How do you make your hair Afro-textured?


What does ‘Afro-textured hair’ imply? At the expense of being gauche, We are going to presume that what is meant here is only a “naturally tight curly feel’. Keeping that in mind, we proposed the following answers.

The possible methods to create one’s hair curled can be achieved:

  1. Using perm rods — using the smallest rod to give the curliest and tightest curl once the hair is dry.
  2. Utilizing a texturizer — that I a hair merchandise which has the ability to’relax’ the hair curl pattern and also make it easier to adapt to some softer curl pattern. This isn’t a permanent procedure, as the hair grows, the new expansion will not be affected by the effect on the older hair.
  3. Using magnetic rollers  — as with the perm rods, consider using the smallest diameter in the curlers and decide on the outcome once the hair is tender.
  4. Doing a two-strand or 3 strand twist-out  — you do that twist while your hair is moist (the outcomes have a tendency to be much better and more lasting) and then undo the twists once the hair is dry to the desired result.
    These are the methods I can think of in order to allow you to create an ‘afro-textured’ look! Hopefully this information was helpful.

Severe perms can alter the texture of the hair permanently. but these do extreme chemical damage the the hair permanently.

Thats chemically damaged hair (most likely bleach)

you clearly see that ‘texture’ has been permanently altered from this

Hair texture that is not from hair damage is strictly genetics. either your born with it, or your not.