trend of 2022 is covered in detail here, along with some inspiration images that will help you recreate the effect.

Nothing to be embarrassed by if you have grey hair. Additionally, it’s something that more and more women of all ages have decided to embrace their grey hair, which has resulted in fashionable colours that include all the different grey hair tones. Last year, the blending of grey became more popular, but in 2022, herringbone hair highlights technique will certainly be the new trend.

Wisdom and a larger bank account come with age and wisdom… and a few grey hairs scattering throughout your hair that seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere. Although our first reaction may be to pluck the rogue silver hairs (please don’t! ), we gradually come to terms with the reality that grey hair is a natural part of aging. Putting gratitude aside, many of us are nonetheless interested in finding a means to either strategically embrace or cover up our new entering colour. If you’re still looking for the ideal grey covering technique, let us introduce you to these new herringbone highlights.

For creating the scenario, imagine the present mane of the main actress who played a newspaper writer on a popular New York City-based movie in the late 1990s. Got it? Great! You now have an ideal example of this trendy hair colouring method. We’re giving out all the information you need to know about herringbone highlights technique, whether you have premature greys or have been caring and embracing them for years.

Herringbone Highlights

What are herringbone highlights?

The herringbone pattern used in the hair colour trend complements your grey hairs for a more natural appearance rather than to cover them. Instead of covering up by painting over your greys, which is a very common colouring technique, herringbone highlights deliberating include the grey strands and weave the silver strands into a stunning blend of cool and warm highlights. The finishing effect is a natural-looking highlight that makes it possible for your greys to complement rather than contrast your hair colour.

herringbone highlights

How do your colourist perform herringbone highlights?

You’ve probably seen the herringbone pattern before, whether it was knitted into your favourite sweater, stitched into a blanket, or stamped onto a rug. Two neighbouring rows of parallel lines in this distinctive patterning, slope in separate directions to produce a V-shape. Some claim that this is why it is called fish bones.

The diagonal orientation of the foil’s placement explains how this pattern may conceivably apply to human hair. Your colourist will blend the tones into a customized kaleidoscope of colour by placing highlights across from one another rather than on top of one another. Herringbone highlights may seem fanciful, but do not get misunderstood. They can be faster to apply than the traditional foils technique.

Are herringbone highlights easy to maintain?

Yes! Even though we love being pampered at the salon, anything that helps us save time and maintenance is a win in our eyes. Depending on whether you want to keep the style or let it grow out naturally, you may anticipate that your appointments to the salon will last an extra two weeks on average. Your roots will be growing out softer and appear less harsh in comparison to the rest of your mane since this herringbone highlights technique gets rid of that harsh line of demarcation.

Do all hair colours benefit from herringbone highlights?

Herringbone application is the best when done in conjunction with the colour for which you are already familiar with. Yes, it may seem that blondes have the upper hand in this herringbone highlights technique since the blonde tones contrast less with grey tones. However, the fact is that anybody can pull off the look—blondes, brunettes, and redheads—as long as a skilled expert does it. Your colourist is well adept at customizing your highlights by using a variety of tones from the same family of your base hair colour.

herringbone highlights

How do you maintain the herringbone highlights?

Why would you use hair treatments that won’t maintain highlights in top condition if you wouldn’t wash a costly shirt in a bucket of dish soap? It’s crucial to maintain your highlights with a regime of home care products.

A hair mask should also be a part of your regimen since grey hairs are notorious for being more wiry and coarser than their other coloured counterparts. Here are 12 styles to get you in the mood for your next salon session now that you know all there is to know about herringbone highlights.

The Top 12 Herringbone Highlights to Attempt Right Away

Lowlights in Blonde

These classic herringbone highlights may have already been seen on the heads of a few A-list celebs. Lowlights will give your mane the ideal amount of grey-blending character with less maintenance and less bleach damage.

Although this “blonde with lowlights” appearance may be achieved with less lift, colouring services can still damage and weaken hair. We advise incorporating a bond-strengthening mask into your hair routine. This will also strengthen the weakening links in the hair to make damaged hair more resistant to breaking in the future.

Grey Blonde

What more could you want for in a hair colour than platinum, warm blonde, with soft and subtly lavender undertones? We like this vibrant style, particularly when worn with a short, wavy lob to highlight the depth of the contrasting colours.

Multi-Dimension Golden Blonde

This sugary-sweet mane is the ideal illustration of how herringbone highlights harmoniously blend cool and warm tones.

Mushroom Brown

Since the ashy undertones, mushroom brown complements salt and pepper hair well because it makes grey hair seamlessly merge into your herringbone highlights. The good news is that your colourist will add lowlights and highlights in a variety of colours that are inspired by portobello mushrooms if you can’t decide which of the light brown hues you prefer.

Sandy Blonde

Hear us out even if getting sand in your hair may not seem like a stroll on the beach. A dark foundation works well with the cool tones of hair colour that are sand-inspired because they provide a flash of brightness that makes grey hairs seem to be less noticeable.

Strandlights in Sandy Brown

Do you have a sand foundation to work from? Several well-placed platinum blonde strand lights provide a softly altered sheen that blends with greys and your mane. A blue shampoo may help you avoid the orange and brassy look that might result from lightened brown hair.

Dark Ash Blonde

It seems natural that ashy hair colours would have cool-toned colours with overtones of grey and white when you consider the colour of genuine ashes. No matter how dark or light your foundation is starting, we like how this deep ash blonde can generate herringbone highlights.

Ash Brown

Natural grey-leaning browns like ash complement silver hair’s chilly undertones effectively. This is a terrific option if grey covering on dark hair is a concern for you, especially if you want to blend in your greys rather than remove every colourless hair from your head.

Chunky Greige

Greige, which naturally has hues of blonde and grey, makes sense as the perfect option for herringbone highlights based on its name.

Sun-Kissed Greige

Ask for golden reflections on a brown to the tan background if you like your greige to be on the warmer side.

Pearlescent Beige

Nothing is more striking than bright pearly beige highlights that are so similar to grey hair that it is difficult to tell them apart.

Grey Lowlights and Highlights

If you want to gradually become grey, there’s no need to completely give up your current colour. Ask your hairdresser to apply additional silver or grey hair colour close to the roots rather than paint on tones that are comparable to your foundation. Your hair will continue to look fully blended when your natural greys appear, and it will be simple to trim off your old coloured ends when the time comes.